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Top jobs you can start without a college degree in the United States

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If you ever meet people in the U.S with a job and getting salary up to $75,000 a year without a college degree don’t be surprised. Keep aside the worries of college life with a student loan. The key area is how to find such jobs and what to prepare for them. Here we’ve shortlisted top jobs that you can ... Read More »

Top 5 work from home jobs

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Years back before the dawn of the internet it was a very tedious job to find work at home opportunities. It was much difficult to sort out the scammers and the real ones. But due to the technological advancements and social media influence more secure and legit jobs are coming up to the scene. So here in this article, we ... Read More »

Accountants have an assured career in business

In every business, daily journals, ledgers, Bank Reconciliation statements, Profit & Loss statements and income and balance sheets present an unbiased picture of the financial position of an organization. They tell the true position with regard to its liabilities, cash sources, viability of managerial and investor decisions and compliance with taxation and corporate laws. Further, accounting helps a business, venture ... Read More »

Top 5 best self-employed job

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Is your 9-5 job taking a toll on your life? Then being self-employed may be the answer to your unhealthy work-life balance. People opt for self employments for many reasons like some don’t want to work under a boss , some want flexibility in their life and many others. Being self-employed is easier said than done and it might be ... Read More »

Popular Jobs For College Graduates In US

Getting a well-paid job is among the top priorities for college graduates. The experience is exciting, challenging and at times, it can also make you anxious. While some college graduates follow a predetermined path, others are not sure about what exactly they want to do in their career. If you belong to the latter group, here’s a brief overview of ... Read More »

Career in Data Mining and Analytics

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Though India is going through the heydays of digitalization, the country is facing the dearth of data scientists and analytics. There are almost 1 lakh positions are vacant in the industry and this gap is increasing day after day. Of course, the scarcity of talent in the industry is a massive opportunity to fresh as well as experienced data scientists ... Read More »

Shape Your Career with a Degree in B.Com

Bachelor of Commerce or B. Comis one of the most trending courses that students opt for after completing their studies. It is an undergraduate degree in commerce and related subjects. The B. Com honors subjects are designed to provide individuals with a wide range of commerce and managerial skills. It is majorly about having an understanding in streams like accounting, ... Read More »

How To Avoid Career Burnout

Most of us experience this at some point in our career. Also referred to as job burnout, career burnout is largely a psychological condition where the affected individual experiences loss of personal identity and reduced sense of accomplishment. Some common symptoms of career burnout include feeling tired all the time, lack of interest in everyday tasks, being irritable, difficulty in ... Read More »

How to deal with conflicts at your workplace

When you come across the same group of people every day, conflict is inevitable. Conflicts can occur between employees, between supervisors, among entire teams or the team members. Though the issue might seem difficult at the moment, resolving team conflict is easier than you think. The question “How to deal with conflicts at the workplace” must be in every employee’s ... Read More »

Importance of Effective Recruitment & Selection


As a business owner, you want a team that you can count on to get the job done while you focus on other things. Management of any large corporation will tell you that finding good, loyal talent is hard. Take the time to develop a recruiting process that is constantly looking for people with the skills you need and the ... Read More »

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