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How To Turn Your Idea Into A Business

Many people have ideas that they believe are unique and potentially lucrative, but these ideas don’t always translate into successful businesses. Over the years, a wide variety of start-ups have failed for a number of reasons. To combat this and help you to use your idea to establish a thriving company we offer our tips on taking an idea and ... Read More »

5 Techfin companies that are transforming the business risk analysis landscape in India

There has been immense disruption taking place in banking and financial institutions. Over the years, Techfin has been catching up pace in India. The rapid digitization has led these banks and financial institutions to adopt technology that finds a better way to deliver financial products as part of a broader offering of services. The business ecosystem needs a dynamic business ... Read More »

Top 10 evergreen businesses that will never fail

finance business

Evolution in the field of technology has made it difficult for the traditional industries to survive. Some industries can keep apace whereas others eventually fail to cope up. But there are some industries that are not likely to fade away despite of shuffle and dynamism. Whatever maybe the technological development, the basic necessities of people has remained the same over ... Read More »

Can using Carbon steel pipes complement oil reserves in meeting India’s growing energy demands?

Energy has been universally recognized as one of the most important resources for economic growth and development. Without a robust energy network, urban agglomeration and economic development in India isn’t possible. At present,the country imports about 83% crude oil. Thus, any fluctuation in the price of crude oil in the international market leads to increase in the price of oil ... Read More »

Dos and Don’ts on Twitter for Senior Executives

digital social media marketing

What you post on Twitter can make or break your following. Whether you’re new to Twitter or have been tweeting for some time, here is a guide on how a senior executive must handle the social media pressure, specifically on Twitter. How can they present themselves as thought leaders? So let us jot down some of the objectives of the ... Read More »

Types of batteries and their applications

A battery is a gadget or a device which is a combination of a single or multiple electrochemical cells. A battery produces electrons that contain positive (+) and negative (-) terminals. A battery is capable of transforming chemical energy directly into electrical energy. When a battery is linked to an external load, a redox reaction takes place which in turn ... Read More »

Is mutual fund investment a way to get rich super quick?

mutual fund investment

Growing money is more important than cutting your expenses, says the author of Rich Dad poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki. Ever wondered how people get wealthy faster than others when factors are same? The answer is, they don’t work hard for earning money, it is the other way round. Saving is an important factor in increasing your wealth, but saving alone ... Read More »

How do the stock prices rise and fall?

trend success meter

Whether it’s a good time to sell or buy stocks or not is the confusion of every beginning investor. To understand the rise and fall of demand and supply, have to clarify the reason behind the rise and fall of stock price. The only certain thing is that stocks are volatile which can rapidly fluctuate in price. People will pay ... Read More »

Best Corporate Gift Ideas To Boost Team Morale

online shopping

As the boss of your team, you are responsible to ensure that your team members have high motivation levels and give it their 100% to their work. While the time-tested carrot and stick policy may still be relevant, modern management gurus feel that employees need to be self-motivated rather than coerced into doing something. While you may use some pep ... Read More »

10 Marketing Ideas E-commerce Retailers Tried and Succeeded in 2019 – TalkCharge Study

Prominent e-commerce retailers constantly churn out attractive marketing ideas to reach out and draw customers to their respective portals. In a bid to attract, they come up with ingenious ideas and strategies for e-commerce marketing. TalkCharge has been evaluating the various E-commerce marketing ideas that have been successfully implemented by e-commerce retailers in 2019. Social Media Hacks Making the best ... Read More »

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