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5 most unique emerging schools in India

Back in the days of our infancy, it was very common to see most kids taking coaching classes to mug up concepts instead of understanding them. Coaching centers were rather considered a one-stop-shop, giving us access to past exam question papers and a purpose to memorize answers to each question. In fact, it was a routine practice followed by most ... Read More »

Digitization of the Education System

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The education industry in India was estimated to be US$ 91.7 billion in FY 18 and is expected to reach US$ 101.1 billion in FY 19. The government plans to hike the percentage of education spending from 4.5% of GDP to 6%. Seven new IITs, two NITs, three central universities and more than 100 Kendra Vidyalayas were started by the ... Read More »

Practice is the key to ace in CLAT 2020

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With major changes made in the exam pattern of CLAT 2020, aspirants need to pay a lot of attention to reading and rigorous practice. The exam will have comprehension based questions would be asked from Quantitative Techniques, English, Current Affairs, Deductive Reasoning and Logical Reasoning. A student should pay attention to reading a lot and to develop an expertise in ... Read More »

8 Things You Need to Know About Online Learning

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Online learning is more than just a seasonal trend at this point. There are universities offering access to advanced degrees through online learning platforms. Courses on various subjects are also easy to find. Of course, you have more resources to help you learn new things and master new skills online. Online learning isn’t a seasonal trend; it’s the future. While ... Read More »

Malaysia: A land of educational opportunities

Malaysia is truly Asia, situated by the South China Sea and with a colorful array of ethnicity, diverse culture and natural beauty; Malaysia is a futuristic city with many colorful feathers in its crown. Malaysia has emerged as a great tourist destination and has jumped leaps and bounds to be reckoned as a top destination for higher education in Asia. ... Read More »

Systematic approach and clear guidance is the key to ace NYSE

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 Every exam has its own strategy to select the best students, so it becomes all the more important that a student strategize properly and perform accordingly. National Talent Search Exam (NTSE) being a national level exam requires high intellect and academic skills. It is conducted every year in two different levels which are NTSE1 ad NTSE 2. Before starting the preparation ... Read More »

7 Practices you never knew could enhance your exam performance

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A question that probably lingers in the mind of every student is “How do I perfect my exam preparation?” There is no definite answer to this question because every individual learns differently at a varying pace. However, some practices are absolutely beneficial to all and these are the ones every student gearing up for exams must follow. Treat your studies ... Read More »

Cultivate better analytical skills to excel in CSE

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Adapting to the changing requirements of UPSC New Delhi: The UPSC has introduced changes in the exam pattern in recent years that were met with both resistance and appreciation UPSC is no more looking at specialised knowledge or information; rather they are looking at your analytical skills. But apart from these structural changes UPSC is approaching towards academic changes in which what matters now ... Read More »

Delhi-Based Online Poker University to Open this October

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Delhi has always had a strong connection with poker. In fact, India’s leader in online and onsite poker hosting Anuj Gupta was born in Delhi back in October, 1978. Gupta would go on to be an industry leader in various sectors, and was instrumental in forming India’s very own Poker Sports League. This year, a new poker milestone looks like ... Read More »

Choosing your child’s school isn’t child’s play

Picking your child’s school is essentially choosing the path he or she will tread through their most crucial developmental years. Every parent desires and endeavors to provide holistic nurturing to their children and a good school is an indispensible part of this process. Choosing the right institute for your child can be an intimidating task particularly because you need to ... Read More »

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