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Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak

Style is a language that only a select few know how to speak. The vocabulary of style carries with it infinite possibilities, which can be used to convey who you are in very specific terms. Here are some of the things that can make all the difference when it comes to making a style statement: It’s the way you dress – ... Read More »

Tasty oats recipes for those who are trying to loose weight

Everyone knows that loosing weight is no easy game. It involves a lot of work out and control on the diet. And when controlling the intake of food, we are told to take low fat and healthy alternatives such as oats. Not all of us like the basic recipe of oats. If you are also trying to loose weight and ... Read More »

3 quick and easy sandwich recipes for breakfast

We know how important is breakfast in our diet routine. It is indeed the most important meal that we take, and skipping this may put us in critical health problems. Hence, we should make sure that we have a healthy and filling breakfast every morning. Below are some quick and easy sandwich recipes that you may try whenever you are ... Read More »

Stop eating these things if you are taking medicine

We are the reason behind our unhealthy lifestyle. In today’s life everybody takes medicines for some ailment or the other. Somebody is taking medicine for cough and cold, somebody for blood pressure and sugar. Sometimes people take medicine with juice, coffee or tea. But do you really know having medicines with these fluids is really not good for health. Yes, if you are taking medicine ... Read More »

Food to eat before going to bed

Below are some food habits that you should practice to have a healthy body: 1. Banana smoothie: A blend of banana and low-fat milk, this smoothie supplies vitamin D and calcium. These two nutrients have been associated with decreased odds of having problems falling and staying asleep 2. Ginger tea with dried dates: It sets up a sleep ritual that tells ... Read More »

Food that should be avoided before going to bed

Our everyday lives have become so unhealthy that it has reached an alarming point where we need to take care of every single habit of our’s that is making us unhealthy. Though we agree that all of us do not get sufficient time to exercise at the gym, but controlling certain habits will leave a long lasting impact on our ... Read More »

Health benefits soy milk

Soy milk is highly effective in regulating cholesterol. Soy milk does not contain saturated fat and is purely cholesterol free. Nutritionists suggested that the proteins in this milk aids to reduce bad cholesterol and enhance good cholesterol in the body. It is proven in a study that the percentage of bad chelostrol in the persons who consumed soy milk is ... Read More »

Benefits of having beer

Beer is considered as something that increases weight, and is not good for our health. But below are some facts collated by team Newspatrolling that will take you through the health benefits of consuming beer: Reduces risk of heart diseases: All alcohol whether it is beer, wine or liquor, is known to reduce heart desease. Consumption of beer makes blood less sticky, and ... Read More »

Recipe: Gulab Jamun ki sabzi

It might sound absurd, but the gulab jamun ki sabzi tastes nothing less than ‘malai koftas’. It is not that much a famous dish of Rajasthan, but people do make it there, and in other parts of the country too. Read the recipe below, and you would thank us for sharing this unique recipe: ⦁ Take instant gulan jamun mix ... Read More »

Must have foods, when traveling to South India

South India is known for its beautiful landscape, beaches, and hills. But what comes next is the south Indian food. Food is an important part of our trips and why should it not be. The local food of a place signifies a lot of things about that place, its culture and the climate. Like, if you talk about south India, ... Read More »

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