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5 Famous Poetry quotes, their origin and what they mean

Why Writing is Good for Your Health newspatrolling

Nowadays, out of thousands of lines of marvelous poetry, some lines have resonated with a broad audience. Most of them become memorable in English poetry history.  Some of them are endlessly paraphrased and mentioned in newspapers or magazines to promote ongoing culture. People find them inspirational as well as entertaining.  People read the life of a dying poet and go ... Read More »

I wish I was free …..

i was free poetry newspatrolling

As I sit here exploring the companionship of these rocks and shrubs,   I find this wind talking to me taking away my loneliness.   A splendid stretch of nature’s beauty as far as I can gaze,   An adorning effect beyond the limit of what my words can explain.   A beautiful red bird with a white tail continuously ... Read More »

~ Does she even know? ~

i love you newspatrolling1

“I love you”, She said, once again, looking into my eyes as if I meant the moon to her! But did she? . . Does she even know how it feels to be a man walking around with the burden on that shoulder, alleged to have that treacherous gaze, assumed to be staring at every bit of her body or ... Read More »


एक नज़्म छिपी है धड़कन में , जो मिलो कभी तो सुनाएंगे सुना के बीती बातें सारी, कभी तुमको भी रुलाएंगे हम अक्षर अक्षर ज़िक्र हमारा शब्दों में बताएंगे तुम भर लोगे आंखें अपनी जब याद तुम्हे हम आएंगे जब करेंगे तुमसे दिल–ए–बयां तब झूठ मूठ मुस्काएँगे उस नमी को पढ़कर आँखों की तुमको हम चुप कराएंगे लगा के अपना ... Read More »


                                                                                 कोशिश कर रहा हूँ मैं तुम्हे भूलने की। जीवन शून्य को भरने की उत्पन्न हुआ है जो तुम्हारे चले जाने से। ... Read More »


The door is wide open,  waiting for you to regain…   Lose all of the fear,  and give away the pain…   Put your armour down,  and drench under the rain…   The suffering, the sorrow  Will slowly sink…   The joy and the glee,  Will revive from within…   Remember,  Never let the past Stop you…   The moment ... Read More »


Your vision is far sighted , But now it seems to be utopian. Everyone around is in oblivion, Is this how it is to bring about a change in a country of billions? There is a situation of hue and cry, But the government stand in a limbo, unable to pacify. The people of the country are against corruption, But ... Read More »

नारी तेरी अजब कहानी

नारी तेरी अजब कहानी , आदि से अनंत तक.. बस तू ही एक संसार की अमिट निशानी ! बाबा की लाडली, आँगन की  उजियाली, तेरी हंसी से मिली हंसों को ये हंसी ज़िन्दगानी ! कभी सखी ,कभी सहेली।, बन जाये पल में किसी दिल की शहज़ादी ! फूलों से भी ज्यादा नाज़ुक ,तितलियों सी चंचलता , बहिन बनके जो दिखाए ... Read More »


Sitting abreast of a bonfire, I discerned a sense of consternation. The witching hour was teeming with trepidation. It was the phase of the evil It was an admonition for adversity “When will this eeriness invert?”, I mused “What power on Earth can swallow it up?” And when the cosmos was in a sense of plight Asudden a balmy amber ... Read More »

याद हैं मुझे

  भूला  नहीं  हूँ  मैं,  याद  हैं  मुझे शिकायत  करती  तुम्हारी  आँखें भूला  नहीं  हूँ  मैं,  याद  है  मुझे माथे  पे  चमकता  वो  चाँद  का  अक्स भूला  नहीं  हूँ  मैं,  याद  हैं  मुझ गुलाबी  गालों  संग  खेलती  काली  लटे भूला  नहीं  हूँ  मैं,  याद  है  मुझे सुर्ख  होंठो  पे  चमकती  शबनम भूला  नहीं  हूँ  मैं,  याद  है  मुझे उम्र  से  ... Read More »

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