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Monday , 27 February 2017
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Eye care tips and necessities


Eyes are very precious organs of your body. We take care of our other parts of our body same ways we should also take of eyes. But sometimes our small mistakes can damage our eyes, such as watching any visual screen for long hours, etc. Below are some points which should be followed in order to maintain healthy eyes: Regular eye ... Read More »

Are your knuckles turning dark? You might be diabetic


If someone is pre diabetic, they would come across certain changes in their health and body. Darkening of knuckles is also one of the primary symptoms. People with prediabetes can develop a skin disorder called acanthosis nigricans. It shows up as dark, thick patches in areas of your body where there are skin creases or folds. Acanthosis nigricans often appears on ... Read More »

Here’s why Farah Khan lost 10 kgs in 4 months


Farha Khan has lost significant weight recently.On her 50th birthday, she had decided to become slimmer and healthier, and since then she has been working towards it. On being asked about the weight loss, Farah Khan said “I am an older mum to three kids who turned nine this year. I need the energy to keep up with them. I ... Read More »

Loose a pound per day with these steps


Weight loss in an ongoing struggle for most of the millennials, and seeing our sedentary lifestyle this is just not easy to attain. But what if we say that team Newspatrolling has collated some vital methods that will help you loose a pound everyday! Interesting right. Below are the details: 1. In order to lose a pound a day, you will need ... Read More »

Food to eat before going to bed


Below are some food habits that you should practice to have a healthy body: 1. Banana smoothie: A blend of banana and low-fat milk, this smoothie supplies vitamin D and calcium. These two nutrients have been associated with decreased odds of having problems falling and staying asleep 2. Ginger tea with dried dates: It sets up a sleep ritual that tells ... Read More »

Food that should be avoided before going to bed


Our everyday lives have become so unhealthy that it has reached an alarming point where we need to take care of every single habit of our’s that is making us unhealthy. Though we agree that all of us do not get sufficient time to exercise at the gym, but controlling certain habits will leave a long lasting impact on our ... Read More »

The World’s Heaviest Woman Eman Ahmed Looses 50 Kg In 12 Days

world-heaviest-woman Eman Ahmed

In a bid to weight control, the world’s heaviest woman, Eman Ahmed, has lost lost around 50 kg in last 12 days. Eman is being treated at Saifee hospital and is following a strict diet. The daily 90 minute physiotherapy session is working positively for her. Eman has been swiftly moving on the road to recovery since her landing in Mumbai on ... Read More »

Benefits of having garlic-honey together


Garlic and honey can be really good friends of our health. Do you know if these two are mixed together then there are N number of benefits. Garlic pod in Honey if taken regularly for seven days the results can be seen instantly. Garlic and Honey if taken in a routine basis then its good for your heart as well. If you ... Read More »

A condom can commit to depict the unadultarated inward cond of your Prince Charming commendably!


You are worn as a ravishing, seductress woman – a creature – a human being – an embodied soul – not an alpine argentine memorabilia or a fondant of a child’s choice or a delusion at all. Hence, it is quite natural that you are interweaved with a certain carnal, viva feeling, called – SEX. This particular subtle, ardent feeling ... Read More »

Health benefits soy milk


Soy milk is highly effective in regulating cholesterol. Soy milk does not contain saturated fat and is purely cholesterol free. Nutritionists suggested that the proteins in this milk aids to reduce bad cholesterol and enhance good cholesterol in the body. It is proven in a study that the percentage of bad chelostrol in the persons who consumed soy milk is ... Read More »

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