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How to make your own clay at home?


Have you ever thought of making clay at home? If yes, then in this article, you will be able to learn two easy ways to make your own clay at home. Creating clay at home is a fun and creative craft for not just the adults but also the kids. It can be used for making school projects, gifts and ... Read More »

Popular Mythical Demons from Greek Mythology

big insects

All the way from closed spaces to towering heights, from giant insects to taxes, the real world serves more than just enough to get you all startled. Allow me to take you on a tour to the realm of the fanciful and help you explore some of the most terrifying demons from Greek Mythology.   The Sphinx: The first creature ... Read More »

Does your food habit influence your Dream?

mumbai food1

How many of you had eaten delicious dishes like Biryiani or Kebab, went to sleep and landed up having a horrible nightmare? Sounds awful, but I had. I remember I had went to a marriage ceremony where I had loads of spicy dishes as usual and ended up having  dream which ultimately turned jumping off from a cliff. If so, ... Read More »

Is our Life always calculated?

bitches and night life

I always loved a life which was more calculated than reality. Like every one of you, I too defined success on the ability of profit, loss and the percentage of interest gained. This had enabled me to answer a question, “Why do people alienate others?”  Or maybe ” Why do people dump others while walking on the same pavement? ” ... Read More »



“No,no,leave her,no,you cannot,you should not,she is your wife,no,no…”,screamed the nineteen year old teen,Lark.She just woke up from her late night sleep and gave a shriek once again ,”No..”.It suddenly dawned upon her that it was a dream and that this sudden pain marked her move from the terrible dream into the reality of life. Drops of tears rolled down her ... Read More »

Great Pastime Activities for Long Travels

travelling a car on road

Regardless of whether you travel for work, school or fun, passing the time while in transport can be rather difficult. Instead of just staring blankly out the window or dozing off even though you may not be that tired, it’s always possible to make the most out of your free time. There are many productive activities that you can do ... Read More »

Cute Anime Unicorn Girl


You are living in the busy modern world it can be tough for a person to be healthy and physically fit along with the burden of work. Busy schedule can makes people frustrate and even angry at every mistake committed by others. so people  can use various methods to get an relaxation and peaceful surrounding as they can do mediation ... Read More »

Aeroplane Games Helping Boys to Satisfy Their Flight Simulator Desires

flying aeroplane

Gamers especially boys are ready today to spend many hours over the web browsing a huge list of aeroplane games. According to them, nothing could be more entertaining and fun than playing flying games online. They make sure that you are not going to tolerate boring hours anymore. Just visit a gaming website that features some quality airplane games and ... Read More »

Emotional Vs Practical

emotion vs practical

“You need to be practical” “You should think it practically” “Today is the world wherein emotions are not more than a garbage bucket” “Being emotional will not win you the race of life today” Do you also hear these statements every now and then?? Yes, these are very generic comments by everyone around you today on your every action that involves emotion. I agree to it ... Read More »

क्या आपकी परीक्षा समाप्त हो गयी? तो आप यह कौशल सीख सकते है

load for child education

प्रेरिका जैन, के.आई.ई.टी., गाज़ियाबाद से कंप्यूटर साइंस में बी.टेक. कर रही थी। परीक्षा समाप्त होने के बाद उनके पास काफी समय था। एक ओर वह नए कौशल सीखना चाहती थी और दूसरी ओर अपने घर भी जाना चाहती थी। उन्हें इस दुविधा का कोई समाधान नही मिल रहा था। फिर उनके एक कॉलेज सीनियर ने उन्हें ऑनलाइन ट्रेनिंग का सुझाव दिया। ... Read More »

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