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Thursday , 21 June 2018
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Hair Myths One Should Never Believe In

hair myths and facts

We have believing in innumerable myths since our childhood. It is time for us that we break our bubble of myths and start believing in what is true. One should not always blindly follow what people say instead, start imbibing and researching the root causes. Here are a few Myths about Hair  Plucking one grey hair, shall lead to growing ... Read More »

Hair trends to follow this year

hair trends

Get ready for some serious hair flipping to impress! Some beauty trends are here to stay and will not fail to woo. Whether you have lusciously long hair or super trendy blobs, these hair trends you can blindly follow throughout the rest of the year! ·         Color your lovely locks in Coffee Balayange. We are sure you have already seen balayage ... Read More »

How can you create a personalized calendar?

how to make personalised calender newspatrolling canvera

Making a calendar is a fun way to learn about the months and the weather we experience. Now a days, having a personalized calendar is very much in vogue. A personalized calendar offer amazing ways to share your memories all year long. They can have beautiful and eye catching designs of photo calendars with color printing. You can easily upload ... Read More »

Matrimonial Sites Fraud Alert: Your ideal life partner could be a conman

Some tips and precautions that a girl or women should keep in mind while making account on Matrimonial sites.. Matrimonial sites such as,,,, etc. have become the hunting ground for cyber criminals in recent times. You may think that you have finally found your ideal life partner, but think again, because the person you may have ... Read More »

Entrepreneur Ishreen Vadi founder at Blue fox motion

conceptualised and presented the grand beauty pegeant of the 3rd season of “Miss Indian Diva”conceptualised and presented the grand beauty pegeant of the 3rd season of “Miss Indian Diva” New Delhi- Entrepreneur Ishreen Vadi in association with Blue fox motion presented the grand “Miss Indian Diva” 3rd season at The Country Inn suits, New Delhi, Powered by Shivam gold and ... Read More »

Benefits of applying grape seed oil to hair

Many of you might not be aware of grape seed oil and it is not as famous as other oils such as olive oil, argan oil, coconut oil, etc. Like olive oil and coconut oil, grape seed oil is an effective natural hair moisturizer and conditioner. But a couple of characteristics of grape seed oil actually makes it a better option ... Read More »

A mix of these two oils will leave your hair healthier and shinier

Oiling is a key to having healthy and nourished hair. It is like food for the hair. And hence choosing the best oil for your hair is also very important. With the monsoon season going on, we face a serious issue of hair fall. So here we are with a magic formula of two oils that will give your hair ... Read More »

Here’s why celebrities wear bigger size shoes!

Have you ever noticed the shoes of the celebrities at the red carpet? Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, female actresses tend to wear shoes that are at least one size bigger. And this is not a mistake that they end up pulling off smartly. There is actually a lot of planning and thinking about it. Celebrities often have to wear high ... Read More »

This magic drink every night will help you lose kilos

The fight to reduce weight seems never ending. On one hand we try to exercise as much as possible, but on the other hand, we fail to limit our diet. Hence all our physical work out also goes into vain.  The main problem here is to take out considerable time for exercising and also maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you ... Read More »

Potatoes for permanent skin whitening

There are people who have an inclination towards the fairer looking skin. Such people usually end up trying n number of beauty products and getting various therapies done at the parlour. But the results are not very much satisfactory. Today I am going to share with you a simple method for getting fairer skin permanently. For this, you will need ... Read More »

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