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5 must-know FinTech Trends for 2020

As the year reaches a conclusion, we look at significant advancements done in 2019 that can possibly change the face of the FinTech industry. With cheaper mobile phones and less expensive internet, things have become much simpler, with organizations battling to take advantage of the underbanked and clients searching for less expensive, yet better alternatives. The emergence of AI in ... Read More »

Understanding Top-up and Super Top-up plans in health insurance

health insurance

Whether you already have a health plan or planning to buy a new one, this simple tip will help you to boost your health insurance coverage. Although these days, employers do provide a health cover to their employees but that is not enough in severe medical emergencies. Moreover, due to high premiums, many avoid buying a health insurance plan throughout ... Read More »

Give Yourself the Gift of a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit This Festive Season

bajaj finance

Dec 25, 2019 Pune, Maharashtra:With a new decade just around the corner, now is the best time to invest for your future. Instead of splurging on material items, this festive season, why not consider buying for yourself a gift that keeps on giving? The Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit, for instance, is an excellent choice. This vehicle offers market-leading interest rates, ... Read More »

An Immediate Need of the Hour: Smart Cities

Successful Business Man Outdoors Next To Office Building

Smart technology is challenging, convincing and converting the human ecosystem in a million different ways. Let’s go back a century, technology was emerging to support us, provide aid and thus follow us. Soon an altered technology started walking along with us and not long ago technology has started ruling our lives. Smart technology today drives Smartphones, Smart TVs, Smart Cars, ... Read More »

What are some of the recession-proof industries?

Investors tend to become nervous and begin to sell when markets are unstable. There is no effect on some industries, whereas other industries are extremely vulnerable to economical changes. In this article we are going to discuss about those industries which do not get affected by recession. The industries that are mentioned below are capable of surviving unstable, declining or ... Read More »

Generic Vs. Branded Gadgets – Which One To Buy?

many brands together

When we are thinking about buying latest electronic gadgets, one of the key aspects we have to consider is whether to buy generic or branded gadgets. In the current scenario, we can see a deluge of generic electronic items available across e-commerce websites and local retail stores as well. These generic gadgets are available at relatively cheap rates, which is ... Read More »

Top 5 customer spying techniques used in malls and shopping marts

From the minute you enter a mall or shopping mart, you are being watched. And everyone of us is aware of this. Our every move, every action is being monitored by cameras. However, some retailers have taken this spying thing to another level. Development in technology has introduced new methods of spying on the customers. Here, we’ll discuss five types ... Read More »

ICICI Home Finance offers spot sanctions of home loans to residents of Meerut

Meerut, December 19th, 2019:ICICI Home Finance Company Limited, is offering on spot sanction of home loans in Meerut. Residents of Meerutcan walk into the ICICI Home Finance branch at 307/1, 1st floor, Bishnoi Tower, Mangal Pandey Nagar, Opposite Apex Tower, Meerut – 240002on December 21stand 22nd to avail spot sanction. Customers looking forward to avail the exciting spot sanction option ... Read More »

How IRB Infrastructure operates one of the largest BOT portfolios in the country?

There are quite a few models used to finance large projects in India, and one such model is BOT (built, operate, transfer), which is mostly used to finance infrastructure projects developed through public-private partnership. In this form of project financing, a private entity receives a concession from private or public sector to design, construct, finance, own and operate a facility, which is ... Read More »

Best Gadgets For The Man In Your Life

gadgets gifts

It’s common knowledge that men truly love their gadgets and are always willing to try new ones. It’s believed that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but in modern times, latest electronic gadgets could also help you win your man’s heart. There are a wide variety of electronic gadgets for men that you can buy and ... Read More »

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