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Top genetic defects that cause mutation in the body

gene testing

When permanent alteration occurs in the DNA sequence of the gene of the person, the mutation is caused. In such cases, the genetic sequence is completely changed from that of a normal person’s genes. Mutations either affect just a single DNA base pair or completely alter the chromosome segment. Generally, genetic mutations are classified into two different sub-categories –one is ... Read More »

All you need to know about osteoporosis

+ how to prevent fractures  Osteoporosis can lead to weak and brittle bones. The bones may become so brittle that even a fall or bending or coughing can invite a fracture in the hip, wrist or spine. Are you aware? Osteoporosis is a silent disease – Half of all postmenopausal women and a quarter of men over 50 years old will have ... Read More »

How to look in 30s when you are in the 60s

Ageing is a natural process which cannot be stopped, but you surely can slow it down. But, are you old enough and wish to look as young as before? Today, how old you look is almost a figment of how old you want to look. We tell you how to age gracefully in your 60s. Ageing is a natural process, ... Read More »


eye care in children

It is like a ritual and a habit now to go to bed at night while or after seeing your phone as the last thing or wake up in the morning giving your eyes the first sight of the day as those mobile phone screens. Be it to check your emails, look for some important information, to play games, send/read ... Read More »

Tips for glowing skin during festive season

jewellery sexy hollywood girls

The festive season has begun with the lilting rhythm of the dhol filling the air with music that you can’t stop dancing to. Its Navratri time, the perfect season to flaunt the traditional dresses, picture perfect looks and dance the night away. You will be dancing until late night, getting up early in the morning to rush to office or ... Read More »

Rise in incidences of spinal problems among youngsters

spine issue in old age back pain

Theme- Get spine Active New Delhi:  Due to sedentary lifestyle and prolonged sitting working hours, there is sudden rise in the incidences of spinal problems among youth which was once considered as an age related ailment. According to a recent study, every fifth Indian in the age group of 30-40 is suffering from some type of spinal problem. There has ... Read More »

Heart Treatment: Alternative to stents

heart shape ice cream scoop newspatrolling best gift for valentine

In the recent days a lot of doubts have been created about stents – excessive cost, unnecessary use and dubious quality. More than 6 lacs stents have been implanted in the year 2016 netting a Rs. 6000 crore extra/ill gotten money to the cardiologists and heart Hospitals. The excess of anything ultimately gets caught. The Government took a decision to ... Read More »

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