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Tuesday , 23 October 2018
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How to Get in Shape with a Fitness Exercise Ball

fitness exercise ball

Because most men and women live a sedentary lifestyle which entails spending the majority of their day in the office sitting in a desk that they could create poor habits which result in bad posture.   By sitting on the ball you’ve got no back support consequently, to stay steady and straight you need to engage specific muscles to stay secure ... Read More »

Areas Where Ayurvedic Treatment Has Delivered Exceptionally Good Results

how ayurvedic treatment works

With Ayurveda winning followers across the globe with its holistic healing and wellness approach, a number of questions arise in the mind. A common question that people ask is whether Ayurveda can treat all types of health problems. The right answer is that Ayurveda can provide relief for most health issues and there are areas where it can achieve a ... Read More »

Obesity: A major risk factor for developing serious health complications

belly fat and vitamin d

World Obesity Day is observed in various parts of the world on October 11. The term ‘obese’ describes a person who is overweight, with a lot of body fat. It is a common problem in the developed nations, but in India it is becoming a problem of concern majorly due to unhealthy lifestyle. India is following the footsteps of other developing ... Read More »

Three Important Tips on How to Lead a Long and Healthy Life Event with Type 2 Diabetes

blood test tools machine

Type 2 diabetes can be a deadly disease if you do not recognize it and manage it properly. However, even though it is such a serious disease, it does not mean that you cannot do anything to minimize the risk factors, improve your health, and increase your longevity. Some practical tips on managing diabetes effectively: Make Changes in Your Diet ... Read More »

How to Choose a Foot Doctor?

foot care

Our feet tend to take a lot of abuse on a daily basis, especially if you tend to stand or walk a lot during the day. Furthermore, improper footwear like wearing high heels all day or poorly fitted shoes can also cause discomfort and at times even more severe conditions. In addition, our feet are also vulnerable to bacterial or ... Read More »

skin and hair care during hot climate

skin care in summer

The skin needs special care in hot weather and it should be protected, hydrated and infection free. Prickly heat: (Ghamori) Itchy rash in covered body parts due to blockage of sweat glands Prevention and Treatment: Keep cool with a fan, or air-conditioning. Wear loose cotton clothing. Calamine lotion, prickly heat powders give relief. Multani mitti, sandalwood or neem paste helps. Drink ... Read More »

Accelerate the workout results with Power whey protein


Health is said to be the precious wealth of everyone. The first thing that makes you love yourself is a perfect body. If you have killer shape body, nothing else can make seriously worried for any of the reasons. But if you have a weak body, anything including your home and workplace can make you feel distressed. Right from a ... Read More »

Soy Protein: An Effective, Affordable Solution For Protein Deficiency

dupont blogger meet

Protein deficiency is widespread in India, as a 2017 study revealed that more than 70 percent of Indian diets do not provide the required amount of protein. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein is 0.8 grams for every kilogram of body weight, something that most Indian diets are unable to provide. The study also revealed that vegetarian diets were ... Read More »

Some Beneficial Natural Foods That Purifies Your Blood 100%

vegetable agriculture

Health is really important for human life, because if you are not able to care for your health so you will not comfortable on your all moment. Today I want to discuss here most of the important topic and that how many foods that can help to purify your blood perfectly? If you need to get this idea about How ... Read More »

Long Lasting Relief from Knee Pain with Janu Vasti Ayurvedic Treatment

janu vasti

The modern way of life creates a lot of stress, and coupled with sedentary lifestyles and poor nutrition, it leads to various diseases and health issues. It also has long term health consequences, one of which is chronic knee pain. Cases of knee pain have increased significantly over the years and their numbers continue to rise. Chronic knee pain can ... Read More »

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