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Thursday , 22 August 2019
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Technology adoption: A catalyst for MSMEs growth

technology and hr business

We know that MSMEs play a vital role in most economies around the world – contributing a significant portion of the economy and employing most of the available workforce. In India too this is our reality – MSMEs contribute 45% of overall export as per and 14.9 million peopleare being employed in the MSME sector per annum, according to ... Read More »

How user generated content is becoming a major market for media consumption

user generated content

With the evolution in media, there has been a remarkable shift in the kind of content being consumed. This has led to multiple changes, ranging from content generation to its implications on the various industries. For instance, this has helped brands in making the marketing more personalised and consumer inclusive. Today, media is no more restricted to just creating content ... Read More »

How To Reduce Cost Of Corporate Gifting Initiatives

gift father day love daughther

Every year, many organizations spend lakhs of rupees on buying corporate gifts for employees. The budget of bigger organizations is even more, running into several crores. Though corporate gifting costs a lot, organization still undertake such initiatives as it is very helpful in boosting employee morale. However, that does not mean that organizations should not try to keep costs in ... Read More »

Secure Your Financial Future With 5nance


In today’s uncertain and fast-changing world, it has become important to financially secure your present and future. Often, we are so busy with our lives that we tend to disregard the importance of savings, budgeting and making the right investments. If you find these things to be a bit confusing, it’s better to seek professional help. You can get in ... Read More »

India’s Digital Transformation: Changes brought in the recent decade

influencer digital marketing

India is leaving no stone unturned to digitalize the nation in any way. Many measures are being taken by the government to encourage the residents of the country to adopt different means of digitalized platforms. With the decrease in the cost of connectivity accompanied by the tremendous introduction of smartphones, India is propelling towards a nation that is digitally sound ... Read More »

Budget 2019: Assessing Impact On Key Industry Sectors

union budget

At the time of budget, all eyes are usually on the stock markets, which are considered a barometer for assessing investor sentiments, state of economy in general and potential impact of government policies. If we rate budget 2019 based solely on that criteria, then obviously it has failed to cheer investors. BSE Sensex tanked 395 points and Nifty closed 135.60 ... Read More »

Benefits Of On-boarding A Corporate Gift Supplier


If you represent your company and are looking for corporate gifts for employees, it is advisable that you get in touch with a corporate gift supplier. You may be thinking about popular e-commerce websites but these have a limitation on the number of units you can order. There are various B2B e-commerce websites as well that list bulk suppliers, but ... Read More »

How to Effectively Use YouTube for your Start-Up Business

you tube

When a person mentions social media channels as one of the best tools for businesses, the majority of people automatically think of Twitter and Facebook. Since YouTube is a video platform, at first it may not look like an ideal marketing platform for small and start-up businesses. However, now that the comments found on YouTube are knottedto Google+, without a ... Read More »

Affordable, Yet Most Useful Corporate Gifts For Employees


Corporate gifts for employees are a great way to keep the staff happy and motivated. Surveys have revealed that most companies have some form of corporate gifting policy to boost employee morale. In today’s high-tech world, one of the most preferred corporate gift ideas is latest electronic gadgets. However, organizations need to choose the right gadgets, the ones that are ... Read More »

Book Marketing: The Most Important Post-Publishing Exercise

digital marketing tactics

The biggest question that faces any writer, or even a published author, is ‘what happens after the book has been published?’ Though the story is the king and the content is what makes the book sell, often books go unnoticed because there are simply too many releases within a short time and all books are vying for the attention of ... Read More »

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