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Saturday , 17 November 2018
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Be a fashionista, feel confident!

fashion girl with shopping

The modern world demands nothing but perfection in every walk you walk and every talk you talk! And for now, we have reached the point where a single flinch makes you feel awkward and non-worthy within seconds. But hey!? How can anyone be a perfectionist for no one in this world is perfect! Right? Here we are calming your nerves ... Read More »

Pre Finale Round of Kids Fashion Festival Week Concluded with Fun and Laughter

fashion show kids

  Pre Finale round Of Kids Fashion Festival was nothing less than a grand finale. It was conducted at Bangalore Central, Residency Road, who were also the events Fashion partners. The kids were dolled up in pretty and elegant outfits of brands such as Allen Solly, UCB, Gini and Jony, Scullers  Kids, Doodle, pepermint,tinygirl, Bare Kids to name a few.  ... Read More »


titanium wedding ring

All the married couples know the importance of wedding bands or rings. Wedding rings are treated as the undying symbols of love. These rings do not have only the sentimental value but also carries the monetary value. The types of wedding band men choose often based on the gemstone and metal used for the ring. However, those who have a ... Read More »

The best way to impress is to wear something casual

nail art fashion tricks newspatrolling 3

It has always been a problem for a lot of ladies around the world to dress up each day like it is their last. And who said fashion is made for just young girls? All those nearing an age of 50 or plus do not have to leave the arena. Most of the styling stars might not have a morning ... Read More »

Dress Your Kids For Cold Weather – Keep Your Little One Warm


Of course, people love to explore the beauty of the nature in the cold season. But when they do or go for morning walk outside, and think, “maybe we should just stay inside.” Just because of the weather condition, would anyone like to skip off exploring the beauty of nature? Obviously, nobody would like to. No matter, how bad the ... Read More »


polka dots dress plus size

Polka dots look cute and enchanting, the reason they come back in trend again and again. Polka dots clothing is a timeless trend getting an update from street wear style. Many new ways and styles of wearing these dots are introduced by fashion designers make them more playful and graceful. While the dot pattern is associated with vintage clothing style ... Read More »

Go bold and stylish with high in trend Off-shoulder sweaters

off shoulder sweather

The off-shoulder dress is a kind of a staple of summer and spring, but can we continue this styling in fall also? Is it possible? Yes beauties, we can look stunning in fall also by slip on in your favorite off-shoulder style clothes. As the fashion market is redefined you will get cozy and aesthetic off-shoulder sweaters in the market ... Read More »

Lace Front Wigs- The Growing Trend


A lace front wig is a special type of wig in which human hair or synthetic hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base which goes over the scalp. It is more lightweight and much more comfortable than an ordinary wig. Now people have more versatility to style it different ways which also adds to the believability and ... Read More »

Gold Jewelries: What’s great about them?

gold jewelleries

Throughout the history of India, gold has always been a treasured metal known for its radiant natural beauty. This is why gold has been associated with the color of sun in Indian culture. Yellow colored gold jewelry is a dominant part of the consumer demand. However, the diversification seen in the color palette as of recent has changed this dynamics. ... Read More »

A Guide to taking care of your jewelry

take care of jewellery

If you never owned a piece of jewelry and suddenly inherit one from your family members, taking care of the same can actually be a mystery. So whether you just started acting on your passion to collect crafty jewelries or you always had a fascination for the same, taking care of your precious belongings is a must. Safekeeping and timely ... Read More »

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