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Sunday , 26 March 2017
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                                                                                 कोशिश कर रहा हूँ मैं तुम्हे भूलने की। जीवन शून्य को भरने की उत्पन्न हुआ है जो तुम्हारे चले जाने से। ... Read More »


The door is wide open,  waiting for you to regain…   Lose all of the fear,  and give away the pain…   Put your armour down,  and drench under the rain…   The suffering, the sorrow  Will slowly sink…   The joy and the glee,  Will revive from within…   Remember,  Never let the past Stop you…   The moment ... Read More »

the mother

the mother newspatrolling

The poem is about the mother. In the course of our life she has given us a lot to be a better human being in a way or other. Her sacrifices showed the love she has for us, her compromises tell how much we children are important to her. Definitely there are cases when we are wrong but she will ... Read More »

Remembering the beautiful college days


It has been aptly said that ‘college life is the best part of your life that you are going to relive in your memories till you breathe’. It indeed is the most beautiful part of anyone’s life, and so has been mine. But the first day that I walked in my college, it was an entirely new place for me, ... Read More »

How technology is affecting human behavior


We have been saying and believing in the fact that we use technology to ease our life; but if we actually come to think of it we can see how we have been slave to technology. We are constantly using our mobile phones, spending hours on laptop, using various apps for easy services, and other significant ways in which we ... Read More »

ज़िन्दगी का फलसफा !!!


हम किसी भी चीज़ को पाना तो चाहते हैं लेकिन ये नही सोचते की ये गलत है या सही।बस हम भी दुनिया की उस भीड़ में लग जातें हैं उसे पाने के लिए। कभी दो पल के लिए भी नही सोचते, हमारे इस दो पल की ख़ुशी के लिए क्या से क्या हो सकता है। कोई कुछ पाना चाहता है ... Read More »



Your vision is far sighted , But now it seems to be utopian. Everyone around is in oblivion, Is this how it is to bring about a change in a country of billions? There is a situation of hue and cry, But the government stand in a limbo, unable to pacify. The people of the country are against corruption, But ... Read More »

तुम कोई प्यार भरी ग़ज़ल तो नहीं


न तुमसे कुछ पाना चाहता हूँ यूँ ही बस आज़माना चाहता हूँ! तुम कोई प्यार भरी ग़ज़ल तो नहीं जाने क्यों गुनगुनाना चाहता हूँ!   न तुमसे कुछ पाना चाहता हूँ यूँ ही बस आज़माना चाहता हूँ! बिन तेरे कामिल नहीं ज़िन्दगी मेरी संग तेरे इसका मुकम्मल ठिकाना चाहता हूँ!   न तुमसे कुछ पाना चाहता हूँ यूँ ही बस ... Read More »

How to avoid all the mistakes and kiss your spouse precisely?


The heart of a person is one kind of havoc actually – where God has sowed the seeds of feelings – as a matter of fact. Love is also an (something very robust yet lusty) absconded seed of feeling, which yields the oxygen to any kind of relationship.  Especially it is allegedly impossible for a romantic relationship or a marital ... Read More »

A Love story, beyond the limits – Two IAS officers are ready to scattering true love in the air


Tina Dabi and Athar Aamir Khan,both who are adding their name in the amazing and inspiring love story’s list of the world.Hold on, we know that you would be thinking that what is the unique about this love story.There are number of stories around us but why we and other media houses are covering this love story?? OK,friends don’t get so much ... Read More »

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