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What Are Dental Crowns And Bridges?

Introduction Are you missing a tooth? or do you have a damaged tooth? If you do, you may want to consider taking a visiting your nearest dentist. For anyone with a need for dental crowns or bridges, you can visit Kariong Dental Care today especially if you are residing in the Gosford region of Australia. This post will give you ... Read More »

Vitamin D and Immunity: The Sunshine Vitamin

vitamins and minerals

Most of us know that Vitamin D is essential to maintain the health of our bones. However, most of us aren’t aware that this amazing Vitamin has a crucial role to play in our immune system! What is Vitamin D Vitamin D belongs to class of fat-soluble vitamins and was first discovered along with many other vitamins in the 1920’s. ... Read More »

4 Nutrient-Dense Foods That Are Vital For Your Health

Diet plays a major role in the improvement of your health and it also helps in improving your overall health. There are various foods that you can consume. People are getting more obese due to their dietary habits. This is because they have ease of access to unhealthy foods that are not good for their health. Obesity can lead to ... Read More »

Put away fungal diseases during the sweaty months

During the summer season, there is usually a rise in the cases of fungal infections due to the increased humidity. Fungi, which grows all around us as well as within the body, thrives in moist and humid environments and can multiply and grow more easily during the summer season. Fungal infections more commonly occur in the crevices of the body ... Read More »

Treatment for Hair Fall, A Major Concern at All Age Groups

Alopecia or hair loss is commonly seen in all age groups and in men and women both. If you are looking out for the right treatment when it comes to thinning of the hair then you are at the right place. We brief you about the treatment you MUST opt for to tackle hair fall. Hair fall is a sensitive ... Read More »

Keep cool and don’t let the sun’s heat strike you down

heat stroke newspatrolling

We have entered the month of March but the sense of strong sun and hot summer can already be felt. This only indicates that the coming months will only get warmer and let’s be prepared to beat the heat. One of the most common and feared instances during summer is the sunstroke, also known as heatstroke. A sunstroke is an ... Read More »

Hypertension Leads To Diastolic Heart Failure


  Did you know? Untreated hypertension can cause diastolic heart failure (it tends to occur when the left ventricle muscle becomes stiff or thick). This leads to morbidity and mortality. Hence, it is essential to manage your hypertension in order to keep diastolic heart failure at bay. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension is a common problem seen in ... Read More »


While it’s been almost more than a month of lethargic days of lockdown in India. Staying at home all day with lack of physical activity and exercise, too much of snacking and enjoying variety of special dishes cooked at home. Finally unwinding the day watching TV late night. So, time is up to get back to normal routine burning some ... Read More »

How to Manage Autoimmune Disease During Lockdown?

running fitness

Are you suffering from any autoimmune disease such as arthritis, lupus, celiac disease, or thyroid? Then, this is how you must take care of yourself at home, during the lockdown. Coronavirus has become a matter of concern for India. Hence, people are advised to stay at home. So, if you are suffering from an autoimmune disease then it is time ... Read More »

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