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Managing Your Finances as a New College Student

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When you are in college, you might still receive financial help. For instance, your parents may have agreed to pay for certain living expenses, such as food or tuition. But even with this financial safety net, it’s still essential to have good money habits. That way, you will be financially healthy after graduation and will be ready to transition to ... Read More »

How Skill Training can Make the Youth More Workplace-ready During Digital Era

Skill education or vocational training is typically the cornerstone of any economy. Ironically, although India is considered to be a melting pot of knowledge and skills, the vast majority of its educated youth lack what can be termed as ‘employability quotient’. Experts even characterise the country’s employability problem a bigger challenge than unemployment itself. Equally problematic has been the quality ... Read More »

How To Become A Pilot?

Working as a pilot can be an exciting career, as you will be paid generously and get to travel to various destinations. However, the path to becoming a pilot is a bit complicated and confusing. There are several steps involved and you need to meet all the eligibility norms mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). To make things easier ... Read More »

Advantages of Converting JPG Files to PDF

Converting files from JPG to PDF online has several advantages. Firstly, PDF takes up a lot less room on your hard drive than JPG. JPG file sizes vary widely depending on the resolution of the image. The scalability of JPG images also creates issues in printing. The print quality of JPG image depends on the resolution, and the printout may ... Read More »

Tips to enhance productivity in prepration of civil services examination

Today’s world has become a more distracting place. Ever-increasing interruptions impact UPSC aspirant’s productivity and if remain unchecked could end up in the catastrophic result. In this article, we will be sharing few feasible ways in which a student can improve both his efficiency and productivity-two most important attributes in civil services examination preparation. Develop a plan/routine:Aspirants feel that they ... Read More »

Where to Find the essay writing service for College Students

If you are trying to balance your personal goals, hobbies, extracurricular activities, and studies, you probably do not have enough time to dedicate yourself to doing all your assignments. Writing an essay or completing a project requires several hours of studying and composing necessary elements. For students like you, a cheap essay writing service is best as it would cater ... Read More »

How to Grow Confidence When You Feel Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is the belief that something is wrong, regardless of what it is. People with low self-esteem cannot imagine what they believe in and are heavily influenced by others. People only come to a place where they think they are idiots in light of the fact that someone made them believe that they are disappointed and that they cannot ... Read More »

Want your kids to learn coding at home? Here are the Top 5 platforms to learn coding for free.

When the pandemic hit the globe, learning coding at home became a medium of turning imagination into reality for kids. Kids nowadays can easily learn the art of programming, coding, software development, web development and even Python, that too from the very beginning just by simply enrolling themselves on various online programmes. The demand for learning coding and programming is ... Read More »

The Future of Work: Are Your Skills Up-to-Date?

girl working on computer laptop

As an employee in an incredibly disruptive period for the workforce, your concern should always be whether or not the skills you have now are relevant to the future of work. If the answer is no, then you need to be asking yourself why you are not updating those skills and making yourself a more valuable asset for the future ... Read More »

How To Jumpstart Your Career After A Sabbatical

A sabbatical is a small career break that people take for a wide variety of personal reasons. It could be marriage, child birth, loss of a loved one, travel, to rest and rejuvenate, etc. While sabbatical leaves were often frowned upon in earlier times, modern day organizations do not consider it as a negative development. However, you do need to ... Read More »

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