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Few Tips That Can Help To Gain Weight

Add calories: Although not in an unwise manner, the essence of gaining weight is eating more than before. But you should plan your meals in a way that helps you gain lean mass and not fat. Assorted nuts, milk, cheese, high-calorie fruits such as banana are some of the foods that are very useful in helping you gain weight. Strength ... Read More »

Eating different foods together to make them healthier

Sometimes two foods together are healthier than eating each of them alone. It is not only better for your health, but it can help in quicker weight loss and a super energy boost. Enjoying two foods together can be healthier than eating each of them alone. It is not only better for your health, but it can help in quicker ... Read More »

Brisk walk your heart disease away

From the moment it begins beating until the moment it stops, the human heart works tirelessly. In an average lifetime, like a pumping machine, our heart beats more than two and a half billion times without ever pausing to rest. Ways to steer clear of heart problems:- People who do regular physical activity are less likely to develop heart disease, ... Read More »

How to Treat High Cholesterol with Ayurveda

An excess of cholesterol in the body can clog the arteries and also lead to various heart diseases. Cholesterol is available in two forms – high-density cholesterol and low-density cholesterol. It is important to keep our cholesterol in check so that heart diseases can be reduced. Ayurvedic Medicines:- In Ayurveda, various herbs are used to treat and control high cholesterol. ... Read More »

Benefits of Apple Cider

Detox Your Body: Unfiltered apple cider vinegar is a liver and lymphatic tonic which can help detox your body.  It helps balance your body’s PH and stimulates cardiovascular stimulation, bowel motility, and lymphatic drainage. For this reason, it’s one of my key ingredients in the secret detox drink. Natural Conditioner to Make Hair Shine: ACV can be used as a ... Read More »

Effect Of asthma on lungs

Suffering from asthma, you may be wondering if the condition can harm your lungs in the long run? The characteristic symptoms of asthma include wheezing, chest tightness, cough and shortness of breath. Not many people are aware that asthma can develop differently in different people and how they respond to a particular treatment may also vary. It has been observed ... Read More »

Ayurvedic treatment for obesity

Advice for ayurvedic treatment for overweight people from a professional practitioner generally includes: Follow a regular lifestyle regimen and diet according to your constitution. Increase intake of foods that enhance your digestive fire or digestive power. Foods which enhance digestive fire are Ginger, Papaya, Mango, Pineapple, and Bitter melons. Fast one day a week (you can take liquids, fruit or ... Read More »

Treating Teenage Acne Naturally

Wash Face Daily:- By washing your face morning and night will help you to remove oil and dirt that had built up during the course of the day and caused breakouts. If possible then use acne soap or face wash and gently apply it to your skin for best results, just make sure that they are mild and not harsh ... Read More »

Restaurant review: 2 Bandits, Satyaniketan

Satyaniketan is abuzz with multiple options for the people and the problem is, all of them are pretty amazing in one way or the other. Hence, deciding which one to go for, becomes a daunting decision. I have been to almost all the restaurant in Satyaniketan, and it is a regular place for me to chill out with my friends. ... Read More »

5 reasons why papaya should be in your diet everyday

Papaya is a very nutrient rich fruit/vegetable and improves our health significantly. Besides an amazing taste, papaya promotes good health and has abundant health benefits. It is no wonder that papaya is referred to as the ‘fruit of the angels’ owing to the delicious sweet taste with butter-like consistency. Below are some reasons why you should daily have papaya: Not just the ... Read More »

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