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How important is it to monetize camel milk for camel herders?

Hitesh Rathi, Founder, Aadvik Foods For the Raika nomadic herders in Rajasthan, camels were a prized possession. They survived in harsh desert temperatures and relentlessly provided mobility for humans and cargos. Historically, the Raikas have had an enduring relationship with camels. The nomadic tribe believes they were created by Lord Shiva for looking after these animals. So, they consider it ... Read More »

Managing Your Finances as a New College Student

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When you are in college, you might still receive financial help. For instance, your parents may have agreed to pay for certain living expenses, such as food or tuition. But even with this financial safety net, it’s still essential to have good money habits. That way, you will be financially healthy after graduation and will be ready to transition to ... Read More »

7 things to keep in mind when renewing a bike insurance policy


Buying a bike insurance policy is not a choice but a necessity mandated by the law. Do you think that not buying or renewing a policy will save you money? If yes, then you are wrong. The best way to save money is to use it judiciously. Right? To buy a bike insurance policy, you need to pay a premium ... Read More »

You Must Know How Corporate Video Production Services Work

The corporate video refers to the video contents created for and commissioned by a business company’s website page.  Distribution of these videos mostly happensthrough social media or email marketing.Video production company createsits content targeting the client company’s core selling demographics and internal employees. Video production is a powerful platform for deliveringany corporate message. Various companies make videos to promote their ... Read More »

How to Use Gantt Chart for Effective Project Management

Project management is not an easy task. Or should we say tasks? You have to juggle between several responsibilities and team members at once. If you don’t keep your eye on all aspects of the project at all times, you could miss important issues that would affect the final result.  The manager is responsible for distributing a huge number of ... Read More »

How to protect against an insider attack: security practices

Organizations should start developing guidelines and implementing comprehensive insider threat programs to reduce risks while ensuring that they have the right balance between people, processes, and technology. Being proactive may allow organizations to catch malicious insiders and avoid data breaches caused by employee negligence, thus protecting their assets and reputation.  1. Security awareness Ensuring that all employees are aware of ... Read More »

Zed Black launches eco-friendly Gauved Sambrani Cups using Cowdung this Diwali

Gauved Sambrani Dhoop Cup available in Guggal and Loban purifies the environment!! Indore/ New Delhi 9th November 2020: MDPH group, one of the fastest-growing Agarbatti Company in India and largest manufacturer and exporter of incense stick under the brand name of Zed Black has launched eco-friendly, organic Gauved Sambrani cups this Diwali a positive step towards protection, promotion and conservation of cattle ... Read More »

The Future of Work: Are Your Skills Up-to-Date?

As an employee in an incredibly disruptive period for the workforce, your concern should always be whether or not the skills you have now are relevant to the future of work. If the answer is no, then you need to be asking yourself why you are not updating those skills and making yourself a more valuable asset for the future ... Read More »

Why do Indians Prefer Investing in Fixed Deposits?

Investments are an essential aspect of financial portfolios. One of the preferred choices has always been FD’s. Especially in our country, it is an ideal choice as the risk involved is low, and the returns are guaranteed. Since FDs are not market-linked investments, market volatility does not play a role making it the perfect choice for those less aware of ... Read More »

Why is Buying Health Insurance for Family Essential than Ever Before?

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, people have become vigilantand take all the necessarysafety precautions. With the total number of Covid cases rising rapidly, we cannot merely depend upon social-distancing and self-isolation. It is vital to make sure that your family is safe and insured in difficult times like these. As the Covid continues to spread, people have now started ... Read More »

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