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Thursday , 29 June 2017
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Make this hair straightening gel at home

Going to a parlor for every other reason is no joke. But thanks to modern concierge services that we can get these done at the convenience of being at home. However, this odes not cut down the continuous expense that we make at parlor, one of them being for hair spa and hair smoothening. Homemade hair straightening gel is an ... Read More »

Oil Treatment for For Healthy, & Silky Hair

Hair demands our attention and care as much as our face. They need to be taken care of, and needs regular oiling and massaging. Below are some useful masks for healthy and shiny hair: Castor, olive and mustard oil mask: The combination of these three oils is an amazing remedy for dry and frizzy hair. Use this hair mask to ... Read More »

Way to prevent too much sweating and remain fresh

Summers brings along with them their own set of skin problems. Be it dehydration, tanning, sunburn, or sweating, it affects everyone in some manner or the other. Out these, sweating it something that induces bad body odor and also leaves a unhygienic and unattractive image of our’s in our circle. Below are some tips that will help us keep ourselves ... Read More »

Essential summer makeup trends!

Summers are here and how! This change in makeup routine is very essential to let our skin breathe and relax in the rising temperature, rather than clogging the skin pores with heavy foundation and layers of makeup. Below are some summer makeup trends that have already become famous and are genuinely skin-friendly for the season and well and chic and ... Read More »

North East India fashion week to give platform to indigenous weavers

The third edition of North East India Fashion Week themed as ‘ Khadi Movement’ will be held from October 27 to 29 at Arunachal’s Itanagar. The registration and audition of designers and models have started. COO of North East India’s fashion week, Yana Ngoba Chakpu aims to give a platform to the indigenous weavers of Northeast India whose market have drastically gone ... Read More »

Some of the biggest sales across brands! Get there now!

If you have been craving for some serious shopping, we are here before you with some great news. And after reading this post, you would not be able to resist yourself from stepping out of your homes, and grab some of the best and trendy outfits for you at unbelievable prices.  Yes, you guessed it right! Most sought after brands ... Read More »

If you have a pierced nose, you are healthier! Here’s why..

Nose piercing is not something new that has come up. People since ages have been getting various parts of their body pierced, and it has continued since today. While the reason why it started must be interesting to know, but today it has mostly boiled sown to be just a style statement. However, if you like nose piercing and have ... Read More »

The new sandal trend

There is a famous quote by Marilyn Monroe – ‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she will conquer the world’. Sandals are a very integral part of our appearance and girls definitely keep a close look on them. It is important to pair the right heels/flats with the dress. A wrong choice of sandals and possibly screw up the ... Read More »

Summer is Here. It’s Time You Made Your Trinket Box Season Ready

“Jewellery is like the perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there” – Diane Von Furstenberg Now that winter has bid adieu, and the weather is warming up each passing day, there’s a whole world of things that you need to do to make your wardrobe and trinket box season ready. So, say hello to summer with impeccable jewellery ... Read More »

8 Tips on how to dress well and stay comfortable

Fashion and comfort would not always go together, but the best dressing would be the one that rightly blends fashion, style, and comfort. With right choices, it is now possible to dress up in the most stylish way without compromising on comfort. To make things easier, here are the 8 tips you can follow to always find yourself a comfort ... Read More »

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