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Friday , 23 August 2019
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IndiagiftUnveils Unique Birthday Gifts Which Convey Several Emotions

Introducing gifts which are meant to convey several emotions, Indiagift’s unique birthday gifts range are a sensory treat. On a mission to deliver emotions through its gifts, Indiagift’s ambitious appeal seeks to promote love and celebration of life.   Staying true to its motto that is targeted towards delivering emotions, Indiagift is all set to engage its users worldwide in ... Read More »

Armed with Law

Intro: Armed in the art of ‘circumvention of the law’ through in-depth knowledge and experience, a lawyer has the ability to earn respect and moolah equally. Law as a profession has always been in demand and with the growing law awareness among the general public the demand is expected to grow exponentially. It has gained more importance in the increasing ... Read More »

Laundry tips for undergarments when using a washing machine

washing laundry

We all know how important is it to maintain good hygiene for your undergarments specifically as they are the primary source of any infection or skin allergy. While one is always advised to wash the undergarments with hands, but in case you are too lazy for that, you must follow a coupe of tips that has to be followed if ... Read More »

Daily Duties of a Police Officer you need to know about


Being one of the most ubiquitous organisations of the society the policemen happen to be the most visible representatives of the government. When a citizen doesn’t know what to do and whom to approach in times of difficulty the police station appears to be the most approachable place. But even today citizens are not completely aware of the day to ... Read More »

How to starch your clothes perfectly

washing machine

You must have heard the famous saying ‘clothes make a man’. It implies that the way you dress, projects your personality and the people build an image of yours in their mind accordingly. A shabbily dressed up person will be considered lazy and unpresentable, dirty clothes implies unhygienic and careless personality, while a tidily dressed up person with crisp clothes ... Read More »

Why Metal Sheets Are Best For Your Roofing Project

metal roof

Whether it’s your home, shed, warehouse, or any other enclosed space, metal sheet roofing will be the most advantageous for all such projects. There are various reasons why metal sheet roofing has gained prominence, some of which are described below. Lightweight: Metal sheets such as those made from aluminium are quite lightweight in comparison to wood or cement roof. So, ... Read More »

Laundry tips and hacks for the monsoon season

Many of you reading this article must be really fond of the monsoon season. And why not! It is indeed a season that most of us love and have some of the best childhood memories attached to this season. But when it comes to the multitude of hassles that comes along with it when we grow up, it is indeed ... Read More »

Laundry tips for college students

clothes washing

A student’s life is already so much hassled that the laundry is usually the last thing that attracts their attention. It always comes as a nightmare to the students and is usually done when it is absolutely critical. This article will give you some tips that will not only help you save time but also keep the clothes well maintained: ... Read More »

How to take care of your washing machine

laundry clothes washing

All household appliances needs care and health check after every intervals. All machines face wear and tear and hence needs scrutiny after every few months. One such appliance is your washing machine. Now many of you would think that washing machine is such that gets clean after every use, but this is not the truth. After every use, the dirt ... Read More »

Awareness programme launched by Nayati Healthcare to promote organ donation at grassroots level

nod healthcare

In its attempt to promote a culture of organ donation at grassroots level, an awareness programme was launched in Mathura by the Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment RamdasAthawale on August 9, 2019. With the vision to reach over a million people within two years, the initiative, led by Nayati Healthcare, aims at raising awareness among people about ... Read More »

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