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Tuesday , 17 January 2017
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Winter hacks to keep you warm and fit


Winters are here already. The season brings with itself the chances of falling ill, and hence we need to be utmost careful with what we do, and how we do things. Paying heed to these will help keep the cold at bay, making you less vulnerable to sickness. Below are some winter hacks that will keep you fit and healthy ... Read More »

Discriminate the Feng Shui to invoke prosperity!


If we recount our history – if we excavate the havoc of our history – we will definitely discover a treasure of radiant yet incorporate jewels – Feng Shui is one of them actually – which is not an infatuation at all and very much compatible to diminish poverty, exigency yet evoke prosperity inward, make it slopes – towards your ... Read More »



Homoeopathy is now a well-known way of treatment for many such diseases known to be incurable. And it is now well reputed to cure such diseases successfully. It came to India from Germany in 1810 and became of the official way of India, well placed in healthcare policy of India. In fact, as per history, it is the ancient Vedic ... Read More »

Final trial results confirm Ebola vaccine provides high protection against disease

An experimental Ebola vaccine was highly protective against the deadly virus in a major trial in Guinea, according to results published today in The Lancet. The vaccine is the first to prevent infection from one of the most lethal known pathogens, and the findings add weight to early trial results published last year.The vaccine, called rVSV-ZEBOV, was studied in a ... Read More »

Grateful to you Chocolate, you are great!


Radio – not a name only – it is one of the most powerful mediums of today’s era! It is extremely popular especially among the young people. There is a manifold of the Radio stations over there. Each of them uses to broadcast various types of captivating, enjoyable, and useful programs every day. Few years back – a young lady ... Read More »

The prefect stopover at the Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, New Delhi


Located near Connaught Place on Bangla Sahib Road, the Metropolitan Hotel & Spa offers the perfect retreat to travellers to relax and rejuvenate. It’s strategic location in the heart of the city’s business and commercial hub ensures that travellers have easy access to various important destinations such as corporate & financial centers, ministries, embassies, and the International Trade Fair center. ... Read More »

Experience spiritual ascension at Nirvana Spa n Wellness, GK-2

Living in a city can be chaotic, to say the least. There are times when the soul longs for a moment of peace and tranquility, wanting to disconnect itself from the madness and discover its inner joys. One such place that provides the right environment for spiritual discoveries and more is Nirvana Spa ‘n’ Wellness Centre, located in the heart ... Read More »

You wouldn’t believe that a Small onion has these magical benefits


If you are a good  foody person or fitness freak, we can bet that you would love to eat Onion in food or in salad,Until unless there is no any kind of religion issue. Like   people who are from Jain religion don’t eat Onion and many other things. A small onion, just does  not increase the taste of food .Also it ... Read More »

Stop Snoring and Have a Good Sleep !!!


After a long working day ,we all want a good sleep at night.we can sleep but if have a problem of snoring,people can’t have a good sleep who are sleeping in our surrounding.They all get disturb at every night.       Snoring is not critical or serious disease.It’s a very common problem nowadays.In medical science’s language we know snoring ... Read More »

लिवर को दुरुस्त रखने का आसान तरीका


लिवर इंसान के शरीर का एक ऐसा भाग जिसे अगर आपने दुरुस्त नहीं रखा तो आगे चलकर आपको कई प्रकार की समस्याओं का सामना करना पड़ सकता है।आजकल के उल्टे सीधे खानपान की वजह से आपको कई प्रकार की बीमारियों का सामना करना पड़ता है,उसमें से लिवर का ख़राब होना भी एक गंभीर समस्या है। किन्तु चिंता की कोई बात ... Read More »

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