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Thursday , 21 June 2018
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How to Achieve Your Goal of Retiring Early

retired early

At some point in time in our lives, we all come to a stage when we would like to give up our regular “9 to 5” jobs and retire. This could be because you are starting a business, want to spend more time with family, catching up with an old hobby, or just travelling to the famous parts of the ... Read More »

How Nonverbal Communication Can Help In Job Interviews

It’s common knowledge that effective verbal communication is crucial for scoring top marks in job interviews. However, psychologists believe that non-verbal communication also plays an important role in making the right impressions during job interviews. If we look at the big picture, we can see that both verbal and nonverbal communications are necessary for achieving positive outcomes from job interviews. ... Read More »

Top HR Trends of 2018

Top HR Trends of 2018

The Human Resources (HR) is dynamic function in organizations these days and many a times the organization is known for the kind of HR policies that it has. There are many new trends that HR managers are following that are redefining the way employees are recruited, rewarded, retained and allowed to work. The HR Trends of 2018 are radically changing ... Read More »

Awesome Jobs That Are Fun and Pure Pleasure

Typical jobs can be boring, but not all jobs have to be the mundane 9-5 daily grind. Not many are aware, but there are some very interesting jobs that can be taken up as a full-fledged career opportunity. If you are looking to have some fun on the job, here are some of the interesting career opportunities you can consider. ... Read More »

​​Computer based testing for JEE Advanced 2018 – success strategy to excel

Computer based testing for JEE Advanced 2018

JEE Advanced 2018 will be held in online mode for the first time in India, many aspirants may have difficulty in adjusting to new mode. Moreover, no such patterns are yet fully revealed that can help students get an idea of the exam. And with hardly some time left for JEE Advanced, students need to first get eligible for it ... Read More »

ITC Classmate “Be Better Than Yourself” Campaign Sparks A Social Revolution

bebetterthanyourself newspatrolling

        Marks, marks and more marks – this is all that students normally hear through school and college. This fixation with marks puts tremendous pressure on children, due to which many of them are unable to achieve their full potential. Guilt, low self-esteem and lack of confidence have also been witnessed among students who are unable to ... Read More »

Mistakes to Avoid In Your First Job

First jobs are challenging for most people, as there’s plenty to learn about one’s work, the company and the industry. In your first job, you may be looking to make the right impressions and the right moves to excel in your career. You would also want to avoid mistakes that can derail your progress and push you back. Here are ... Read More »

Work on your speed and concept clarity to get through JEE MAIN 2018

jee main 2018

Aspirants are already geared up for the JEE Main exams organised by CBSE to be held on April 8th April,15th and April 16th, 2018. With over 12 lac students appearing for the JEE Main (in both Online and Offline modes), only top 2.24 lac will be eligible to appear in the CBT (Computer Based Test) JEE Advanced 2018. In such heavy ... Read More »

Finding the Perfect Forex Firm to Launch Your Forex Trading Career

Perfect Forex Firm to Launch Your Forex Trading Career newspatrolling

Starting a career as a forex trader can be challenging at first, but it pays off in the end. It’s true that a career as a forex trader can be highly lucrative as long as you set yourself up for success. This involves researching how to trade successfully, deciding on the currency pairs you want to trade, finding the right ... Read More »

Now Take a Loan for Your Child’s School Education

load for child education

Educational loans are most often associated with loans for higher studies or overseas education. But, did you know that you can also get a loan for your child’s school education? Not many people are aware but a few banks and financial institutions have started offering loans for school education. The primary reason is that school fees and charges for private ... Read More »

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