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Retiring in Florida – what makes the Sunshine State such a desirable location for retirees

When most people think of retirement, they imagine spending their days in a calm and peaceful location,focusing on theirhobbies or enjoying activities they probably didn’t have time for when they were still working.It’s only natural to want to spend your retirement years somewhere where you’ll feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. When people reach retirement age, there are a few things ... Read More »

Make Your Small Business Stand Out in 2020

According to a  report by the World Bank, small and medium enterprises would need an estimated 600 million jobs by 2030 to accommodate the growing labour force in the world. While excellence was an option a long time ago, now it is a necessity in a highly competitive marketplace. As  challenges of small businesses are mounting, you have to find your own solutions. ... Read More »

Expectations of Education leaders for 2020

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Education sector is set to witness one of the biggest changes in its history in the coming future in India. Emerging trends will help shift the curriculum from strictly marks based to one which takes into account a student’s overall development. Efforts are being made to make education more industry based as most of what students currently study is not ... Read More »

Bajaj Finance Limited launches industry-first Systematic Deposit Plan

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Monthly Fixed Deposit starting Rs. 5000 per month Flexible tenors from 12 to 60 months Pune, January 07, 2020: Bajaj Finance Limited, the lending and investing arm of Bajaj Finserv, has launched Systematic Deposit plan – a monthly savings plan, for those looking to invest in Fixed Deposit through small monthly savings. Starting at just Rs. 5000 per month, investors ... Read More »

How this Japanese Company is changing the face of Shared Mobility Services in India

ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Limited is India’s largest Car Leasing Company, India’s largest B2B Car Rental Company and second largest Employee Transportation Company ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Limited is currently operating in 58+ cities in India National , 6th January 2020 : We have always heard that change is the only constant. Nothing could be more true when we talk ... Read More » Your Destination for Everything New and Informative

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In the digital age, getting your hands on fresh information has become easier than ever. If you seek to know about a certain topic, all you need to do is search over Google and there is everything you need. However, not all information present over the internet is thoroughly researched and cross-checked for authenticity. In such cases, having reliable information ... Read More »

What makes IKEA so successful?

Based in Sweden, IKEA is a group of multinational companies that provides kitchenware, furniture and other home accessories. With more than 400 stores spread all over the world, IKEA is one among the leading companies selling furniture. Ingvar Kamprad, a seventeen-year-old started the IKEA in 1943 which emerged as the biggest multinational company with time. But why is it so ... Read More »

Industry Trends for Electronic Components and Equipment Companies!!!

In the modern era of Technology, the electronic Revolution has hit the Telecom communication industry. The competition in the electronic market has increased exponentially. Today’s digital era of Technology, we are supporting the development of many electronic appliances such as watches, smartphones, refrigerators and so on. With the advancement in the electronic industry, you can buy electronic components and equipment ... Read More »

What is a property tax protest? How does it help you?

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Are you suspicious about the tax you’ve been paying for your property? Not sure if the estimation is accurate? Now you’re getting the opportunity to reduce the property taxes that you have been paying. Property owners are now capable of protesting against the estimated value of their businesses and homes. Given the fact that the system is becoming crooked day ... Read More »

2020 Technology Industry Outlook

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Mr Rakesh Kharwal, Managing Director – India/South Asia & ASEAN, Cyberbit: “A year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, yet another data leak took place at Facebook this year. About 540 million records of Facebook users were publicly exposed to Amazon’s cloud hosting service. To give you a picture, this is about 7% of the global population when a large chunk of it is ... Read More »

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