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5 key reasons for you to take an aptitude test!

1. Know Your Career Options: Aptitude tests are usually taken with the aim of identifying students’ potential. The test scores help the aptitude experts in assessing and suggesting the right career options based on the skill-set of the students. Besides, the result also boosts their confidence in striving hard to achieve their career goals. 2. Unbiased Tests: Aptitude tests remain ... Read More »

“Teachers: Reshaping the future while leading in a crisis”

Disruptive, stressful experiences are often great enablers of growth.The pandemic has forced all of us to work remotely, which has compelled us to explore different ways to teach, learn, track progress creating new metrics for teaching, new parameters for learning, keeping in mind—the core traditional learning requirements. Embracing Technology  With the onset of the pandemic, teachers all over the world—embraced ... Read More »

How To Become An Actor?

Working in the entertainment industry can be a wonderful journey. You not only earn good money, but also gain fame and recognition. Initially, your pay could be less. However, you should not forget that top actors are paid millions for a single film, web series or TV shows. Even when you are just starting out, you can expect a 5-figure ... Read More »

Mindset Change to Ace Your Professional Life

The future of work was always predicted to bring about dramatic shifts in working patterns such as automation or the adoption of ‘gigs’ but the advent of the new normal has accelerated these trends. As a working professional, you are likely to have significant concerns about how to improve and grow in your career while dealing with these changes. This ... Read More »

How To Become An Air Traffic Controller

The job of an air traffic controller is considered to be one of the most challenging in the world. It is a job with highest responsibility, as there is absolutely no room for even the smallest error. Air traffic controllers work in the background to regulate incoming and outgoing flights. They also provide a range of information to pilots such ... Read More »

Class 10 Science Exam – Most Important Topics

online class learning teaching

Class 10 is the base of your future. The marks you will obtain in your class 10 will stays with you for life long. Every college, every organization as well as each company asks for your class 10 marks. Whether you will go for your higher studies or start your job with any company, your class 10 percentile is asked ... Read More »

RBI Assistant Exam: How to prepare in 30 days?

The exam is conducted by RBI to select suitable candidates for the post of assistants in various branches and sub-offices of RBI across India. It is a highly competitive exam. If you clear the exam, you can work for the RBI and move up the ladder and prosper in your career.  The exam consists of a preliminary exam and the ... Read More »

Top Job Opportunities To Enjoy With PMI PMP Certification

How would you feel, if you found yourself amongst other applicants for a top paying job, but then you realized they all have professional certification and you don’t? True, you’d likely feel less confident about your chances, as certification is a validation of one’s skills by a reputable organization known worldwide. So, to avoid that, the PMI PMP certificate is ... Read More »

Professional Inefficiency of Using an Adopted Language in Communication

Most businesses in India use English as the mode of written communication. With India’s diversity of language, English made sense as the lingua franca at the dawn of the republic, but from a purely business perspective, English has proved to be a poor medium that has created false hierarchies within organizations. The irony of this piece being written in English ... Read More »

The Future Status of Learning Cannot be Status Quo in 2021

While the second wave of Covid-19 is quickly receding, and a new school year for students around India has begun, we need to take stock of the status of learning in our country. The majority of students in India have now been out of school for nearly 16 months and the future is still quite uncertain.  India needs to ensure ... Read More »

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