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Saturday , 21 April 2018
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Brains : Women Vs. Men

brain female male

Scientists primarily study four primary areas of difference in male and female brains: Processing, Chemistry, Structure and activity. The differences in male and female brains in those areas show up all over the world. The average brain weight of the adult male brain was 1336g. For the adult female brain 1198g. With increasing age, brain weight decreases by 2.7g in ... Read More »

Well, guess we have a “new” organ.


And it was pretty much there this whole time, just hiding in plain sight. We’re dealing with amazing new scientific possibilities every day, so it kinda shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’ve just discovered (Or perhaps ‘Rediscovered’ would suit this better) something inside ourselves. The organ, called “Mesentery”, was basically considered as a fragmented structure comprised of multiple parts. ... Read More »



When we think of lord shiva many things come to our mind like tandava ( a dance form) ,his anger , etc the same way aghoris also come to play here. Ahgoris are the people who are aescetic shaiva saadhus . They are the people who truly believe and follow the pathway of lord shiva . They smear cremation ashes ... Read More »

THEME : Over the edge


GENRE : THRILLER / ROMANCE SYNOPSIS :Failing to respond to common antidepressants, Billy Costello, a schizophrenic, is administered with the last line of treatment of depression, which renders him a drug addict. Things take a turn when he accidentally meets Emily, a flight attendant who intends to detach him from his addiction as she thinks of a possible link she ... Read More »

How To Conquer Trial And Tribulations?

how to conquer newspatrolling

People who have traveled on the ocean know that they certainly cannot anticipate steady sailing. Strong winds, storms, tremendous waves, fog, ice bergs, reefs or malignant rocks all act imperilment for the sea voyager. Similarly, everyone encounter test, trial and tribulations that locates encumbrance on each individual either substantially, emotionally, financially or mystically. What can we do to prevent ourselves ... Read More »

Story of an Entrepreneur

newspatrolling enterpreneur

KarsanbhaiKhodidas Patel the brains behind the Nirma is today worth a whopping $ 3.6 billion. Born into a poor family Patel used to work at the Geology and Mining Department of the state Government.Multinationals like Hindustan Lever Ltd targeted the upper class as their prime customer segment for detergents, serving that small premium market with high-cost washing powders. Patel saw ... Read More »

A folktale of two brothers played by Indian and Korean young actors

Musical ‘Heungbu, Nolbu’ was presented in 4 Schools in Delhi NCR by Korean Cultural Centre India New Delhi, 24 Aug: A musical folktale from across the sea was presented by a special troupe of Indian and Korean teenager artists in coordination with Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI) at Delhi NCR schools. 12 Korean artists of ‘Theatre Seoul’ group from South ... Read More »

Survive English Lingo coz u r in d txtin era!

“Speech that came like leech-craft And killed us almost, bleeding us white! Textese that came like filthy-draft And killed us almost, stating it right!” When you stretch that sullen face when someone is typing, typing, typing to send this malnourished message, “Plz cum asap. Ive sumthn 2 gve u” Are your veins taut when you receive a cheesed off textese ... Read More »


Every morning , I start my day with a cup of hot steaming tea and a newspaper. One morning , just like my normal morning I started reading newspaper while drinking my favourite adrak wali chai . I read ‘‘today is a black day for every Indian in our country’’. I shockingly looked at the newspaper and found that day ... Read More »


   It is only for that one night. It is happening for last 6 months. 14thnight of every month in that village two old people are commenting suicide. Nobody knows about the reason behind this. The Government sends  many special teams to that village, but, that special teams don’t want to leave that village. But only one person in one ... Read More »

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