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Friday , 20 April 2018
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The Next 5 Steps to Take after You’ve Been Denied a Small Business Loan

small business ways to get loan

As a business owner, being denied a business loan can be discouraging. A loan denial can put your present and future business goals off track. However, the good news is that you can use this denial as a learning curve to know where you have gone wrong and rectify your mistakes in your next application. Here are the five things ... Read More »

5 Ways to Invest Your PerformanceBonus

ppf newspatrolling

Indian middle class now has multiple options such as Mutual Funds, Peer to Peer Lending, PPF, Crypto Currencies and Government Bonds to invest their hard-earned savings. It is advisable to have a mix of 2-3 types of investments in portfolio. Salaried middle class always looks forward to the performance bonus where he gets to save decent sum of money in ... Read More »

End of the road for cryptocurrency in India?

cryptocurrency end now

The Reserve Bank of India in a missive declared cryptocurrency as illegal and directed all regulated agencies not to deal with individuals or businesses that trade in them. The directive largely came in the wake of the crypto craze and the concerns regarding their speculative value, impact on market integrity and capital controls so much so that a couple of ... Read More »

Financial Planning Is Key to Happiness and Prosperity

financial planning newspatrolling

Money is a limited resource, which is why financial planning is of utmost importance. The sum total of our needs and desires is always greater than the money we earn, which is why we have to choose wisely and set our priorities accordingly. Financial planning is not only about reducing your expenses and increasing your savings, but it’s also about ... Read More »

How Fixed Deposits stand out among Different types of Deposits?

bondsanddebentures fd schemes

A recent survey conducted by SEBI showed that approximately 95% Indians preferred investing in fixed deposits as opposed to mutual funds and other saving deposit schemes. Volatile market conditions and altering economic policies pose a risk to your investments; however, a fixed deposit is one such financial instrument that guarantees returns. So, you are assured of regaining both your investment ... Read More »

A Budget Analyst can manage organization’s budget smartly

It is important for any organization to have a budget analyst to keep their finances on track.  They play a vital role for an organisation in reaching the financial goals, maintaining profitability and achieving long term growth. Availability and demand for a budget analyst is vast and for any industry, large or small, can set up their platform in government agencies, ... Read More »

Say Hi to Liquid Funds and Bye to Bank Savings Account

why mutual fund is best option newspatrolling finance blog

The bank saving account offers liquidity along with a reasonable rate of interest to accountholders. As a result, many people park their money as much as they can in their bank savings account; which they use to meet their regular household expenses and deal with financial emergencies. However, wouldn’t it be good to have an investment option that not only ... Read More »

How Smart Tax Planning Can Help You Save Tons of Money

tax planning save money newspatrolling best finance blog online

Tax is a cause of concern for most people and taxation related worries peak just ahead of the tax season. For some, taxation comes across as a complicated process whereas for others, it’s something they don’t have time for. There are also people who find it tough to part with their hard-earned money. All these factors lead to worries and ... Read More »

5 excuses people make for not buying a travel insurance plan

excuses people make in insurance newspatroling best finance blog

Everyone wants to travel the world and Travelling has become a very important part of our lives in nowadays. Whether it is for leisure time or business work, people have become mobile than ever before. With such a remarkable increase in number of travellers, there has also been an increase in travel related risks like loss of baggage on the ... Read More »

Job of A Chartered Accountant

job of ca newspatrolling

Job of a Chartered accountants are not only to offer financial advice, audit accounts and provide trustworthy information about financial records but in todays scenario, the role of  CAs are increasing in  India and other nations. There are many areas where CA plays a versatile role. They are planners, thinkers, innovators at both macro and micro level of Indian economy. ... Read More »

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