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Thursday , 22 February 2018
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I wish I was free …..

i was free poetry newspatrolling

As I sit here exploring the companionship of these rocks and shrubs,   I find this wind talking to me taking away my loneliness.   A splendid stretch of nature’s beauty as far as I can gaze,   An adorning effect beyond the limit of what my words can explain.   A beautiful red bird with a white tail continuously ... Read More »


irksome growing newspatrolling

No more rhymes, No more painted books, All are stuck in that dark sequestered nook. Expectations have escalated, No more recognition of petty good things that we do. Pouncing in the mucky well, Laughing while our shirts turn grubby and hair dishevel. Oblivion to this merry we are now, No more shabby shirts, We cling to our tidy tuxedos anyhow. ... Read More »

~ Does she even know? ~

i love you newspatrolling1

“I love you”, She said, once again, looking into my eyes as if I meant the moon to her! But did she? . . Does she even know how it feels to be a man walking around with the burden on that shoulder, alleged to have that treacherous gaze, assumed to be staring at every bit of her body or ... Read More »

~ Does he even know? ~

i LOVE YOU NEWspatrolling

“I love you”, He said, once again, looking deep into my eyes as if I meant the moon to him! But did he? . . Does he even know how it feels to be a girl, walking around in that short dress, with those treacherous gaze wrapped around every bit of my body looking at every tiny bit of my ... Read More »

Poem title – A Simple Indian boy

I walked past the door that used to greet me one day … I walked past the faces that used to smile at me one day … I walked past the bloody world … Which tried to make me ‘civilized’ one day …   Do you understand what it means, what it means … To study what my father wanted ... Read More »


एक नज़्म छिपी है धड़कन में , जो मिलो कभी तो सुनाएंगे सुना के बीती बातें सारी, कभी तुमको भी रुलाएंगे हम अक्षर अक्षर ज़िक्र हमारा शब्दों में बताएंगे तुम भर लोगे आंखें अपनी जब याद तुम्हे हम आएंगे जब करेंगे तुमसे दिल–ए–बयां तब झूठ मूठ मुस्काएँगे उस नमी को पढ़कर आँखों की तुमको हम चुप कराएंगे लगा के अपना ... Read More »

A folktale of two brothers played by Indian and Korean young actors

Musical ‘Heungbu, Nolbu’ was presented in 4 Schools in Delhi NCR by Korean Cultural Centre India New Delhi, 24 Aug: A musical folktale from across the sea was presented by a special troupe of Indian and Korean teenager artists in coordination with Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI) at Delhi NCR schools. 12 Korean artists of ‘Theatre Seoul’ group from South ... Read More »

Survive English Lingo coz u r in d txtin era!

“Speech that came like leech-craft And killed us almost, bleeding us white! Textese that came like filthy-draft And killed us almost, stating it right!” When you stretch that sullen face when someone is typing, typing, typing to send this malnourished message, “Plz cum asap. Ive sumthn 2 gve u” Are your veins taut when you receive a cheesed off textese ... Read More »


Advanced in years, advanced in life There slouches our grandmother in strife. Winter has set in, no time to laugh For our grandmother is knitting a scarf.   Behold the nature devoid Earth, As the grandmother looks through the window. Everyone step outdoors with a dust mask For the air so polluted never was And breathing shall cause dreadful malady. ... Read More »


Every morning , I start my day with a cup of hot steaming tea and a newspaper. One morning , just like my normal morning I started reading newspaper while drinking my favourite adrak wali chai . I read ‘‘today is a black day for every Indian in our country’’. I shockingly looked at the newspaper and found that day ... Read More »

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