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Battling Hair Woes in Changing Seasons

Almost all of us have tough time dealing with falling, rough, frizzy and dry hair follicles, especially during changing seasons. This has always been a concern for most of us and it’s time to shun this problem by changing and practicing a proper hair care routine. The External Environmental Conditions also contribute in affecting the hair condition. Pollution, dust particles ... Read More »

Vaping Illness

fake cigrette

The ban on e-cigarettes and its’s severe health complications Tobacco chewing and smoking has been a serious healthcare challenge in India. While the number of consumers have deteriorated steadily, a main chunk of Indian population still consumes tobacco products especially cigarettes which are easily available all across. E-cigarettes may prove dangerous for public health and also eventually upsurge the burden ... Read More »

5 Canadian Delicacies you need to try right now

canadian Delicacies

Canada is the second largest country and is influenced by multi-ethnic cultures from all over the world. In such a scenario, defining its food culture can really be tricky. Generally, whenever it comes to the food culture of Canada all we have in mind is –Poutines! As Canada’s cuisine and culture carries hints of immigrants from France and England. However, ... Read More »

Artificial skin for burn victims

skin care tips

Deep burns need treatment by early excision & skin grafting. However, if the area is big then enough skin graft may not be available immediately. In these situations, artificial skin like integra helps in initial healing & preventing complications. Burns cause skin loss and post burn reconstruction needs quick replacement of the damaged skin so that the recovery can be ... Read More »

Which is better: Goat Milk Vs Cow Milk?

Age-related Macular Degeneration milk

Regardless of being relatively uncommon in the Western World, Goat milk relishes popularity in many nations around the world.  Though it shares some similarities with cow milk, there are some differences in nutritional compositions that makes it worthy of investing. It’s a great alternative to cow milk because it’s easier to digest and is lower to many allergens that are ... Read More »

Let’s Know What Expert Dr. Rita Bakshi says on Planning Pregnancy with an Infertile Partner

ivf treatment pregnancy

Infertility is substantially on a rise. It has been increasingly becoming a common problem with people of today’s age. This situation is often very distressing and upsetting for expecting parents to know that either of the partners is dealing with Infertility. It is actually physically, mentally, emotionally and financially disturbing for the intending parents. With latest technologies, expert doctors and ... Read More »

This is how you can limit your child’s screen time

technology and children

It is no brainer that not regulating the time with electronics may keep your child quiet. But, too much screen-time is a strict no-no for kids.  Too much screen-time can invite dozens of health problems like obesity, may encourage violent behaviour, and to top it all, children may become anti-social too. Here, we lay-down few vital tricks to help you ... Read More »

Digital screen addiction leads to ‘Kyphosis’ in childrens

Kyphosis' in childrens

A 16 year young boy studying in 11 standard in Delhi had been experiencing a hunchback deformity for the last 3 years. His deformity was so prominent and progressive that he started feeling shy and would refuse to got to school too. Therefore, it not just affected his personality but studies as well. On investigations, the boy was diagnosed with a ... Read More »

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