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Sunday , 26 March 2017
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How to make your own perfume #DIY


For those who loves to experiment and is a DIY lover, this post is absolutely and completely for them. Today we will take you through a simple method of making perfume by yourself with flowers. 1. Take a clean air tight glass container 2. Take an odourless oil. Popular choices for use in perfumes include jojoba oil, almond oil, and grape ... Read More »

Lakme absolute Pore fix toner – Product review


Hey ladies, have you ever come through an incident where one is looking continuously at your face for a while? That time you might be perplexed. The fact is that you may have firm skin tone or you may have open pored skin. Both chances are there!! Congratulate if you have firm skin. But….if you have open pores, then this ... Read More »

Review – Nivea Men’s DarkSpot Reduction Cream

1109047417_nivea men

If we think about the brand, we can say that Nivea has been there ever since we were children. The brand always has had a special connect with the customer and I think this brand had built a trust among their customer for their products. For all the men out there who crave healthy skin, the Nivea for Men Advanced Whitening Dark Spot Reduction ... Read More »

Post Holi skin care tips


We all love Holi. The colours, the get together, the madness, and the fun. We enjoy every bt of it. But what happens later to our skin is a sad story that we all know. Taking proper care of our skin after the chemical based colors, is of immense importance. Below are some skin care tips that will help you ... Read More »

Lakme 9 to 5 long wear nail colour: Review on Orange colour

lakme 9 to 5 nail color newspatrolling

Hello beautiful office going gals, hope you have many plans for coming holi and summer season. Summer come with light colour choices in dress, sandals, lip colours and nail colours. Just few months back, I ordered this nail polish from Lakme 9 to 5 long wear range. My favourite saintly orange shade. Price~Rs220 for 90ml Ideal users~ all can use ... Read More »

Hobbies that relaxes us!


Every person has a different way to relax their mind and soul and provide them peace and make themselves calm. Getting involved in your favorite activities makes you forgot the things which bother you in day today life. Below are certain methods/hobbies that relaxes us: 1. Doing and enjoying your favourait activity is a magical way to calm your body as well ... Read More »

A product review of Patanjali Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser

A product review of Patanjali Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser

After a long search of natural biotic shampoos I got this cute and grippy aloea vera hair cleanser cum shampoo. Since childhood, in believe in nature and nature’s law so thus goes with nature’s best treatment for hair ayurveda. For my irritating and persisting dandruff, dry scalp I tried many branded shampoo but along with dandruff I lost my hair ... Read More »

Product Review of Lakme Moisturizer

lakme mousturise newspatrolling

Catch me if you can! This month my parlour visit literally made me to think how to save money for my pimple treatment. My wallet got empty just for simple acne treatment. I recalled my subconscious mind to gather all the tips to cure acne at the time of puberty. My subconscious mind told me, “baby, moisturize your skin” . ... Read More »

Product review of Elle 18 lipstick


 Chuu lene do nazuk hothon ko Tired of using all the brands of lipsticks and lip-gloss my lips were in search of some affordable, durable and matte type of lipstick and lip colors for my pink soft lips. In search of good lipstick I visited a cosmetic bazaar of my city. I was amazed by the different color shades of ... Read More »

Radiant hairless skin, a product review of Veet and Epilator

hair removal tricks

If you are bullied by classmates, friends and colleagues just because of hairy legs and hands, Then no worry anymore. We all know hair look more gorgeous on head rather than on skin!! Team of NewsPatrolling sharing with you, two best solution on how to remove unwanted hair to have a radiant and glowing hair-less skin : 1)      Hair removing cream –Veet ... Read More »

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