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Obesity and its impact on the elderly

Immunity is generally at its peak when people are in their youth. As people age, it requires more upkeep to maintain a strong immune system as the body’s natural immunity slowly declines. Due to this the body’s capacity of fighting diseases and keeping itself healthy goes down, thus making the elderly population susceptible to various ailments. As the population ages, ... Read More »

Everything You Need To Know About Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery

health care center doctor

Did you know? Aortic valve replacement surgery is a type of open-heart surgery to help tackle problems related to the heart’s aortic valve.During this surgery, one’s damaged valve is replaced with a new valve. The aortic helps control the blood flow out from one’s heart to supply oxygenated blood the rest of the body. Thus, it is the responsibility of ... Read More »

Your first days with the baby – Caring for the newborn

A newborn can bring you a host of exciting activities in your life. After the delivery, all lives connected to the baby start revolving around it. However, along with this happiness comes the responsibility of caring for the newborn. From feeding the baby to changing its diapers, clothes, their sleep habits, understanding their needs can be stressful at this point ... Read More »

Healing Diseases through spirituality

Bollywood Icon Kajol to have her world-first figure at Madame Tussauds Singapore in Spring

In our life, we face many highs and lows, ups and downs – emotionally and physically. The physical issues can be managed but the emotional problems are a bigger challenge to tackle. We suffer at times and at times we succeed. We accept all these issues as karma or fate. The reality is often different. Our experiences in life do ... Read More »

Kids and Catnapping– What you need to know

Maria was happy that she could take time off from looking after her baby, whilst her baby slept. Her little one had a set routine of naps! 2 months into this set routine Maria noted a sudden change: her baby had shorter naps with erratic patterns. The little one remained happy, feeding well, growing well, taking her feeds but it ... Read More »


Ingredients For the Kebabs Cornitos Beetroot nachos 70g Pack Mashed beetroot 1/2 bowl Bread crumbs 1/2 bowl Peas mashed 1/2 bowl Chaat masala as per taste Salt as per taste For the Wrap and garnish Cornitos tortilla wrap 270g Cornitos salsa dip 330g Cherry 50g Salad leaves 100g Method 1. Take a bowl add mashed beetroot, add mashed pea, bread ... Read More »

Pregnancy and Hypertension: Keep these facts in mind

Pregnancy is a delicate time for a woman. Keeping track of the health of to be mother and the foetus at this time is crucial. Ignoring the health of pregnant woman and not following the measures suggested by the doctor can lead to serious complications. Therefore, regular check-ups, keeping track of the blood pressure and blood sugar of the pregnant ... Read More »

Why Kids Should Not Skip Breakfast

father and kids

Many times, almost all of you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is not just a saying; there is overwhelming evidence to support this statement. This is especially true for children. Eating breakfast on time has been proved to be important for kids as it improves their behavior, performance, and concentration power in school. ... Read More »

RECIPE: Asparagus on compressed watermelon with goat cheese mousse

Ingredients Asparagus       100 gm Watermelon     200gm Goat cheese   50 gm Cream cheese 50 gm mint leaves      few leaves Method 1. Cut asparagus tips and blanch them, reserve the remaining for other use. 2. Put goat cheese and cream cheese in a blender. 3. Cut watermelon hearts in a rectangular shape and compress them in a vacuum machine to get the ... Read More »

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