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Thursday , 27 April 2017
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Free Health Screening To Start Initially In 100 Districts


The government is planning to start universal free health screening for six diseases which include cancer and hypertension in 100 districts very soon under the newly launched health policy. Union Minister J P Nadda said that the new health policy will ensure universal and comprehensive health care will be implemented and the states will be provided adequate funds for it.  The ... Read More »

With Cochlear Kanso™, the joy of hearing found

Hearing loss can prevent us from growing to our true potential and living life to the fullest. Moreover, there’s the issue of societal stigma that often crops up for people experiencing hearing loss. Think about children who cannot hear the voice of their parents and loved ones; school kids who face an uphill task in every day learning and social ... Read More »

Top 6 tips to prevent malaria

According to statistics, close to one million people in India, suffer from Malaria, every year. The disease starts spreading from the bite of a female anopheles mosquito and can be fatal in severe cases.  According to the World Health Organization, nearly four lakh people die of malaria every year in the world, 6% from India, alone. In order to prevent ... Read More »

Some myths about weight loss almost everyone on diet follows

Some myths about weight loss almost everyone on diet follows Have you put on weight? Oh God! This one question makes us go crazy. Right? Yes, it actually does especially girls. Everyone in this contemporary world is health conscious because of the sedentary lifestyle almost everyone has nowadays. There are many things we hear every day that does not skip ... Read More »

Over 600,000 liters of blood wasted in 5 years due to lack of co-ordination

  In the last 5 years, over 2.8 million units of blood and its components were discarded by banks across India, highlighting some serious loopholes in the country’s blood banking system, reported Times of India When calculated in litres, the cumulative wastage of 6 per cent translates into over 600,000 litres — a volume enough to fill up 53 water tankers. ... Read More »

Stent price capping: After US firm, other companies to pull premium stents out

Following the price curbs imposed by the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), India’s drug price regulator, earlier this year, many multinational stent makers are said to be planning to withdraw their high-end products from the country citing “unavailability”. Two major players, Abott and Medtronics, have already submitted an application with the NPPA seeking to withdraw some of their premium stents. Abbott, ... Read More »

Some ways to cope the period stress

Oh God! I hate these days. You might have heard this line from almost every girl during her period days. Women are attacked by terrifying thoughts during these days like feeling hungry, Is their man cheating on them? Why cannot they wear white clothes? Why don’t just everyone stay away from them? Not to fret girls, this happens with almost ... Read More »

A Legal Framework To Ensure Doctors Prescribe Generic Drugs Soon: PM Modi

In an another major step towards health care affordability to all, Prime Minister Narendra Modi indicated that his government may bring in a legal framework under which doctors will have to prescribe low-cost generic medicines to patients. Generic drugs are low cost equivalent to a brand-name product in dosage, strength, route of administration, quality, safety, performance, and intended use.   Prime ... Read More »

Iraqi Baby With Eight Limbs Gets A New Life In India


In a miraculous procedure, a baby born with eight limbs, including two protruding from his stomach, has undergone surgery in India to successfully remove the extra arms and legs. The operation is being regarded as the world’s first in which such type of operation held for a conjoined twin that did not fully form and was partially absorbed, resulting in the additional ... Read More »

Smart Glasses Launched; To Mimic Eye’s Natural Lens

Smart Glasses

In a major discovery, scientists have developed smart glasses with liquid-based lenses that flex to refocus on whatever the wearer is viewing.   These smart glasses have been developed by researchers at the University of Utah. These are designed to mimic the behavior of the eye’s natural lens. The smart glasses has the capacity to flex to focus on wherever an ... Read More »

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