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‘Vocal for Local’ will lead the next wave of growth for the Indian Economy: Pincap MD Praveen Sinha

The Coronavirus Pandemic has affected economies all around the globe causing damaging losses across sectors and turning sentiment bearish in the investor community. While nations have taken extraordinary measures to support their economies, there is a limit to the stimulus a government can provide. While the markets struggle to stay afloat, there are several opportunities that are up for grabs as ... Read More »

When the CHRO became the HERO

Most people choose HR as a career wanted to help people achieve their “Full potential” through the HR function. Soon, the reality hits. Few organizations have a strategic view of HR as a Critical business function that recruits and nurtures the most precious resource for the organization – their people. In most organizations HR is bogged down in transactional and ... Read More »

4 virtual events around COVID 19 essential to boost the economy and spread awareness

It’s completely certain that virtual occasions are starting to speak to the new normal in the present worldwide situation. Wellbeing worries over COVID-19 are expanding the world over and causing huge business away—especially with regards to delivering businesses and organising events. Virtual events permit a more prominent number of individuals to connect with your content and work, all from the ... Read More »

Camera Accessories that you Simply Cannot Overlook

Canon C200 Camera

Each photographer has a toolkit of camera accessories that are extensively used for shooting. Although some artists have a wide assortment of accessories for any form of circumstance and need, others just buy what they feel is necessary for their photography. Photographers will indeed be lost without the array of camera accessories that accompany their photo sessions. From the pouches used ... Read More »

The Need to Invest in Digital Infrastructure at the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic

digital marketing

Digital infrastructure has always remained the unsung heroes of economic growth in the modern world. Today if companies want to digitalize their core business or make use of digital services, they have no option other than to invest in digital infrastructure. Brands that haven’t invested in digital transformation are struggling to cope up with the current pandemic situation. Compared to those brands ... Read More »

Simple Photography Tips that Make a World of Difference 

mobile accessories corporate gift

For many amateur photographers, DSLR cameras may be daunting to use. They’re tall, also have a lot of labels, knobs, and settings, and take years of practice to perfect. Yet knowing how they function, and how to manage them for doing what you want, is a valuable tool when it comes to taking a good picture. Although a lot of ... Read More »

Inculcate these 3 Steps and Become an Eminent Photographer

The emergence of digital photography has triggered an explosion in imaging, both as a medium of expressive art and as a choice of profession. You can purchase a camera and some tools, learn shooting from a plethora of free online photography courses, develop your photography skills, and find a role you can concentrate on. Every photographer started off a little ... Read More »

Camera Accessories For Aspiring Photographers

So, you have got your first DSLR and now want to take up the exciting hobby of photography? Before you go out to shoot, here are some of the camera accessories you should get along with your camera. A multipurpose camera bag Most DSLR will come with a basic bag, but that is not enough when you are on the road ... Read More »

What You Need to Know About Online Direct Lenders

You have plans to set aside money in savings, but then life happens. One week, your dog finds your stash of chocolate and needs to be rushed to the vet. The next, your child falls out of their treehouse and needs to get an x-ray. On top of it all, your tire blows, and you need to fix it if ... Read More »

Why do websites loading speed matters in SEO?

The page loading speed of websites has always been a matter of concern for all the website owners, as slow-loading pages can be annoying to anyone. But after the introduction of Google’s Mobilegeddon, the importance of page loading speed has increased by many folds. Now, people pay attention to page loading speed not just because of improved website experience but ... Read More »

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