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Monday , 25 March 2019
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How amusement parks and theme parks are replacing the digital playrooms for kids?

adventure park

With the evolving of technology, the ways of entertainment and growth of the kids have also changed. From a time where residential parks and indoor games were the only choices to digital playrooms and now the modern amusement and theme parks – we have come a long way! These amusement parks and theme parks are changing the face of creativity ... Read More »

How venturing into kids segments is a thoughtful decision!

parents playing with children

Hide n seek, lock n key, cycling and hop-scotch – we have all spent a childhood that included wandering across the streets and playing anywhere and anytime. And until the call of the mothers forced us to, we didn’t return home! But unfortunately the time has changed! With the growth of technology and the lack of simplicity in lives, not ... Read More »

Bad posture during excess screen time leaves your child at the risk of spondylosis

The whole generation of kids these days is budding with smartphones, tablets, and other internet-facilitated gadgets. The advent of these devices has changed the dynamics of childhood. Kids are no more seen swinging in the parks as much as they are seen hooked to the phone screens. These along with games and social media have enhanced the screen time landscape drastically, leaving ... Read More »

Kids Travel Bag

kids travel bags

 The most important things you should pick for your child You are willing to go out for a vacation with your family. Or you are thinking to go out overseas by plane. So, one of the most important things you should focus on is your packing. Normally, as a father or mother, the safety of your baby will be your ... Read More »


father and kids

First, some common sense tips Television, computer, video game console must be placed in a common room (not in a room), under the supervision of parents. It is best not to leave a child under five alone in front of a screen, even in front of a cartoon. We do not know what can scare a child of this age. ... Read More »

5 ideas for fun and engaging with your kids

fun activity with children

Devoting ‘Time’ is the key to raising kids gadget-free! Raising children in nuclear families has become quite strenuous today. It is not as easy as it used to be earlier, when in joint families, kids were raised with not many efforts. In an age of technological advancement, working parents and single child, the family unit has come down to just ... Read More »

Gift ideas for new born babies

baby gift ideas

Deciding gifts for babies is an extremely exciting affair. You get to rummage through cute and adorable baby stuff to finally decide on that one gift that you think would be perfect for the baby. As much fun as it sounds, it equally gets a little difficult for some people to make decisions on buying baby products. But here we ... Read More »

4 special ways to learn, play and add meaning to the day

childhood-memories newspatrolling

Make a life that adds Experiences & Memoirs to each day!           Adding excitement and meaning to our day as well as in our kids’ life, should be a daily endeavor and be given utmost importance. Each day is exclusive, once in a lifetime opportunity and entirely in our control. It is upon us to prioritize our responsibilities and routine ... Read More »

Best Brand For Baby Bottle Sterilizer In India

r for rabbit bottle sterilizer

Are you aware of the dangerous bacteria that could be there in baby bottles? Most people think that washing with normal soap and water effectively cleans the baby bottles, but this is far from truth. A study conducted to ascertain bacterial contamination in baby bottles found that nearly 92 percent of the samples collected from baby bottles were contaminated with ... Read More »

Future of kids segment in the next 5 years

technology and children

Technologically intuned Games magnetizing Children! Or It’s ‘Tech Sports’ that’s magnetizing Children! The world everyday is innovating with the advancing technology, and gripping us with firm hands. While having technology involved in almost every aspect of life is debatable, one cannot ignore its innumerable benefits, and the effectiveness, it has passed on to us. The generation of children today, has ... Read More »

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