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Thursday , 27 April 2017
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the mother

The poem is about the mother. In the course of our life she has given us a lot to be a better human being in a way or other. Her sacrifices showed the love she has for us, her compromises tell how much we children are important to her. Definitely there are cases when we are wrong but she will ... Read More »


Mulberry tree. One day sitting alone in my room, My thoughts don’t know about whom Wander here and there sitting behind a witch’s broom. Everything in mind is messed up. Feels like rafflesia flower is smelled up. The parasite of past has become symbiotic in nature, Suddenly acecuthobium turned out to be lichen when mature. Pain is growing like water ... Read More »


Rape, discrimination, foeticide and eve teasing. What women of our country are facing is not at all pleasing Respecting a woman is an integral part of our culture. But all she is getting is harassment and torture. That shocker of a case in Delhi was named “Nirbhaya “. But that evil brutal thought in minds abhi tak nahi gaya. Laws ... Read More »

Thank-you Doctors

If anyone deserves respect and appreciation, doctors do for life. Even though they poke a few needles and put you under the knife. Right from their youth, they study and slog hard. Just to grow up and become people’s life guard. While most of us go work for our pride and dignity. All they are bothered about is giving it ... Read More »

The View from Above

Bored and listless a Face, Not keeping up with the case Passionate & Energetic the speaker went on All the while the tutor’s eyes leered on A flash of light within my sight, Selfies and photos being taken on the right Some reading across(in secret) to be kind Phones on table, fingers sliding across, Some heads were bent not listening ... Read More »

An Old Oak Tree

The patch clearly visible…even from a distant memoryThe shade and the seating place….My inseparable part,People laughed, they stared…….But couldn’t isolate me from my friend,The tree understood everything I said, dropped few leaves, as to show its acknowledgment,Branches came together to shelter me…they waved, even when there was no wind,I used to sit and some time take a refreshing nap….it has ... Read More »


Inside the womb, the world seems to be concealed.When out, on to this earth, senses couldn’t concede.When infantile, aims are really vivid.But the grown-ups are so mature, as they perceive,that everything is genuine, when they conceive.But, the sphere around us is so obscured that our lives get driven in its score.Running like motors behind the worldly goal,lead our forte, get ... Read More »


Life is a mystery, time moves on and creates history. People on earth grow in girth to fight in the competition and occupy their berth. Some are doctors, some engineers, some great scientists & some politicians without fear. But above all, that all lack, but few retain, is the occupation of humanity. This is the job that God gifted all ... Read More »

Shades of Friendship

You came as a stranger in my life , with whom unreasonable joy I derived . My life was stuffed with books &crooks, untill u came & showed how beautiful life really looks!! You stood beside me through thick and thin, even irritated me with your sarcasm and grin . A time came when I realized  my  heart has  struck a  chord , ... Read More »

Ajab Kavita (अजब कविता)

वो सोये तो कविता वो जागे तो कविता शब्दों का जनजाल है फिर भी खो रही थी कविता     बात ना होती फिर यादों में थी कविता हस रहा ये जमाना और फुट फुट के रो रही कविता     कविता ना बोले कविता कई राज खोले लोगों के खुशियों के माहोल में झुर झुर रोती है कविता   ... Read More »

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