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How to register a private limited company in Singapore

All businesses in Singapore need to be registered under ACRA. There are many company registration Singapore entities. However, the most common business entity in Singapore is a private limited company. Do you intend to set up company in Singapore? If so, you need the service of a company registration Singapore agency. This registration company in Singapore can aid you to ... Read More »

Printed or Plain Bedsheets – what is your first choice?

What about having a bed with a mattress? Indeed, just a mattress. Nothing  over it. Won’t it look abnormal? You clearly can’t have a bed without a bedsheet, can you? While the mattress is there for the solace and soft cushion, the bedsheet finishes the look and feel of the bed. Truth be told, it makes the bed look respectable ... Read More »

Budgeting Smart When Implementing Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the first step taken by companies when they want to integrate digital technologies into all spheres of their business. As we are living in a digital economy, businesses are facing the urgent need to be more relevant with changing customer needs and preferences, while others are trying to remain competitive, and also looking at opportunities to expand ... Read More »

Need for Digital marketing strategies to ensure revenue during COVID19

Nobody would have thought in such a short time the need for digital medium would pave the way for a digital revolution in the country. The digital revolution sweeping the world has given us unprecedented access to people, ideasas well as marketplace. On one hand, digital medium gives us access to a huge market orconsumers, on the other hand it ... Read More »

Importance of health insurance during travel

travel insurance newspatrolling

COVID-19 has made travellers more aware of the risks that are involved while travelling. In the Pre-COVID times, travellers would not focus on the risks involved in travelling abroad. However, now, people weigh the risks before they even make any travel plans. While travellers’ insurance was made mandatory before entering some countries, people are now considering availing of insurance even ... Read More »

8 Major Reasons Why Reviewing Health Insurance is Paramount


Health insurance gives you the best way to cover you and your family financially against uncertainties. It enables you to avail protection against health hazards as well as save taxes. However, to draw the best from your health insurance policy, choosing a suitable insurance product in line with your changing health care needs is paramount. One of the effective ways ... Read More »

What lies in the future? Suresh Nanda talks about hospitality in post-Covid India

The hospitality industry is one of the worst-hit sectors due to Covid-19 worldwide. Millions of people in India depend on their livelihood on inbound and outbound tourism. The pandemic came like a disaster, forcing millions towards unemployment and several businesses shut.  In the pre-pandemic era, India has been utilising its resources to the best by rapidly developing its hospitality industry. ... Read More »

How to choose the best travel insurance in 2020?

Travelling around the country or overseas has become a big challenge for all of us amidst the pandemic. However, owing to this situation, things cannot come to a stop. Travelling for businesses, trips to the worksite, going back to the hometown, etc. have been some common observations during this pandemic as well. But the question is, do we really pay ... Read More »

How to choose the best health insurance that can protect you from high cancer treatment costs

  When we hear the word Cancer, all of us freeze. That’s because for the longest time, cancer was a fatal disease. Once diagnosed with it, people invariably succumbed to it. But over the last few decades, massive leaps have been made in the treatment of Cancer. Today, many Cancers are fully treatable, if diagnosed early. Advances in treatment have ... Read More »

How important is it to monetize camel milk for camel herders?

Hitesh Rathi, Founder, Aadvik Foods For the Raika nomadic herders in Rajasthan, camels were a prized possession. They survived in harsh desert temperatures and relentlessly provided mobility for humans and cargos. Historically, the Raikas have had an enduring relationship with camels. The nomadic tribe believes they were created by Lord Shiva for looking after these animals. So, they consider it ... Read More »

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