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Pandemic or otherwise, owning a car is a personal milestone in one’s life, which is why, the economic slowdown and financial restraints that came with COVID-19 did not affect the pre-owned vehicles industry. In fact, it had become a primary reason for an upsurge in the interest for budget-friendly options like pre-owned cars. Moreover, with self-awareness on safety measures and given the hygiene concerns, ... Read More »

YES BANK launches YES MSME, a comprehensive proposition enabling easy access to funding, knowledge partnerships and digital solutions

Launches startup programme, offering collateral-free funding up to INR 5 crore Offers comprehensive, micro-segmented services to provide fillip to the MSME growth story Facilitates quick and easy access to capital, with lower TAT and minimal documentation Enhances customer experience with digital innovations across key requirement areas of the sector including incorporation, tax filing, payroll management, human resource technology, ERP, CA ... Read More »

5 simple digital ways to avail ICICI Bank FASTag

There has been a significant increase in the demand for FASTag with the Government putting a fresh deadline for mandatory installation of the tags to February 15, 2021. While the extension brings relief to many, it is important that you get a FASTag before the deadline ends as commuters who do not have a FASTag installed on their cars by ... Read More »

Pros and Cons of Home Equity Debt Consolidation

Consolidating debt is a broad term for describing the act of turning multiple unsecured debts — like credit card balances and medical bills — into a single payment. Taking out a loan is one common method of consolidation. However, there are a few different ways to go about borrowing money to streamline other debts. One strategy involves using the equity ... Read More »

What Does The Future Mean For Corporate Travel?

Today we are fighting against an invisible enemy. It’s so powerful that it has changed every perspective of our life. Yes you’ve guessed it’s right we are talking about the Corona virus pandemic. Education to business everything has been suffering since early 2020. Corporate Travel management is no different. Not only corporate but the whole travel industry has been suffering ... Read More »

Understanding The Latest Draft Of India’s Occupational Safety, Health, and Working Conditions Rules

Workplace safety accidents in India claim 48,000 fatalities each year, according to the latest study by the British Safety Council. In light of this heavy casualty toll, the Ministry of Labour and Employment has seen fit to draft a set of rules for workplaces to follow. Taking cues from the safety standards of countries such as Singapore and the United States, the draft ... Read More »

Save money on your Mutual Funds by opting for the Direct Route through Paytm Money

train ticket booking paytm

On Paytm Money one can compare the latest Expense Ratio of Direct and Regular plans of any Mutual Fund, the difference is nearly 1% for equity funds, which means the expense ratio of direct mutual funds is 1% lower than regular mutual funds. India’s homegrown digital financial services platform Paytm’s wholly-owned subsidiary Paytm Money is enabling people to understand mutual ... Read More »


Big Fox, an Indian footwear brand, established in 2016, hits the targets of entering the shoe world with a skyrocketing success. In the business world, where a mix and match of local and foreign goods dependency is quite visible, Big Fox has stepped up to hold the “Vocal for Local” slogan. Stuck strong to its roots, Big Fox is actually ... Read More »

How to check if you are investing in Regular or Direct Mutual Funds with Paytm Money

mutual fund investment

India’s homegrown digital financial services platform Paytm’s wholly-owned subsidiary Paytm Money is enabling people to understand mutual funds before they start investing. There are two options available through which one can invest in Direct & Regular. When one goes through a distributor, broker, or bank, it is usually a regular mutual fund. As one might not be aware, mutual fund ... Read More »

How to Verify new manufacturers or vendors?

Reaching out to multiple suppliers and discussing your expectations with them should leave you with a short-list of potential supplier with whom you want to work with. These will be suppliers that you think can offer the goods you require at a reasonable price while meeting your quality & deadline expectations. The problem with this list of potentials is that ... Read More »

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