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Thursday , 22 August 2019
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Timely intervention can prevent Hepatitis from becoming an epidemic in India

World Hepatitis Day – 28th July, 2019 New Delhi: World Hepatitis Day is witnessed every year on 28th July to provide an opportunity to step up national and international efforts to spread awareness about Hepatitis. This year World Hepatitis day is urging all countries and partners to promote the theme ‘Invest in eliminating hepatitis “and policymakers to increase political and financial commitments for the ... Read More »

Viral Hepatitis

Viral Hepatitis is an illness caused to the liver by various viruses. There are mainly two types of viral hepatitis- infective (spread by contaminated food and water- Hepatitis A and E ) and blood borne ( spread by contact with contaminated blood and body fluids- Hepatitis B and C). Hepatitis A: It is the commonest form of acute viral Hepatitis ... Read More »

Hepatitis B and Pregnancy

Hepatitis B is an infection caused by a virus that has the potential to cause severe damage to the liver. Babies born to a mother with hepatitis B have a greater than 90% chance of developing chronic hepatitis B if they are not properly treated at birth.  Pregnant women with Hepatitis B infectioncan transmit the infection to child (vertical transmission) ... Read More »

World Head & Neck Cancer Day

ban on E-cigarettes

More smokers advised to quit tobacco compared to smokeless tobacco users Jaipur, When it comes to tobacco, the government, health experts, NGOs and other voluntary organizations immediately start talking about use of cigarette and bidi and its ill-effects whereas tobacco does not only mean cigarette and bidi, it is also smokeless tobacco.India’s problem is smokeless or chewing tobacco, which causes ... Read More »

First meal of the day to lose weight

Cranberry Lemon Pulau Pilaf food healthy

Many people live with the notion that skipping meals can help them lose weight. And, in the process the make the biggest mistake – skip the first meal of the day, the breakfast. If you are interested in losing weight, it is important for you to know that how important breakfast is? After a long night’s sleep, when we wake ... Read More »

This Monsoon, Eliminate Fungal Infections from your Hair

fungal infection in hair

As happy as monsoons can be, they can be very stressing for the hair and scalp. The unnecessary content of acid in the rain water and acceleration of moisture in the atmosphere makes it worse as it gives rise to unwanted bacterial and fungal infections in your hair. The increased humidity in the atmosphere causes fungal infections to breach into ... Read More »

Foods which help you improve metabolism


Being on a diet or trying o losing weight does never means that you have to eat less and even give up eating. The most vital component of any diet, and especially the ones that promotes weight loss or otherwise are the ones that emphasizes on boosting your metabolism. Have you ever imagined, why so much emphasis is given on ... Read More »


male chest

(GYNECOMASTIA CORRECTION)  Having breasts can be very embarrassing for a man. Most find it annoying and comes in the way of wearing tight T shirts and baring the chest (for swimming and otherwise). During puberty, hormonal changes take place in the body (unopposed female hormones or low levels of male hormone) and as a result, breast tissue forms and enlarges ... Read More »

Diabetes and Youngsters

Milk Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic and potentially life-threatening condition characterized by the body losing its ability to produce insulin or beginning to produce or use insulin less efficient. People living with type 1 diabetes have to inject insulin regularly, as must some people with type 2 diabetes. Many people with type 2 diabetes can manage their condition with careful diet, ... Read More »

Let your dermatologist be the guide for your skin, not your neighbour

skin care in summer

 The definition of beauty has evolved over time and while times are changing now, the perfect skin seen on screens with glowing skin all the time became the major benchmark for females to feel beautiful. Our country has an industry thriving with the popularity of fairness creams in the skin care market and people tend to continue their usage based ... Read More »

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