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Friday , 20 April 2018
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Skincare tips: Take better care of your skin this summer

skin care tips

Skin is the interface of our body to the external environment hence changing seasons have a large impact on the skin and thus require a change in skincare routine in summer as well. Summer brings excess heat and dryness in the air. It also brings with it a higher UV radiation on the skin. So adequate water intake and fresh ... Read More »

What are the best Ayurvedic treatments for Migraine?

migraine treatment ayurvedic

Migraine is one of the leading lifestyle diseases of the present times. If the statistics are to be believed, 1 in every 10 Indians suffer from migraine! While the analgesics can provide a quick relief from the pain, they cannot penetrate into the root cause of the disease and cure it. Such a cure is only possible through Ayurvedic treatments. ... Read More »

What are the effective Ayurvedic treatments for Arthritis?

treatment to arthrities ayurvedic newspatrolling

More than 15% of India’s total population are affected by the painful symptoms of arthritis. Though there are different types and stages of this disease, but each one is very painful. Apart from the pain, Arthritis can pose severe problems in the movements of the affected patients. This condition is generally caused by the weakening of joints and is characterized ... Read More »

Indian Railway Booking Made Easy

indian railway hucks

Remember the days when you were looking forward to summer holidays? Every time you saw those trains chugging past you in your hometown, you were filled with a sense of excitement. The holidays, fun and games with friends, travel plans that your parents made, and finally the journey. Maybe all those days are gone, maybe you are not kids anymore ... Read More »

Diet pills: Danger alert for those who are ardent to lose weight

diet pills to loose weight newspatrolling

Diet pills are basically weight reducing drugs aimed at reducing excessive body weight.   The proven ways to lose weight are by eating healthy food, cutting calories, and being physically active. But making these lifestyle changes isn’t easy, so many people opt for taking a dietary supplement that’s promoted for weight loss.   It’s very important to know about the safety and ... Read More »

The Ultimate Travel Goals List to Celebrate World Heritage Day

Travel goals newspatrolling

Tourism is one of the biggest industry in the world which continues to grow at an accelerated pace with more than a billion tourists now travelling to an international destination each year. One of the key motivation to travel is mankind’s inherent curiosity and desire to explore cultural identities across the world. Natural and cultural heritage sites are prized tourism ... Read More »

Parkinson’s disease: Another Healthcare Challenge for an Aging Population

parkinsons-disease-brain newspatrolling

·         Indian elderly population is projected to grow by 64% between 2015 and 2030. ·         India is home to 11.6 crore elderly, which stands to be 8.9% of total population, while Gujarat has more than 47 lakh people older than 60 years, which is 7.9% of the state’s total population. ·         With such a high elderly population, India desperately requires healthcare facilities which can ... Read More »

How It Works – Ayurvedic Treatment

how ayurvedic treatment works

Ayurveda is a comprehensive body of medicinal knowledgebase that was developed by our great sages. With a history dating back to five millenniums, the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda offers long-term cure for a wide variety of diseases and ailments. Another great thing about Ayurvedic treatment is that it is completely free from side effects. This is because Ayurveda utilizes natural ... Read More »

Ayurveda and Hematology

Hematology and ayurvede

Hematology is a branch of science that deals with the study and the prevention of all blood related disorders. Some of the most common disorders are hemophilia, leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, African sleeping sickness, Thalassemia, Anemia and the Chagas disease. Most of the disorders mentioned above are fatal as they negatively impact the production of blood cells, which are necessary ... Read More »

Grilled Cheese Day: April 12th

grilled-cheese-sandwiches newspatrolling

Cheese has been an intricate part of our lives since ancient times. Well known for its great taste, it’s there in all that we love more – pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and what not. Well knowing all these, the history of this wonder ingredient says, that no one knows who made cheese first. According to legendary stories it is said that ... Read More »

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