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Sunday , 4 December 2016
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Casablanca Rose Spumante – Rose Sparkling Wine


Casablanca Rose Spumante is a sparkling wine; a premium offering from Nashik based Good Drop Wine Cellars. It’s named as such as it evokes a sense of mystery, adventure and romance, things that are reminiscent with the inherent characteristics of this product. The wine is targeted at the common consumer and not connoisseurs, which explains why it carries a slightly ... Read More »

5 Best Places to Hangout in Connaught Place


Lord of the Drinks: – There is no other place that can be better than this, if a terrace bar is what you are in search for. A Cornered Bar with a Huge Space Plus seating on various levels. As the name suggest they shower some Great Drinks in the area with a specially designed menu on sushi. With the ... Read More »

Important tips for high altitude trekking


The allure of magnificent mountains has inspired the traveller in many of us. The sheer size of these mountains, the opportunity to witness clear blue skies and breathtaking views of the surrounding region, and the challenge to conquer such great heights are some key motivations to plan a trekking or adventure in the mountains. However, it is important to note ... Read More »

Indonesia – A momentous journey of exciting discoveries


For a true traveller, the pleasure is all about exploring exotic locales, experiencing ethnic culture and traditions, relishing local cuisine, and being one with nature. The Republic of Indonesia is one such country that offers unparalleled and wide ranging travel destinations and experiences to people from across the globe. Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago comprising thousands of islands; some ... Read More »

How to avoid all the mistakes and kiss your spouse precisely?


The heart of a person is one kind of havoc actually – where God has sowed the seeds of feelings – as a matter of fact. Love is also an (something very robust yet lusty) absconded seed of feeling, which yields the oxygen to any kind of relationship.  Especially it is allegedly impossible for a romantic relationship or a marital ... Read More »

Experience spiritual ascension at Nirvana Spa n Wellness, GK-2

Living in a city can be chaotic, to say the least. There are times when the soul longs for a moment of peace and tranquility, wanting to disconnect itself from the madness and discover its inner joys. One such place that provides the right environment for spiritual discoveries and more is Nirvana Spa ‘n’ Wellness Centre, located in the heart ... Read More »

You wouldn’t believe that a Small onion has these magical benefits


If you are a good  foody person or fitness freak, we can bet that you would love to eat Onion in food or in salad,Until unless there is no any kind of religion issue. Like   people who are from Jain religion don’t eat Onion and many other things. A small onion, just does  not increase the taste of food .Also it ... Read More »

Stop Snoring and Have a Good Sleep !!!


After a long working day ,we all want a good sleep at night.we can sleep but if have a problem of snoring,people can’t have a good sleep who are sleeping in our surrounding.They all get disturb at every night.       Snoring is not critical or serious disease.It’s a very common problem nowadays.In medical science’s language we know snoring ... Read More »

लिवर को दुरुस्त रखने का आसान तरीका


लिवर इंसान के शरीर का एक ऐसा भाग जिसे अगर आपने दुरुस्त नहीं रखा तो आगे चलकर आपको कई प्रकार की समस्याओं का सामना करना पड़ सकता है।आजकल के उल्टे सीधे खानपान की वजह से आपको कई प्रकार की बीमारियों का सामना करना पड़ता है,उसमें से लिवर का ख़राब होना भी एक गंभीर समस्या है। किन्तु चिंता की कोई बात ... Read More »

Divya Khosla Kumar walk on ramp with her son Ruhaan Kumar at Grand Finale of Shine Young 2016 -A talent platform for kids


Mumbai, 13th November 2016: Phoenix Marketcity Kurla, the fashion hub celebrated the grand finale of Shine Young 2016 with the gorgeous actress, Divya Khosla Kumar. Shine Young is an initiative by the mall to provide a talent platform for all kids aged 5 to 14 years. At the finale Divya was seen walking the ramp with her son and finalists. Other celebrity panellists ... Read More »

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