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Friday , 17 August 2018
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Microfinance lends a support to women entrepreneurs

micro finance

Kamaljeet Kaur is a resident of Kashipur in Uttarakhand. A few years ago, Kamaljeet’s family was undergoing a financial crisis. Her husband runs a flour mill shop and the income was not enough to meet the expenses related to basic needs of her family and education expenses of her four children. She reached out to Fusion Microfinance, a Non-banking Financial ... Read More »

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Adreesh & Bineeta

Love isn’t what it seems like in the movies. It’s painful, it’s dirty, it’s exhausting and it’s not for the faint-hearted. They say that love finds you, and not the other way round. Do you think that’s true? Is it so difficult to meet your future partner? Is it tougher to stay in love? So tough that most people don’t ... Read More »

Business Ownership in Travelling Industry?

travelling business

I was on my Morocco holidays and one day there was the call. “Let’s get started on the idea”. I was surprised because it was back in 2 years whenI suggested to my friends about starting our own business. Anyways, to my shock and delight at the same time, my determination to be the part of changing the world was ... Read More »

Nature Connect 3

nature connect 1

Not working in an office, not getting paid in beginning of every month was my calculative choice. Money, not coming in was of little concern but DAY in and out with clay and on potter’s  wheel, was working very fine. Gym in morning with a friend and pottery in afternoon WAS getting into the my system. Initially, it was difficult ... Read More »


Ashna - Profile 4

Ddhannak – Holistic Life Coach & Vastu Expert ENLIGHTENING LIFESTYLE – Miind Wellness Boutiique It’s the month of Shravan when there is music in the air & the heart tangoes & tunes amidst nature with sheer bliss and joy. Shravan arrives every year once in a month & it’s considered to be very devotional and sacred as per the hindu ... Read More »

Nature Connect 2

nature connect

Tanu Mittal say.. Sitting ideal, thought of catering to my desire- The Pottery. Searched and found the avenue near Aya Nagar. Every session was of 3hrs a day & it came as good utilisation of time. Happily enrolled , I returned back . Thinking and remembering the joy I would get of pottery which once I felt while watching a ... Read More »

Music of the Mind

music mind

Think back to as a child learning the nursery rhyme songs to “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” The Alphabet, and “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” Remember how simple and memorable these lyrics where as a kid; yet, ask any teen or adult today, and they probably could recite all the words to these songs. It is interesting how sounds and music have been ... Read More »

Nature connect Part-1

nature connect 1

I,  worked for more than 16 years or shall I say Slogged myself in the Corporate world for Money & Power. Yes,  no secrets,  many running in this race together. Waking just before the office hours, gushing through millions of cars towards office, experiencing all sorts of traffic hiccups,  road rage,  everyone run toward the AC cabins. Working more than ... Read More »

A letter to the girl I could never love

Heart Shape Made Of Papers On Table

I love you. I always have. But not the kind of love you wanted, but a love one craves for in a true friend. Today I understand your pain just the way you understand my feelings for her. Yes! I have finally found the love I had always delved for. She wakes me up at dawn &walks with me barefoot ... Read More »

Probably , I Have Seen You

i have seen u

Probably , I Have Seen You … You don’t wake up every day to find yourself in hospital clothes having no idea what made you land here. But here I am, sitting clueless on the bed with not even a bruise, looking for answers. A very pretty woman came and set down a pot of steaming soup on my breakfast ... Read More »

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