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Thursday , 29 June 2017
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After special occasions, we get a lot of gifts. Althou I got many things this time, but one was very fascinating, so I will decided to share it with everyone. It is a perfume from Yardley, Yardley London Personalized Perfume… from now on, I will always keep some bottles of Yardley in my closet, case and everywhere. Product Description: Yardley ... Read More »

Product Review: Denver Imperial Deodorant

We all would agree to this and understand how off putting can be if someone next to you smells bad and sweats like a pig. It really kills one’s impression in front of others. Moreover, it is not only bad to look at, but is also equally unhealthy. Denver, the leading brand in Personal Care products for Men has launched Imperial ... Read More »

Product Review: Aroma Leaf Dermaglow Shiner Lotion Bleach

Summers are on their record high, and they not only are ruining our health but also damaging our skin to the core. Some of the most common harmful affects of summers on our skin are tanning, freckles, dehydration, pimples, etc. The added pollution makes the situation even worse by increasing the skin hazards.  To cure such skin hacks, Aroma Leaf, ... Read More »

In Review: Oshea Herbals Aprifresh Apricot Scrub 120G.

We all need a daily scrub for our face and neck, it is the secret of our beauty. I heard about this amazing gentle scrub, actually I thought that it would be hard to fit my oily skin. However, I decided to try it. I bought it online, and it cost me only Rs. 135. It was amazing, it deeply ... Read More »

In Review : Astaberry Diamond Hair Remover Cream

I heard about this magical Astaberry Diamond Hair Remover Cream from my friends, and how it is perfect for removing the unwanted hair from legs, hands, underarms as well as the bikini line without any pain. Actually, a lot of people are totally raving about it, so I decided to try it myself and it was really perfect. What really ... Read More »

Do you know what is the name of these famous cars abroad!

India has turned out to be a lucrative market for all business that are abroad based. and similar is the story of car manufacturers. Over the past decade, the number of cars in India has risen exponentially and so has their business also grown. And with the economy growing and people willing to splurge on cars, manufacturers are happy to bring ... Read More »

Smart Glasses Launched; To Mimic Eye’s Natural Lens

Smart Glasses

In a major discovery, scientists have developed smart glasses with liquid-based lenses that flex to refocus on whatever the wearer is viewing.   These smart glasses have been developed by researchers at the University of Utah. These are designed to mimic the behavior of the eye’s natural lens. The smart glasses has the capacity to flex to focus on wherever an ... Read More »

Try These 5 Best Beauty Brands in The World

  People are looking to the beauty products as they are a miracle to make them very beautiful and hide their defects. So we offer you here a list of the top 5 skincare brands  which provide with great products to maintain and enhance your beauty with suitable prices.  1- Estée Lauder It is one of the most popular skin-care ... Read More »

Some cheap places to shop your summer wardrobe in Delhi

Hi, girls, ready with a flashing wardrobe for the summers? What did you say; you are on a cringe budget and couldn’t find anything that is cheap but classy enough to match your flawless style. Fret No more, as you are in Delhi. From malls to small markets, Delhi is a place that makes the best of a shopaholics dream. ... Read More »

Top 10 Popular Perfumes for Women in 2017

 Every woman is special with her list of her 5 best perfumes which she use wherever she goes, even at house. Perfume for women is more important than any accessory, so they try their best to stay updated with the newest perfumes of the best brands. This interest in perfumes made the women’s perfume market a big and competitive and ... Read More »

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