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5 tips to deal with Stress post Exam Failure

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India’s most aspired Civil Services Examination tests lakhs of candidates every year on their competency and suitability for the highly responsible Administrative Services and only a handful are selected for the same. Reasons being varied, the first feeling of an aspirant failing at any level of the examination, is – where did I go wrong? After having studied an entire ... Read More »

Why Digitisation is needed in Schools

Whether schools acknowledge or not, students are already engaging with technology. It is common to find students glance at their smart phones in middle of the lecture, a few may even use it record lectures and many may be browsing the Internet for clarifications on the concepts taught in the classroom. As technology has been integrated into most parts of ... Read More »

Highest Paying Tech Jobs In USA

Surely a career in technology has emerged as the preferred option for the current generation, as the pay is quite good and there are plenty of opportunities for career growth. But do you know which specific tech jobs are the highest paying? To help you choose the right career path, here’s a list of the highest paying tech jobs in ... Read More »

How Artificial Intelligence is making the education system Better?

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If I told you artificial intelligence can make education better, what would you say? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is affecting numerous aspects of our lives. As we’ve noted previously, AI is present everywhere and the education sector is also experiencing changes because of AI. For example, updates to the use of educational systems that include more personalisation as well as reduced time ... Read More »

Executive MBA and Immersion programs : An ideal combination for working professionals


Though a one-year program, here’s how Executive MBA from Woxsen School of Business is intensely accelerating the transformation of corporate professionals into managers  The last decade has witnessed an exponential increase in MBA aspirants and management professionals. Be it fresh graduates or the current crop of corporate workforce, a management degree has gradually become a necessity due to the rising ... Read More »

Things that all journalism scholars should keep in mind

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If you are planning to shape your career in the field of journalism then you must keep certain things in mind and know how to give you the superlative opportunity of following and being paid.  Some tips regarding the same. Be honest for yourself. If you are honest for yourself then you will be honest for your family, friends, college and organization. Do much more other than attending ... Read More »

This break work on these cool tech projects

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College is usually the time to learn and try new things so what better way to spend your time than to work on projects that would help enhance your skills and resume. In case you feel that you do not have the necessary skills to work on such projects, you could upskill yourself by doing an online learning.  To begin ... Read More »

7 Offbeat Career Options In USA

When it comes to choosing a career, millennials today have a lot more choices, as compared to older generations. The young generation likes to do things their own way and they are looking for interesting ways to earn a living. Most millennials would definitely want to choose something more exciting, rather than settle for the usual 9 to 5 job. ... Read More »

Top Institutes for Design Education in India

Design is emerging as one of most chosen course by the students. According to a report; the potential market for design in India is expected to grow to $110 billion by 2010. The choice of courses in design and the number of students interested in pursuing design course are both on the rise. The design field being extremely vast and ... Read More »

All You Need to Know About D.Pharma Course

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Pharmacy is a great career option that is highly misunderstood by people around the country. The field of pharmacy involves a thorough skillset and utmost dedication from the student. Pharmacy industry in India is massive,andin 2017 it was valued at $33 billion. It is supposed to growat a CAGR of 22.4% between 2015-2020 to reach a staggering $55 billion by the ... Read More »

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