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Sunday , 24 March 2019
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Weight Loss Meal Plans To Get You Going In The Right Direction

fitness girl excercise diet health fruit slim weight loose

Proper dieting and weight loss is about not going overboard and trying to do too much too fast. Realistic guidelines and expectations must be in place, and you still want to enjoy your food. In fact, if you really approach dieting the right way, making simple lifestyle changes, you will enjoy your food even more. Let’s look at some real ... Read More »

Crippling Headaches/Migraine ? See a Neurologist

Headaches Migraine

A common problem with headache treatment is consultation with a non-specialist/self-medication leading to “medical overuse headache” Headache disorders are common but often ignored and improperly treated with the patients subjecting themselves to self-medication. Timely management and consultation from a Neurologist can not only reduce the disability associated with headache but also sometimes prevent disastrous consequences What is Headache & Headache ... Read More »



WHAT IS ACOUSTIC NEUROMA   Acoustic Neuroma which is also known as vestibular schwannoma, is a benign tumour which is non cancerous and usually grows slow. It develops on the main nerve that leads from inner ear to brain. The branches of this nerve influence the balance ,hearing and the pressure from an acoustic neuroma that can cause hearing loss, ... Read More »

Keep your skin, eyes and hair safe with Ayurveda

face washing

No country in the world celebrates spring as extravagantly as India does. From Holi to Vasant Utsav to Bihu, the entire nation celebrates spring with great pomp and joy. While you enjoy the festival of colours, make sure that your skin remains protected. Here are some simple Ayurvedic tips: A day before Holi, apply mustard oil all over the body. ... Read More »

Tips to get rid of snoring without any medicine

sleeping not well

All are in deep sleep enjoying their dreams and suddenly your loud and unpleasant snoring calls them back to awake in the middle of the night! That too when you are unaware of that. Such situations not only make others with you uncomfortable but also develops a feeling of guilt inside you as you would never like to snore. Snoring ... Read More »

Knowing about the types and the risk factors can help tackle the condition


World Glaucoma Week 2019 Glaucoma, also known as the silent blinding disease, is a potential threat to the eye health. Ranked to be the second most common cause of blindness, Glaucoma has made 8.5 million people blind globally, as per recent reports. Interestingly, Glaucoma does not refer to just one condition of the eye but to a host of eye ... Read More »

TB Bacteria Can Affect Bones and Spine Too

lower back pain

While those of us who thought TB is a pulmonary disease affecting our lungs need to think again! According to the medical statistics, 5-10 per cent of the total TB patients in India suffer from bone TB and the figure is on constant rise, more due to ignorance about bone TB, during which the bacterium causing TB affects bones and the ... Read More »

Things to know about Hair Transplant

hair transplant

Hair transplant as a form of hair treatment has become the most competitive and sought-after procedure in India. Any and every centre even remotely connected to beauty treatments are offering Hair transplants at unimaginable and dirt cheap prices. In fact, desperate hair seekers are now faced with a very serious danger: unlicensed, unsupervised, poorly-trained practitioners masquerading as the best hair ... Read More »

Why starving is not a good idea for losing weight?


We all want to lose weight and in this persuasion we tend to do the biggest mistake – starve ourselves thinking that no food means more weight and drop in present. It is true that depriving ourselves of food or having too little can make us lose weight, but only for a shorter time and can cause a plethora of ... Read More »

Detoxification Post the Holi Season

glowing skin ayurveda beautiful face

Detoxification or detoxication is tis a process of removal of toxins from our body. This function is usually carried out by our liver. So, basically when we are talking about Detox/Detoxication, we are talking about eating a diet that supports and improves the functioning of our liver. The liver is an organ responsible for many important functions in our body such as detoxication of various metabolites, synthesizes proteins, and produces biochemicals necessary for digestion.    Why is ... Read More »

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