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Fortis launches exclusive andrology clinic

The specialised medical facility has highly qualified doctors, who are equipped to address common male sexual health problems Bangalore, 10 June, 2015: It is estimated that one in every 10 Indian men suffers from impotency and the growing trend in stress and lifestyle-related disorders has also spurred an increase in sexual health related problems in the male population.  With an aim ... Read More »

“No Body hair please!” is what women want on their men

Philips Annual Stylescape survey* reveals the unsaid about body hair New Delhi, 9th June, 2015 – The era of the Neanderthals is long gone. Gone are the days where men sported growth worthy of having them labeled an early man! Grooming is indeed booming and is going south – quite literally! Bodygrooming is the need of the hour – the women agree, ... Read More »

Lifestyle diseases increases the risk of infertility among young age women

New Delhi June 2015 – Your lifestyle today defines your family tomorrow, if you are lucky to have any that is! The link between lifestyle diseases and infertility is progressively gaining validation, thanks to the everyday examples that walk in at clinics seeking pregnancy advice. And from what the stats suggest, the three most commonly found lifestyle diseases among young women that ... Read More »

Abbott Launches Initiative for Diagnosis of Liver Health and Raise Hepatitis C Awareness in India

For the first time in India, Access to NON-INVASIVE DIAGNOSIS OF LIVER HEALTH will be made available free of cost to ABOUT 1.5 LAKH people launches  generic sofosbuvir for treatment of chronic hepatitis c infection Delhi, 09 June 2015 –– Abbott, India’s leading multinational healthcare company announced the launch of ‘LiverHealth’, a new  initiative aimed at providing access to an   easy diagnosis ... Read More »

​​​Natural Bypass Surgery Gives New Life After failing of Bypass Surgery

New Delhi ​June 2015 :Tilak Jain (59), a resident of Rohtak, Haryana was unable to walk with ease during the first ten minutes of his morning walk. He felt discomfort while doing other physical activities too. On performing certain tests, blockages from 90-95 percent had been identified in three of his coronary arteries. Therefore, Jain was suggested to undergo Angiography, followed by a Bypass surgery, as doctors ... Read More »

Growing Tumor Removed from 37-Year-Old Woman’s food pipe in Life Saving Surgery at Paras Hospitals Gurgaon

Saana is a mother of three from Iraq who came all the way to India after being treated wrongly in her country; Paras Hospital Gurgaon was quick enough to diagnose her tumor and suggest her the correct surgery Gurgaon, 3 June 2015: A 37-year-old Iraqi woman, a mother of three, has undergone a major life-saving surgery at Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon, to remove ... Read More »

ILife Discoveries Introduces an Innovative Gene Test in India

to Evaluate Cancer Recurrence risk & assist clinicians make an informed treatment decisions MammaPrint Test helps evaluate the risk of distant recurrence of breast cancer, and aids    oncologists in identifying patients who can safely forego chemotherapy Oncologists across world today are increasingly relying on genomic tests like Blueprint to tailor treatments for different to patients by knowing more about the ... Read More »

WHO calls for action against illicit tobacco trade on World No Tobacco Day

29 MAY 2015 | GENEVA – Eliminating the illicit trade in tobacco would generate an annual tax windfall of US$  31 billion[1]for governments, improve public health, help cut crime and curb an important revenue source for the tobacco industry. Those are the key themes of World No Tobacco Day on May 31 when the World Health Organization will urge Member States to sign the ... Read More »

Doctor Introduces a new Device for Spine Surgery

New Delhi May 2015 ​:  Slipped disc is a common problem, which affects approximately 1% of the population at any given time. It usually affects people between the ages of 30 to 50 years. But these days, it is not bound to any age group or gender. It commonly occurs in people whose occupation involves frequent bending and lifting. However slipped disc ... Read More »


Stayfree® commits to the cause by educating 100 million young girls in India by 2018 on menstrual hygiene and protection  Mumbai, May 27, 2015: Stayfree®, India’s leading women’s health and hygiene brand today hosted a panel discussion on India’s least-spoken about social topic, ‘Menstruation’, with an aim to spread awareness around the need for educating young girls and women about menstrual hygiene. ... Read More »

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