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Here is a list of the spiciest food available in the world

holiday innhotel food

Do you have a thing for spicy foods? Sweaty forehead, teary eyes and burning-hot mouth gives you a kick? If yes, then this article will be the answer to all your prayers. Your greed for spices would be satiated here. We’ve pulled together top 10 spiciest food available in the world which would force you to keep a tall glass ... Read More »

Hormonal imbalance


 Indication of Pituitary gland tumors Srinagar: Improper functioning of the Pituitary gland usually results in excess or under production of hormones that leads to a formation of mass called tumor, which can be benign or malignant. Such tumors in this gland can create numerous serious medical conditions by interfering with the normal functioning of the endocrine system and pituitary gland. “Though ... Read More »

Recipe: Crispy cheesy nachos

Ingredients Cornitos nachos (cheese and herbs) bag                150gm Sweet Corn boiled                           150 gm Sour cream                                                                         120 ml Lemon wedges                                                                 2 nos Coriander                                                                            20 gm Taco seasoning                                                 as per taste  Recipe Arrange the nachos on the platter, then add sweet corn, pour sour cream evenly on the nachos, finish with chopped coriander and taco seasoning. Garnish ... Read More »

Burning plastic can inflame your lungs

Even though we are now well aware of the severely adverse effects of plastic and pollution, ignorant practices still continue without realizing the kind of impact they might hold on the human body, other living creatures and even the environment as a whole. One such highly common and ignorant practice is that of burning plastic waste which reportedly contains carbon ... Read More »

Bride-perfect skin in five simple steps

glowing skin ayurveda beautiful face

There are appointments with tailors, meetings with wedding decorators, final shopping for the wedding and then there is your beauty regime. Each as important as the other. Weddings are as tiring as they are memorable, and you are in the midst of all celebrations. While we can’t help you with your other to-do tasks, we can make it easier for ... Read More »

Newborn Care Week 2019: Don’t Make These Mistakes

Becoming new parents is no easy job. It takes a lot of efforts, responsibilities and sleep nights to be able to raise your child. For new parents, the whole process of caressing the baby seems to be really puzzling. Being a mother is way difficult than any other job with new challenges and experiences coming along the way, every single day. ... Read More »

Dealing with Diabetes in Children


 India is home to a whopping 69.2 million people suffering from Diabetes and is anticipated to rise to as much as 123.4 million by 2040. The major point of concern is that it is not just a burden for older adults in the country. As per data, an estimated 97700 children in India suffer from Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus which ... Read More »

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