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eye testing

Eyes are among the most distinct feature for not just humans but any creature. Eyes are also among the first features to be noticed when you meet someone or even when a baby is born. Big bulging eyes often receive more attention at the pretext of being more beautiful. However, bulging eyes or eyes that project out of their normal ... Read More »

Maintaining proper lifestyle and quality life can help tackle Arthritis without surgery

smoking arthritis treatment

India, at present, bears a leaping burden of arthritis, the prevalence of which is higher than several chronic conditions like Diabetes, AIDS and cancer. Recent data reveals that in India, about 15% of the population (that sums up to as much as over 180 million people) are affected by arthritis. Interestingly, arthritis is no more an age-related disorder and does not ... Read More »

How to manage diabetes in winter


Living with diabetes means making quite some changes to your lifestyle, diet, exercise regime and medications; it impacts your overall living. With temperature dipping, it is only making things worse for diabetics. It can actually increase the blood sugar levels if you don’t pay attention to the issue and can put your overall health at risk Diabetes management might need ... Read More »

What to do when BP is low?

watch your bp blood pressure in pregnancy newspatrolling

Detecting low blood pressure issues can be pretty challenging as it doesn’t show any symptoms or the signs are rather very mild, which rarely demands any form of treatment. However, if you develop any symptoms of low blood pressure, the doctor usually looks back upon its underlying cause. In most of the cases, the ultimate agenda for treating low blood ... Read More »

How & why peanut butter market is expected to witness the highest growth in the near future

stats analyse growth

High in protein, low in calories, peanut butter possesses high nutritional value in comparison to dairy butter. With the increasing awareness regarding the cons of dairy products, peanut butter is an alternative that consumers are open to trying. From a butter spread to simply a dip, peanut butter is multi-purpose and full of fibre. A major rage amongst the western ... Read More »


blood cancer

The human body is a complex machine with numerous veins, tissues, muscles, and bones coming together to give it shape and structure. Several vital organs like heart and lungs ensure the functioning of our body and it is quite impossible to know what all goes inside these organs unless their activity is affected especially when something like a blood clot ... Read More »

What to do in high fever?

One of the most common signs of illness is having a fever, but if you look at it sceptically, it is not such a bad thing. Whenever any foreign bacteria enter into your body, the first line of the defence mechanism for the body is to increase its temperature. Therefore, fever plays a significant role in fighting against diseases. But, ... Read More »

Best Foods to reduce blood cholesterol level

fruit vegetables

One of the first indication that is given when a patient has high cholesterol is to change the diet. The best effective foods to reduce blood cholesterol levels are those that have a high amount of soluble fiber and peptin because they bind to cholesterol in the intestine favoring its elimination through feces. The foods must be rich in polyunsaturated ... Read More »

What to do in High BP?

watch your bp blood pressure in pregnancy newspatrolling

Taking medications is a must if you have been diagnosed with high BP issues. However, changes in the lifestyle can help you as well in lowering down the numbers. You can successfully control your BP levels by maintaining a healthy life by doing proper exercises, taking in healthy food, managing sleeping habits and more. Here are some of the lifestyle ... Read More »

Two beauty trends in 2020

The 2000’s are losing their teens and stepping in their 20’s. The beauty trends are also evolving and 2020 is all set to be the year of enhancing your beauty from inside. Non-invasive facial lift and body contouring treatments are ‘in’ and lakhs of people are opting for them. The last two decades have seen a marked improvement in non-invasive ... Read More »

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