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Wednesday , 18 October 2017
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Oshea Glopure Face Pack

At this time of summer, each year I feel very sad and pessimistic since my skin looks pale with some dark spots…except this year. I enjoyed the summer season at the beach under the warm sun light without deteriorating my sensitive skin. If you are wondering how I did that, then I will tell you my secret: it is Oshea ... Read More »

Oshea Apricot Scrub

All women trys hard to find a scrub which suits the type of their skin, and give them a fresh, gentle skin. One of the most important qualities which I look for at such scrubs is the youthful radiance, so I have tried a lot of scrubs, but I didn’t get what I desired till I found Oshea Apricot Scrub. ... Read More »

Aroma Gold Range of Products

Do you spend hoirs looking at the mirror and starring to those black spots, shades and wrinkles? Do you really wish to find a product which can give you a healthy, soft, clear and shiny skin? Aroma, one of the best manufacturers of beauty products in the world, will give you the solution. Actually, Aroma provides you a range of ... Read More »

Kesh Nikhar brings Herbal Shampoo to revive Hair Locks

Our hair is as a crown on our head and the first thing which the others see when they look at us. Some times, if our hair is shag and unhealthy, it may gives a wrong impression among others. I really like my black long hair, but I used to find it very hard to keep it shiny and free ... Read More »

Denver Anti-Dandruff Beer Shampoo …

The Best Treatment for MY Hair Dandruff is a major problem for women, but it is even worst for men. Actually, it is a very humilating issue which cause much embarrassment to the man, especially for those who like to wear dark dresses. Avoid wearing dark dresses, itches, persistent tingling, noticeable chips and grubby scalp and feeling sluggish are just ... Read More »

Oshea Ayurvedic Henna Hair Pack

Are you bored of your tired, pale, unhealthy hair? Are you looking for a dark, shiny hair? Not anymore. I had a lot of problems regarding my hair. One day, I felt so desperate that I was going to trim it, but my husband refused to let me do it. He took me to the pharmacy, I told them my ... Read More »

Amazing Fairness Glow with Astaberry Diamond Bleach Crème

The skin of our face is almost the most sensitive, and it is the most effected by pollution, germs, dust, sun rays, etc. which make us suffer a lot and worry about the skin shades. On the other hand, the light and glowing skin is one of the best standards of beauty among women and maintaining a light, glowing skin ... Read More »

Shine and Shimmer this Festive Season

Look Resplendent With These Top-Notch Beauty and Personal Care Products If you want to enjoy life to the fullest, you got to look radiant and energetic. Good looks and the right styling give you the confidence to interact with people in a more enjoyable and immersive manner. It also gives your personality magnetic qualities that make you the center of ... Read More »

1M Intimate Cream Wash 3.5

For me, everything is related to hygiene, especially maintaining a good health. In malls, restaurants, public places, work… bathrooms are so dirty and ful of microbes because people have the least sense of hygiene, so i always try to avoid public bathrooms and consider using them as an invitation for allergies and infections. However, sometimes we face urgent cases and ... Read More »

Ozone Complexion Brightening Facial Kit

We, the ladies, are obsessed with being gorgeous all the time, so we live in a daily battle with dust, pollution, sun rays and other factors which hurt our skin and hair. However, my battle to have a soft, clean skin is over with Ozone Complexion Brightening Facial Kit. Ozone is a popular manufacturer of beauty products, it offers many ... Read More »

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