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These bear-hug cookies will be your all time hit

We often make cookies… and every time we make them, we do think of creative ideas to make it more interesting. So here’s a simple yet fantastic idea for you to make your cookies a mega-hit!! So get your artistic gloves on and make these cute little fancy cookies. And don’t forget to share your feedback. Till then.. eat good, ... Read More »

Most iconic sandwiches that are most loved in Mumbai

After vada pav, if anything that woos the taste buds of the mumbaikars exactly well, it is the sandwiches. Mumbai houses a variety of unique and diverse sandwiches. These are differently priced basis the venue and are incredibly famous among the mumbaikars Grilled Cheese Sandwich at Right Place (Warden Road, opp breach Candy Hospital) – Who does not like grilled ... Read More »

Must try street food in Mumbai

George Bernard Shaw said ‘There is no sincerer love than the love of (street) food’. And if you are in Mumbai, you cannot agree more to this. Mumbai is a potpourri of diverse cultures and cuisines. Mumbai boasts of variety of street foods that it puts on display and everyone, from billionaire to beggar relishes it. Some of the street ... Read More »

York Shiraz – Red Wine

York Shiraz is a premium offering from York Winery. The wine’s journey begins at York’s Nashik vineyard, a picturesque farm spread across an area of six acres. It has a beautiful hill on the southern side and a scenic lake on its north side. The area features the mineral rich red soil, which is perfect for growing a wide variety ... Read More »

Is your bread really brown?

Bread is a popular breakfast staple. It is also an easy-shot for our hunger pangs in the evening. Bread has always been a part of our food life; even when we not so paranoid about our healthy lifestyle. Never mind, we still had an option to eat bread. The only noted change is brown bread. Suddenly, brown bread became so ... Read More »

Casablanca Rose Spumante – Rose Sparkling Wine

Casablanca Rose Spumante is a sparkling wine; a premium offering from Nashik based Good Drop Wine Cellars. It’s named as such as it evokes a sense of mystery, adventure and romance, things that are reminiscent with the inherent characteristics of this product. The wine is targeted at the common consumer and not connoisseurs, which explains why it carries a slightly ... Read More »

Cornitos Nachos Pizza

Ingredients – A bag of 150g Cornitos Extra Cheesy, Cheese and Herbs flavor Nachos Crisps 50 g Grated Cheddar cheese 30 g Onion, Finely chopped 30 g Tomato, seeded and diced 30 g Sliced Black Olives pickled 50 g Sliced Red and Green Capsicum 50g Sliced Jalapenos Method – Arrange a layer of Cornitos Extra Cheesy, Cheese and Herbs flavor Nachos Crisps ... Read More »

Food Pairing Recommendations for Terra Chips

Crunchy, savory chips that taste as good as they look, Terra Chips has been delighting gastronomes since 1990. Made from a wide variety of exotic vegetables and sweet potatoes and infused with exciting flavors, Terra Chips works both as an appetizing snack and a delicious accompaniment to any meal. For more delectable variations, let’s take a look at some recommended ... Read More »

Mozzarella cheese & onion rings

It had been quite often that I came across this recipe on my Facebook feed. Since the first time I came across it, till the last time, I had the urge to make it. Yesterday the wait ended, and I actually got down to make the dish. The simplicity of the recipe lies in the basic ingredients that are required. ... Read More »

Red wine or white wine-the choice is completely yours

For wine lovers, there is not one gourmet dine out, where they would wish to give it a miss. For they know their wine instinctively. For them, it is not important to learn that there are health benefits attached to wine. They know the most, and have reached a phase of their beautiful wine journey; to comprehend only their own ... Read More »

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