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Friday , 20 January 2017
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Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf is Germany’s best selling book


German leader of World War II, Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf is the currently the best selling book in Germany. Mein Kampf is Adolf Hitler’s autobiography and the title basically means “My Struggle”. The German state Government had banned the republication and sale of the book, but has recently allowed a version with certain additions to be sold in the ... Read More »

Book Review: Mistress of Honour written by Bhaavna Arora


STORY PLOT: 4/5 CHARACTERS: 3/5 CLIMAX: 3/5 WRITING STYLE: 2.5/5 ENTERTAINMENT QUOTIENT: 3/5 Bhaavna Arora’s debut book – The Deliberate Sinner was the best seller and now she is back with her next writing, “Mistress of Honour”. Bhaavna’s book is inspired by real stories from the armed forces. Bhavvna has used her father’s and uncles’ knowledge and experience of army ... Read More »

Book Review: “Mistress of Honour” by Bhaavna Arora


‘History sometimes can be a cruel companion of soldiers’ Mistress of Honour is much about love between a man and a woman and at the same time about duty for the country. A story in which bullets and hearts dance together and its love story make a difference. Potnis, a captain in the Indian Army, meets Pansy during Operation Blue ... Read More »

Book Review: Exit Point written by Anil Goel

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While sci-fi/tech fiction thriller is nothing new, author Anil Goel’s Exit Point: 1 has built an entirely new space for itself by fusing technology with our unending fascination for life after death questions, and the spiritual and psychological elements related to it. Set in the year 2016, the tech thriller attempts to uncover a dark, mysterious online world where the ... Read More »

Book Review : Being an Entrepreneur’s wife


The book is a simple story around a girl who has high aspirations from childhood but has or faced a lot of complication in dealing with this real world and their rules & ethics. The language, vocabulary and examples used in the story are successful in delivering their message. Once, you start reading, you couldn’t stop or resist at least ... Read More »

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