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Tuesday , 17 January 2017
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Hearty toast!! | Photo recipe


If you wish to give your partner a sweet morning surprise, here is a simple yet impactful idea. Make these ‘hearty’ toast for HIM/HER and indulge in a wonderful morning experience. Ingredients: 1 Bread slice, 1 egg, salt and pepper Here you go… Read More »

Litti-Chokha… the earthy taste of Bihar

litti chokha

You all must have heard of how fond Biharis are of litti-choka. And now, it is becoming famous in nearby states of Bihar as well, due to its growing fondness and yummy taste. I myself being a Bihari want to share the recipe of this ‘earthy’ dish. Not only it tastes amazing, but you will also equally enjoy making it. ... Read More »

Egg-hearts for you!!

Egg-hearts.. Do-it-yourself!!

I came across this simple trick on how to give those boiled eggs a ‘heart-shape’ and could not wait to share with you guys.. So go ahead and try it for yourself!! Read More »

These bear-hug cookies will be your all time hit


We often make cookies… and every time we make them, we do think of creative ideas to make it more interesting. So here’s a simple yet fantastic idea for you to make your cookies a mega-hit!! So get your artistic gloves on and make these cute little fancy cookies. And don’t forget to share your feedback. Till then.. eat good, ... Read More »

Most iconic sandwiches that are most loved in Mumbai


After vada pav, if anything that woos the taste buds of the mumbaikars exactly well, it is the sandwiches. Mumbai houses a variety of unique and diverse sandwiches. These are differently priced basis the venue and are incredibly famous among the mumbaikars Grilled Cheese Sandwich at Right Place (Warden Road, opp breach Candy Hospital) – Who does not like grilled ... Read More »

Must try street food in Mumbai


George Bernard Shaw said ‘There is no sincerer love than the love of (street) food’. And if you are in Mumbai, you cannot agree more to this. Mumbai is a potpourri of diverse cultures and cuisines. Mumbai boasts of variety of street foods that it puts on display and everyone, from billionaire to beggar relishes it. Some of the street ... Read More »

Subway or McDonalds’? What is your pick?


With every passing day, the world is becoming faster and we want everything on the go. Food is one thing that attracts everybody. Especially something that can be eaten quickly, has a good taste and is healthy. Well I would like to share my experience about two on the go food items. Subway and Mcdonalds burger are two things that ... Read More »

Rustic flavors of North East at Gharua Exaj, Lajpat Nagar


The immense diversity of Indian cuisine is simply unparalleled, with every State having its own special ingredients, dishes and preparation methods. The cuisine of one such State that has caught the attention of food connoisseurs in recent times is Assamese cuisine. And serving it with complete mastery and authenticity is Gharua Exaj, located in Lajpat Nagar. The name ‘Gharua Exaj’ ... Read More »

York Shiraz – Red Wine


York Shiraz is a premium offering from York Winery. The wine’s journey begins at York’s Nashik vineyard, a picturesque farm spread across an area of six acres. It has a beautiful hill on the southern side and a scenic lake on its north side. The area features the mineral rich red soil, which is perfect for growing a wide variety ... Read More »

Scrumptious Bengali treats at Hi Kolkata, Dwarka


Bengali cuisine has got everyone asking for more, as can be seen from the huge crowds that throng the food stalls during Durga Puja and other Bengali celebrations. For the people of Bengal, food is not just about nourishment, but also a part of their culture, traditions and religious & spiritual beliefs. For Bengali food lovers in the National Capital ... Read More »

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