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Friday , 17 August 2018
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4 Ingenious Ways to Organize Your Nail Paint Set

nail paint

Do you have a craze to buy nail polish? It’s every woman’s dream to keep collecting different colors, buying nail polish online from top brands, and applying them to their nails to match every outfit! A fashionista’s dream is to have a shelf stacked with nail polishes of all colors! For most women, it’s more like a feeling of chaos ... Read More »

Tips for Great Looking Hair

hair style

Flawless, silky, shiny hair creates a lasting impression to the onlookers and colleagues. You make a statement that you are ready to do whatever it takes to have a good hair day on a daily basis. Does this only exist in a fairly tale or can it be achieved? Well, read on for details. It All Starts With Washing Your ... Read More »


choose lipistick shade

Everybody has a different skin shade and tone. When it comes to makeup, people tend to select the colors which suit their skin shades. Selecting the right shade of foundation is highly important because you can’t just go with a foundation which doesn’t sit on your skin and makes you look unnatural. Makeup brands are well aware of the fact ... Read More »

Knitted Clothes: Fashion Details Of 2018

Knitted Clothes

 Do you like warm clothes? And what about the ones of natural materials. The latest fashion trends regarding fall-winter 2018 turn to knitted items of wardrobe again and again. So let’s figure out, why they are so desirable during the coming seasons. The experts of the women’s clothing shop Cattifly will help us with the task.  First of all, according ... Read More »

Denim is everywhere

denim jeans

We all own a favorite pair of denim jeans. Denim is a perfect staple for almost every season. But for summers, they share something hotter.Denim is known for its quality and this is something they haven’t compromised before. If you are you looking for some modern ways to dress feminine then Keep on scrolling the unexplored modern jeans. Denim jeans ... Read More »

“Indian Fashion Industry….still in infancy?”

dancing girl mojit

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”                                                             ... Read More »

Top Hairstyles for Little Boys This Year

It is common for boys to love making their own fashion statement by opting for their own clothing, color combinations and hairstyles. And when it comes to the last part, there are plenty of cool hairstyle options available for little boys that have been in trend for years. And, believe it or not, these trends keep coming back only with ... Read More »

Hair Myths One Should Never Believe In

hair myths and facts

We have believing in innumerable myths since our childhood. It is time for us that we break our bubble of myths and start believing in what is true. One should not always blindly follow what people say instead, start imbibing and researching the root causes. Here are a few Myths about Hair  Plucking one grey hair, shall lead to growing ... Read More »

Hair trends to follow this year

hair trends

Get ready for some serious hair flipping to impress! Some beauty trends are here to stay and will not fail to woo. Whether you have lusciously long hair or super trendy blobs, these hair trends you can blindly follow throughout the rest of the year! ·         Color your lovely locks in Coffee Balayange. We are sure you have already seen balayage ... Read More »

How can you create a personalized calendar?

how to make personalised calender newspatrolling canvera

Making a calendar is a fun way to learn about the months and the weather we experience. Now a days, having a personalized calendar is very much in vogue. A personalized calendar offer amazing ways to share your memories all year long. They can have beautiful and eye catching designs of photo calendars with color printing. You can easily upload ... Read More »

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