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Thursday , 29 June 2017
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After special occasions, we get a lot of gifts. Althou I got many things this time, but one was very fascinating, so I will decided to share it with everyone. It is a perfume from Yardley, Yardley London Personalized Perfume… from now on, I will always keep some bottles of Yardley in my closet, case and everywhere. Product Description: Yardley ... Read More »

Make this hair straightening gel at home

Going to a parlor for every other reason is no joke. But thanks to modern concierge services that we can get these done at the convenience of being at home. However, this odes not cut down the continuous expense that we make at parlor, one of them being for hair spa and hair smoothening. Homemade hair straightening gel is an ... Read More »

How to get rid of body acne

It might sound a bit strange to a lot of you, but yes acne do not only and necessarily happen on our face. Many people suffer from acne breakouts on the arms, legs, butts and back. Acne on the body is caused when the hair follicles become clogged with a combination of excess oil secreted from the sebaceous glands, dead skin cells, ... Read More »

Chennai Turns Dry As Tamil Nadu Faces Worst Drought In 140 Years

Chennai is facing acute crisis of drinking water as all four lakes around the city have dried up. Tamilnadu is witnessing the worst drought in 140 years and require 830 million litres of water a day. There is no daily supply of water as the four main reservoirs ie, Poondi, Redhills, Cholavaram and Chembarambakkam. In many years, pipe water is ... Read More »

Oil Treatment for For Healthy, & Silky Hair

Hair demands our attention and care as much as our face. They need to be taken care of, and needs regular oiling and massaging. Below are some useful masks for healthy and shiny hair: Castor, olive and mustard oil mask: The combination of these three oils is an amazing remedy for dry and frizzy hair. Use this hair mask to ... Read More »

You will only get these in BIHAR!!

Every place has its own culinary story and taste. And so are some of the dishes and delicacies. How so ever, one may try to replicate the recipe, you would only get that authentic taste in the local market of that particular city. Be it Rajasthan ki ‘daal baati choorma‘,  Amritsar ka ‘choor choor naan‘, Mumbai special ‘vada pav‘, etc. Below ... Read More »

IndiGo Comes Up With Low Fares From Rs 1,015. Details Here

Indigo is offering fares from Rs.1015 on select routes, according to the airline’s website. Airlines have been offering low fares for the July-Sep season to attract more off season travel. Indigo’s website shows Rs.1015 fare for Bagdogra -Guwahati route from July onwards . Airlines have come up with discounted price for other routes includes Chennai-Bengaluru Rs 1,119, Jammu-Srinagar Rs 1,148, ... Read More »

Product Review: Denver Imperial Deodorant

We all would agree to this and understand how off putting can be if someone next to you smells bad and sweats like a pig. It really kills one’s impression in front of others. Moreover, it is not only bad to look at, but is also equally unhealthy. Denver, the leading brand in Personal Care products for Men has launched Imperial ... Read More »

Product Review: Aroma Leaf Dermaglow Shiner Lotion Bleach

Summers are on their record high, and they not only are ruining our health but also damaging our skin to the core. Some of the most common harmful affects of summers on our skin are tanning, freckles, dehydration, pimples, etc. The added pollution makes the situation even worse by increasing the skin hazards.  To cure such skin hacks, Aroma Leaf, ... Read More »

Things causing back pain at home, goes unnoticed!

Many times we claim about our backpain but never find the actual resons. Yes, sometimes just sleeping in your bed can cause you to have severe back pain. Slippery floor: Now, who would have thought that even your smooth flooring can cause you to have back pain? Walking on a surface where you are constantly required to adjust the grip ... Read More »

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