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Sunday , 20 August 2017
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Is your pet food healthy?

Feeding your pet is a big responsibility. But with so many pet food options out there, how do you know which ones you can trust? It is very important to consult a vet before planning the diet of your pet, and choose the food products. Another very important thing is to have variation in their food. Like us, they too ... Read More »

Tips to reduce weight after cesarean delivery

Delivery can be a problem if you have to get C-section. You may deal with inflammation, wound infection and back aches after the C-section. However, apart from all these problems, weight gain can be a common problem that every woman who goes under C-section needs to deal with. You may observe pouch-like area near your belly, which is extremely difficult ... Read More »

Murdered New York Cop’s Baby Born 2.5 Years After His Death

New York police detective WenJian Liu was killed two and half years ago in a murder and this week, his widow wife gave birth to his baby daughter named Angelina. Angelina was born on Tuesday at Weill Cornell Hospital. Her mother, Sanny Liu, asked doctors to freeze her husband’s sperm the night he died so that she could one day fulfil their ... Read More »

Be double sure about your kid’s safety with these gadgets

With the ever increasing crime rate in the country, no one is safe. Be it the children, youngsters, adults or old aged people, every one needs to be cautious about their safe being. However, parents of small school going kids always have this paranoia about their kids safety, and it is completely justified. Below are some really helpful gadgets that ... Read More »

Government targets 146 districts to accelerate India’s population control drive

To achieve the country’s population control target faster,the government has decided to accelerate family planning measures by identifying 146 districts where the children born per woman is more than three and add up to 28% of population. The health ministry is set to roll out “Mission Parivar Vikas ” in these districts to create family planning awareness. The high focus ... Read More »

5 reasons your child might be rebelling and is it really your fault?

As a parent, you usually blame yourself when your little angel turns rebellious, but guess what it’s not your fault at all When your children rebel, you begin to ask yourself many questions like “Where did I go wrong?”, “Am I a terrible parent?” or “How do I fix this?”… But to be honest, this case is often not the ... Read More »

Parenting Technology Economy Relationship

Parenting – The Right Way? There has always been a social debate among scholars of sociology about the right kind of parenting technique to be employed by the parents to bring about the optimum development of the children and their transition to adulthood. Different Parenting Techniques Roughly three kinds of parenting styles have been identified over the ages. Again the ... Read More »

How to keep your child busy in summer vacations

Summer means lots of leisure time in the form of lots of holiday package for school going children. Vacation makes kids available to toys, games, TV, video games etc. Summer vacations also brings with it a package of undisciplined time table, untimely get up and unorganized life style. I am enlisting some ways to keep your kid engaged in summer ... Read More »

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