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Monday , 27 February 2017
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Radiant hairless skin, a product review of Veet and Epilator

hair removal tricks

If you are bullied by classmates, friends and colleagues just because of hairy legs and hands, Then no worry anymore. We all know hair look more gorgeous on head rather than on skin!! Team of NewsPatrolling sharing with you, two best solution on how to remove unwanted hair to have a radiant and glowing hair-less skin : 1)      Hair removing cream –Veet ... Read More »

Product Review – Look like a Mrignayani with “Patanjali Herbal Kajal”

pratanjali kajal

Eyes are the reflection of one’s soul. A glimpse into one’s crystal clear child like eye can move anybody into the different world, where morning starts with sweet fragrances of jasmine flower and afternoon begins with mesmerising fragrance of “kasturi mrag”. Sunset settles itself by the closing of silky eye lashes. Product Description - It has safe and very unique and ... Read More »

Just unmask the Face Masks for your favour merely!

musk 1

I am a candid person indeed yet don’t like to mince – at all. Hence, it is not possible for me to feel easeful or snug to bask the company of anybody of the universe – who has no transparent or translucent heart yet is season to wear an incorporate mask. But, whenever I glimpse at a special kind of ... Read More »

Benefits of having flax seeds


Flax seeds are very helpful and must needed component we should regularly have in our diet. It helps in reducing weight, gaining weight and it also helps in balancing our lifestyle. Flax seeds are used in multiple recipes in India. Flax seeds are almost added in foods such as bread, cookies, biscuits and protein bars. These products are sold being marketed as being healthy ... Read More »

Amazing hacks using lipstick


Hello all you beautiful ladies out there. If I were to ask you which is your favourite makeup product, I am sure 90% of you will say that you cant do without the lipstick. And why not, with the versatility of the product, you should always value this awesome small little product. Even when your lipstick is about to get ... Read More »

Endow yourself a pat fragrance to experience an erotic, amorous night – now!

smell 2

We are human beings – included in the living modalities of the very planet of Earth. We all have five sense organs – eyes to spectacle, ears to listen, skin to tig, tongue to taste and nose to smell. Our forger had engraved our names in the special species which is called – Animal. Some of us are too much ... Read More »



Lush new is a coconut milk &aloevera shampoo from Tresemme. New Tresemmebotanique is a shampoo I fell in love with. I have always preferred something with a natural touch for my hair. Tresemmebotanique was a true call. I don’t want to overstate but whenever I use it my hair feels more nourished. It gives me good hair in just three ... Read More »

York Shiraz – Red Wine


York Shiraz is a premium offering from York Winery. The wine’s journey begins at York’s Nashik vineyard, a picturesque farm spread across an area of six acres. It has a beautiful hill on the southern side and a scenic lake on its north side. The area features the mineral rich red soil, which is perfect for growing a wide variety ... Read More »

The righteous staple stuffs – a lady requires to dealt winter!


Winter is a name of a radically very special kind of season. It is the coldest how ever – comes every year – just like other seasons actually. It is mutable and not something, which is perennial (but the extinction of this season is not possible). Mother Nature invokes the very season of winter in between the seasons of Autumn ... Read More »

Product Review | Nature’s Essence Apricot Scrub


 Scrubbing should be an essential part of our regular skin care regime, at least once or twice every week. I bought the ‘apricot face and body scrub’ from Nature’s Essence, and have been using this since a couple of weeks. The 120m pack of the scrub costs only Rs 80 (on Flipkart) and around the same in retail stores. The product comes ... Read More »

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