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Thursday , 22 August 2019
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How Internet Marketing for Small Businesses matters?

trend graph growth digital marketing

Marketing is one of the most complex things that you have to do to sell your business products and services. It means you have to spread your business products and services message to your potential customers so that they can buy products and services from you. However, there are many forms of marketing that matter when it comes to the ... Read More »

Advantages of sourcing with low-cost country

oursourcing meeting

The requirements of businesses are sourced from profitable marketplaces from the last few decades. More and more western business owners are exploring the opportunities provided by emerging markets sourcing around the globe. The benefits of some previously unexplored marketplaces are being explored by sourcing agencies these days. It is a never-ending effort to find the most affordable labor, manufacturing services, ... Read More »

Best Corporate Gift Ideas For Millennials

personalized gifts newspatrolling

They are human alright, but millennials are quite different when compared to earlier generations. Millennials are quite choosy and love to try new products and gain new experiences. This is why conventional corporate gifts may not appeal to them. Millennials comprise a significant percentage of the workforce, which is why organizations need to choose the right corporate gifts for them. ... Read More »

The 5 signs that indicate that your business website needs a coat of metal and paint

design of website computer

How can you unequivocally know that the time has come to redesign your website? It is not always an easy question to answer. You may love the design that has accompanied you over the last few years or you may lack perspective to judge it objectively. Total, as long as your website continues to generate leads, it works and everything ... Read More »

How to select a proofreading service?

Proofreading your content is one of the most vital things to be considered when you are in content business. However, selecting proofreading services out of so many is hard. Here are some of the factors to consider when you are looking to select a proofreading service. Know your needs First of all, it is important to understand and clearly state ... Read More »

Relevance of Buddy Marketing in 2019

well dress man

If a business wants to expand its customer base a novel way it can is by using buddy marketing. Before learning how a business can benefit from buddy marketing, it’s important to understand what buddy marketing is. Buddy marketing creates awareness about a business through a complementary business. A small business that sells sleeping bags may become buddies with a ... Read More »

66% of Indian urbanites invest in Mutual Funds


 says Survey. Where are they investing in? A recent survey by Numr, a market research company reported that 66% of Indians living in urban cities have invested in or continue to invest in Mutual Funds. Among the cities surveyed, Mumbai reported the highest numbers with 78% of Mumbaikars claiming that they invest in Mutual Funds while only 57% respondents from Chennai reported the same. ... Read More »

Best Price (Walmart): Everything you need to know about it


Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation well known for its deals on groceries, home goods and clothing. If you’re shopping at Walmart then saving money is your goal. According to an estimation the consumers spend $36.7 million every hour at Walmarts worldwide. Buyers don’t care how much Walmart earns as long as they save money. But by learning a ... Read More »

Frustration of two individuals with Formal Education gave birth to a startup!

Two Individuals from Gwalior, completely frustrated with the formal education system, one belonging to a small town of Bhander, where the only focus was that of scoring good in academics which kept him deprived of practical exposure and another was a frog in tub, a native of Gwalior, who realized it until he moved to Nagpur, where he came to ... Read More »

Faacto – A Genetic Leap Into Fitness Industry


The awareness regarding fitness & health has peaked aggressively over the last 5 years. The number of gyms has increased, we have tons of fitness applications, people are paying big sums to health experts and dieticians, and the internet has a million blogs on how to stay in shape. Unfortunately, even with so much knowledge and a spoonful of experts ... Read More »

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