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Monday , 11 December 2017
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Is It Good for Your Back If You Sleep on the Floor

sleeping on floor is good for health newspatrolling

Sleeping is one of the things that most of us enjoy.  Every individual has our own way or posture while asleep.  Some are back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers.  While the way one sleeps greatly influences whether we develop back pain or not, sleeping on the floor has been a new and wide argument that arise. It is proven ... Read More »

8 Effective Tips to improve digestion

how to improve digestion

Your digestive system is an important part of your body, and any problem related to digestion may impose serious effects on our health. Our body may get infected by many digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bloating, gases, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, food allergies, weight gain, etc. and all these symptoms can be signs of a chronic health conditions. Therefore, ... Read More »

Total body rejuvenation: Get beautiful from the inside

Total body rejuvenation: Get beautiful from the inside newspatrolling

Paying attention to your appearance is a good thing. We all know that we feel confident when we look good. Not just that, a bit of primping is essential as it reflects our overall sense of well-being.  Here is some expert advice on how to look amazing on the outside and feel great inside. After all, that’s what defying your ... Read More »

Is it good to have milk and egg together?

is it good to eat egg and milk together newspatrolling

Whenever we consider about the healthy breakfast, we always want to have something well. A well done omelette with a glass of milk at once comes to our mind. It sounds wonderful and super healthy but is it actually? From the time we have been hearing that eggs and milk should not eat together as they may cause disorder and ... Read More »

Milk Benefits for Health

milk benefits for health newspatrolling

Milk products have been a significant part of our diet for ancient years. These are a popular element in food references. Milk products are nutritional powerhouse and have nutrients that are hard to find. These are rich in calcium, protein, potassium, phosphorus and so on. Nevertheless, some people stay away from Milk products in their diet due to some convictions of ... Read More »

Pcos (pcod), signs, symptoms and treatment

Pcos (pcod), signs, symptoms and treatment

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that has an effect on a woman’s hormone levels. It is a condition in which a woman’s hormones are getting out of balance and causes problems in periods. It even creates difficulties to get pregnant. PCOS affects women in their childbearing years. It affects a woman’s ovaries. The main concern is several women ... Read More »

Anal itching causes, symptoms, treatment  

Anal itching causes, symptoms, treatment  newspatrolling

Are you suffering from the mistreated malady of anal itching and you are hesitating to talk to others about it? Well if so, then you should think about some cures and easy home treatments for this intolerable distress. Wondering how? Here are some pieces of information of anal itching which can be helpful for you. Anal itching is the irritations ... Read More »

Inborn Errors of Metabolism : IEM

Inborn Errors of Metabolism : IEM newspatrolling

What is Inborn Errors of Metabolism? Inborn errors of metabolism are genetic disorders in which the body cannot convert food (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) into energy and other necessary elements like Aminoacids and sterols. These disorders are usually caused by gene defects that make a particular enzyme defective or deficiencies of the substances that activate the enzymes, or faulty transport ... Read More »

how to improve eye sight

how to improve eye sight

Poor Eyesight is common among the people of all ages ranging from children to aged. Eyes are some of the most precious organs in human beings. There are numerous problems which can affect the surface of the eye which can have an effect on the Eyesight. In today’s demanding lifestyle, you may find it hard to take some time to ... Read More »

How a Baby is Born – Know the Various Stages of Labor and Delivery

labor pain and delivery stages newspatrolling

Most people are aware of the contractions and labor pain that precede the birth of a child. However, not many know that there are several more processes at work before and after the birth of a child. As per medical science, there are three prominent stages of labor. For better understanding, here’s a brief overview of the three stages of ... Read More »

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