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3 Reasons to Go for Microsoft AZ-204 Exam and Its Related Certification in 2020

The year 2020 has been a roller coaster ride for all of us. The economic difficulties have put a halt on professional growth. But, there are still several opportunities for those seeking! So, if you’re an Azure professional and looking for a way to leverage your career, we have something of your interest. You can take-up the Microsoft AZ-204 exam, ... Read More »

How Can you Work From Home in Gurgaon and be your Own Boss?

Gurgaon is considered as a financial and technology hub of the country. So many companies are based in Gurgaon providing job opportunities in the city. But in the current scenario, the Coronavirus has led to many job losses. However, in spite of the pandemic, people have continued to work from home which has given rise to a lot of work ... Read More »

Kshitij Vivan Ahmedabad: Institute for Graphic Design Course, Animation Courses, and VFX Courses

Kshitij Vivan is a technology-driven organization owning center and also managing the Franchise of MAAC (Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics), which is part of Aptech. The propertior of Kshitij Vivan Mr. Ashish Goel is a qualified Management professional (MBA) from one of the top institute of India (Symbiosis Institute of Foreign Trade, Pune). Mr. Ashish Goel has a rich experience of ... Read More »

Will 2022 Bring a Return to ‘Normal’ After Mostly Online 2021 Semesters?

As the trials and roll out of vaccines have already begun in many parts of the world and many vaccines have also cleared the approvals including those of Oxford, Moderna, Pizer, the Russian Sputnik and Chinese vaccines, it is expected that by the end of 2021 a large part of the vulnerable population will be administered vaccine. While it will ... Read More »

Which Country Pays Highest Salary?

For those who may have the required skills and are eligible, immigrating to a new country can make a significant difference to their career prospects. While there are several factors why people immigrate, the prospect of earning more money is one of the key reasons. If earning more is one of your primary objectives, it’s obvious that you should immigrate ... Read More »

Software as a Service: Things to Know Before you Develop a SaaS Product

The 21st century is the era of technology. It keeps upgrading, and we must adapt to the changes for maximum benefit.  Around 10-15 years ago, the market was dominated by discs. They were an affordable way to transport data. But now they are deserted for good. Since the rise of cloud technology, the process of transferring softwares has wholly changed.  ... Read More »

7 incredible assignment help Canada Examples

We at Student Assignment solution ( provide a number of services to our Canadian clients. We give university assignment help Canada, online assignment help Canada as a part of our assignment help Canada service. Once you visit our website, you can go to the drop-down box and choose the country of your choice. Once you have chosen Canada, you can ... Read More »

Is Technology Destroying or Creating Jobs?

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Every single technology dystopian movie, has preyed on a single human fear – when computers take over, human beings will become redundant. The Matrix trilogy, Terminator, Robocop, I-Robot, or even that disaster of a film where human beings aspired to a crime-free world by arresting “criminals” on their potential to commit crime; all spoke to that fear of computers tyrannically ... Read More »

How to Be Financially Stable When You are Losing Your Job

In amid of the pandemic, your employer can make you redundant anytime because of the economic uncertainty. When cash is not coming in, it is hard to pay the staff. When your employer asks that they need to move the furniture around, you might get shocked because your job may be the only option to live off.  You might be ... Read More »

Why IBPS PO Exam Is Most Preferred By The Youth?

Digitalization and internet has altered the intact banking sector in India. Internet and mobile banking has improved the convenience and range of banking services and operations. It serves a larger part of society, particularly Indian youth, who are enjoying online shopping and monetary transactions through the mode of online banking. It has proliferate the banking sector and made it very ... Read More »

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