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3 Habits That Can Help You In Boosting Your Immune System

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Ever wonder that how some people can survive in cold winters without even suffering from cold, flu, cough, or any other sickness. There is a reason behind that, if your immune system is weak then the chances are more that you would be attacked by various bacteria and viruses. This only happens when you have a weak immune system. You ... Read More »

Nayati Mathura adds another successful cancer surgery to its growth story

The successful operation of kidney cancer reiterates Nayati Mathura’s efforts of providing advanced medical care to the people in the region In a miraculous operation, Gandharv Singh, who had a kidney cancer lump weighing 1.2kg, was treated successfully by the Department of Urology at Nayati Medicity, Mathura. A 45-year-old Etah resident, Gandharv Singh was suffering from abdominal pain for a ... Read More »

Did You Know? Meal Replacements Can Aid Weight Loss In Diabetics

Milk Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes has become a growing matter of concern as the number of diabetics is increasing at an alarming rate. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 90% of people with Type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese. Thus, meal replacement can help diabetics cut down those excess kilos, and reduce the calorie intake.  Know about the foods or ... Read More »

Winter care tips for Dry eyes

eyes sun burn

The mercury is falling with winter just starting to kick in, most of us are tempted with happy urge unpacking quilts, jackets, scarves, sweaters that were sleeping in the attic for months and probably gearing up for a winter holiday plans and the last thing on your mind is “EYE CARE” One of the most common problem people suffer in ... Read More »

How to choose right mattress that helps you to have a good sleep

Problems from poor quality of mattress Good night sleep is essential for any living being and for their well-being. The quality of your sleep highly depends on the mattresses that you choose. Half the population is unaware of the fact that bad mattress is actually ruining their health. Yet, few actually did realize the problems associated with the mattress and ... Read More »

Food to eat to avoid cosmetic surgery

food reduces stress

Many people want to feel attractive and look au naturel. There are many ways to dazzle like a diva and feel confident sans the cosmetic surgery. One of them is eating right which will work wonders for the skin. If you wish to look radiant and ravishing, opt for these foods which can help amplify your beauty. Did you know? A ... Read More »

Can we change our face shape naturally?

Undoubtedly, makeup can alter the appearance of your cheekbones and jawline. However, some people don’t like spending hours to give a perfect shape to their face. At the same time, they look for ways to naturally alter the shape of their face. If you are one among them, then this guide is for you. One of the common mistakes that ... Read More »

Aromatherapy for stress relief at work

Most people work a minimum 40 hour week, or 2,000 hours at work each year. Our jobs are often very stressful, and work stress can trigger many common ailments and diseases. It is a well known fact that stress and burnout in the workplace is a serious and continuing problem. Job pressure demands, lack of sunshine, constant exposure to computers, ... Read More »

Early detection of bone cancer can prevent limb amputation

Treat Avascular Necrosis Of Bone by Alendronate

Biopsy: A key procedure in the diagnosis of bone cancer  While a high index of suspicion is required to detect bone cancer in its early stages, most people are often misdiagnosed or left undiagnosed that leads the condition to worsen. Lack of awareness among the masses about the disease and similarities in the symptoms with infections, swelling in the bones ... Read More »

Refractive Errors & Types of Refractive Errors


Healthy vision is dependent on your lens and cornea. Problems like refractive errors are caused by a cornea that is not shaped perfectly. The cornea happens to be the clearer part on the surface of the eye. The job of the cornea is to bend and focus the light waves. With refractive errors, the light that is coming from an ... Read More »

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