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Recipe : Vegetable, Sprouts & Oats Cutlet

Ingredients •Chopped carrots: 20gms •Chopped beans: 20gms •Green peas crushed: 20gms •Home grown sprouts: 100gms •Cottage cheese grated: 30gms •Oats powder: 40gms •Cumin: 5gms •Ginger chopped: 5gms •Green chill chopped: 5gms •Salt: as required •Hing: as required •Peanut oil: for shallow fry/20ml •Fresh coriander chopped: few sprigs Method:-  In a pan put peanut oil. Add cumin, Ginger, Geenchillies,  hing and ... Read More »

Recipe : Paneer/ Tofu Satay

Ingredients                                     Quantity Paneer / Tofu                                          200gms Thai Red Curry Paste                        2tbsp Coconut Milk                                        06tbs Fresh Red Chilli                                   2nos           Oil                                              30ml Lemon Grass                                         01no Lemon Leaf                                            02no Glangal                                                  01 Small No Corinder                                                05gms Lemon                                                      01nos Salt                                                         To Taste Method Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl except the paneer / tofu. Cut the paneer / tofu inti ½ inch thick finger ... Read More »

This Quarantine, Add Glamour to your Skin with Astaberry

Astaberry Biosciences has introduced its new Powder Cream with Instant Glow which is congruous for all skin types. This powder cream complements those who yearn for glowing and charismatic skin. Astaberry Glamour Plus prepares the skin to face any challenge and obstacle as it is a revolutionary beauty crème that gives instant radiance and smoothness to the skin. The presence of advanced hydrating molecules ... Read More »

How do viruses infect?

nipah virus infection

Deciphering the dynamic that hijacks our health Viruses are hijackers:They take over infected cells’ protein-making machinery, creating new, infectious viral proteins. And can be seen in the current outbreak of coronavirus (COVID 19), successful virus can be very dangerous indeed Dr. Noam Stern-Ginossar and her team in the Weizmann Institute’s Department of Molecular Genetics are using innovative methods to study ... Read More »

Working from home? Tips to Discipline your Kids

kids travel bags

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, more than 20 lakh IT employees across the country are expected to work from home. In addition to this, employees working in other service sectors have been instructed to discontinue regular attendance. Working remotely requires one to deal with the demands of work-life, home life, and parenting. While most parents would have worked ... Read More »

What is sex Therapy & Benefits for Couple

Sex therapy is a process of treating migrants caused by sexual problems. It is generally believed that if a person’s sex life is not happy, then he has to face many problems. Irritability, lack of confidence due to lack of sexual pleasure, in addition to this, the person is not able to get eyes from his partner. In this situation, ... Read More »

Is It Okay To Date Your Boss?

Relationships can blossom between any two people and there are hardly any restrictions to it. But is it okay to date your boss? Well, the truth is that most people and organizations won’t recommend dating your boss. That’s because such relationships can adversely impact your career prospects. Here are some things you need to consider before going out on a ... Read More »

COVID 19 | How Mental Health to be given Priority

Off late, you would have noticed, a buzzword doing the rounds on Instagram. It is obsessed with striving and pushing oneself without caring about maintaining a work-life balance. If you’ve sensed what we’re referring to, welcome to the hustle culture! We’re so obsessed with ‘performative workaholism’ that we’ve almost made it a lifestyle. Juggling too many tasks and playing several ... Read More »

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