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Tuesday , 23 October 2018
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This Festive Season Revel with Whisky’s from Aspri Spirits


Whisky’s are an integral part of celebration and soothing evenings. This special drink lifts your festive spirits and helps you relive your cherished moments.  Whisky acts as your companion when all you want to do is to enjoy the chill in the air, block out the world and enjoy good music. Rejoice your comfort and be in good spirits while ... Read More »

Qraa: A Solution for your Dark Underarms

qraa dark arms solution

Qraa is a leading natural cosmetics company which combines ancient wisdom from the Vedas and infuses it with modernized and revolutionary technology. They believe in actively utilizing herbal ingredients in place of chemical-based, synthetic and cruel animal tested cosmetics. Each of their products contains a blend of extracts of different herbs to protect, heal and enhance the face, body and hair. ... Read More »

How to Get in Shape with a Fitness Exercise Ball

fitness exercise ball

Because most men and women live a sedentary lifestyle which entails spending the majority of their day in the office sitting in a desk that they could create poor habits which result in bad posture.   By sitting on the ball you’ve got no back support consequently, to stay steady and straight you need to engage specific muscles to stay secure ... Read More »

Now is the Time to Plan your Winter Vacation

Your Cheat Sheet to Stay Healthy This Winter newspatrolling

With the prospect of Navratras, Durga Pujas, Dussehra, Diwali, Id-e-milad and Christmas in the offing this winter, there is ample opportunity for adventure lovers to explore their preferred destinations. But because there is the unfortunate likelihood of rush in travel bookings, it is advisable that holiday-goers start planning early. You may already have a destination in mind or a certain ... Read More »

Here is a guide to buying simple gold chain for men

gold chain for men

Are you willing to buy the best gold chain for males? Gold chain is the most popular male jewelry item. There are many styles and types of gold chains available. You need to adopt the best approach to choosing an appropriate one. This section will guide you through the purchase of simple gold chain. The various kinds of gold chains ... Read More »

Master the jegging office look with 4 tips

jegging office look

There is something about leggings that is very comforting. The fact that they stretch to accommodate all your moves and movements is endearing to stack of few of them always in your wardrobe. If you are one of those hard core jeans lovers who has fallen way too deeply in love with leggings, then your go to solution when caught ... Read More »

Afghani Jewellery a Favorite Option during Navratra


Traditionally, Indian jewellery is preferred during the festive season such as Navratra. However, when we asked jewelers in some of the top cities in India, we were informed that a number of women are choosing Afghani jewellery this Navratra. The jewelers said that the growing preference for Afghani jewellery is because it is entirely different, as compared to traditional Indian ... Read More »

Areas Where Ayurvedic Treatment Has Delivered Exceptionally Good Results

how ayurvedic treatment works

With Ayurveda winning followers across the globe with its holistic healing and wellness approach, a number of questions arise in the mind. A common question that people ask is whether Ayurveda can treat all types of health problems. The right answer is that Ayurveda can provide relief for most health issues and there are areas where it can achieve a ... Read More »

Obesity: A major risk factor for developing serious health complications

belly fat and vitamin d

World Obesity Day is observed in various parts of the world on October 11. The term ‘obese’ describes a person who is overweight, with a lot of body fat. It is a common problem in the developed nations, but in India it is becoming a problem of concern majorly due to unhealthy lifestyle. India is following the footsteps of other developing ... Read More »

Three Important Tips on How to Lead a Long and Healthy Life Event with Type 2 Diabetes

blood test tools machine

Type 2 diabetes can be a deadly disease if you do not recognize it and manage it properly. However, even though it is such a serious disease, it does not mean that you cannot do anything to minimize the risk factors, improve your health, and increase your longevity. Some practical tips on managing diabetes effectively: Make Changes in Your Diet ... Read More »

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