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What do you need to do to turn up your events?

party event

Parties nowadays are about lights, music and crowds. Gone are the days when good old socialising was the theme of parties; today people want their events to be filled with all kinds of fanfare and want to make it as enjoyable as possible.  So, what can you do set your event or party apart? The first question you need to ... Read More »

Lovely Pregnancy Quotes from Husband to Wife

couple enjoying love care

These are one liner quotes along with a beautifully drafted message which you can send to your wife during her 9 months of pregnancy  Heart melting pregnancy quotes and messages from Husband to Wife: “Revaluating life to make way for the new life to come” 1- I did not know how a new life could change me so much from within. The ... Read More »

Cotton Candy: What is it and how is it made?

cotton candy

What is Cotton Candy?  A light and fluffy confectionery made of sugar is popular by the name Cotton Candy. The candy has an appearance of woollen cotton and hence is the name. It is prepared from sugar solution which is spun to form fine thread-like stands. Cotton Candy is a popular food item especially among the children and is typically ... Read More »

Do bulls really charge when they see the color Red?

bull and red color cloth

Bullfighting has enthralled audiences since centuries with a blend of athleticism as well as excitement. According to historians, the tradition of bullfighting originated in Spain somewhere during the 1st century. And though the suffering and killing of the bulls has been a topic of debate among the animal rights activists today, the sport still continues to be an indelible part ... Read More »

How to make your own clay at home?


Have you ever thought of making clay at home? If yes, then in this article, you will be able to learn two easy ways to make your own clay at home. Creating clay at home is a fun and creative craft for not just the adults but also the kids. It can be used for making school projects, gifts and ... Read More »

How amusement parks and theme parks are replacing the digital playrooms for kids?

adventure park

With the evolving of technology, the ways of entertainment and growth of the kids have also changed. From a time where residential parks and indoor games were the only choices to digital playrooms and now the modern amusement and theme parks – we have come a long way! These amusement parks and theme parks are changing the face of creativity ... Read More »

Popular Mythical Demons from Greek Mythology

big insects

All the way from closed spaces to towering heights, from giant insects to taxes, the real world serves more than just enough to get you all startled. Allow me to take you on a tour to the realm of the fanciful and help you explore some of the most terrifying demons from Greek Mythology.   The Sphinx: The first creature ... Read More »

Memes: How it all started?


If you are using the internet more often than not, you definitely must have come across memes; they are just everywhere and growing stronger with every passing day. Did it ever occur to you that where have they actually started from? What is the story behind this internet famed concept? The most interesting thing where from did the word ‘meme’ ... Read More »

Here is Why Balloons Make for an Amazing Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day balloons

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you are probably looking forward to it. And irrespective of your gender, you want this Valentine’s Day to be extremely special for your love. But, how to make an ordinary date on the calendar so special? Well, definitely with your efforts. And when it comes to efforts, there is certainly no upper limit. ... Read More »

5 Benefits of listening to music

music digital

This morning I woke up feeling inspired, but when I sat down in front of my computer everything changed. It was as if all that inspiration had come out the window. What can I do now to inspire me? I started looking around my office and came across the headphones that were placed on my desk. Definitely music is one ... Read More »

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