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Monday , 17 December 2018
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How Long Should Sex Last?

Due to our fascination with the things that we see on the screen, we are compelled to believe that a good session of sex lasts for 20-30 minutes. It’s not that it cannot last that long, but the bigger question is does it need to last that long to be enjoyable. Or is it possible to have the same level ... Read More »

How To Get Closure After A Relationship Is Over

Relationships are like boats that allow us to navigate the ocean of life and enjoy the journey as much as we want to. However, just like oceans are known to get turbulent, the same can happen to our lives. When the boat of our relationship starts to rock, it creates a lot of stress and anxiety. And when it finally ... Read More »

Rookie Mistakes Men Need To Avoid In Relationships

Men tend to assume a lot of things about their relationships, which can lead to problems. Sometimes, even when they may not have meant to hurt someone, their childish nature and carelessness may lead to actions that may be deemed inappropriate by their partner. When that happens, even small differences can trigger big fights. If you are new to relationships, ... Read More »

How to Convince Your Parents for Love Marriage

love sex dhoka

There are tribes or countries where love marriages are a debatable topic. The only marriages common are the arranged ones. Sometimes it feels unfair because you do not have the choice of choosing your partner. As the time goes by, most people never found the meanings of marriages in sense that there is no freedom to choose a partner for ... Read More »

Beautiful Bridal entry ideas

bridle entry ideas

That will drop the groom’s jaw In a wedding, the most important and awaited moment is entry of bride. Everyone from your guests to your to-be-husband will be eager to see you in your beautiful lehenga, your beauty will be at peak. So for special person the entry should be more special. Here we suggest few Bridal Entries for your ... Read More »

Best Couple Goals for the Year 2019

Are you looking for best couple goals to make your partner smile? Here, we are going to talk about the top 8 best couple goals for the year 2019. Nothing is best when 2 souls are a tie in the ribbon of pure relationship. The relationship is for everything no matter either love, hate, jealousy, care, help, joy, fortification and immense ... Read More »

Marriage Is A Dawn Of New Beginnings


Each couple has distinctive motivations to get hitched that apply to their special relationship and numerous couples share comparable explanations behind arranging the long stroll down the passageway. Regardless of whether two or three’s reasons are simply passionate, lawful, budgetary, or a mix of these or different reasons, perceiving why marriage is vital can enable them to comprehend the dedication ... Read More »

They Cheated – Now What

love sex dhoka

Nowadays, bamboozling is turning into a profoundly advanced diversion for individuals, particularly more youthful people who get a kick out of the chance to “play the field. They are amazingly harming hits to most all connections. At the point when an issue happens, that is typically it. A few people ponder, however, youthful or old, if it’s conceivable to pardon ... Read More »

Are Dating Guides Useful

dating gift on valentine to gal love dating can be HARD. Nobody is denying that reality. As a matter of fact, everybody is by all accounts so mindful of exactly how troublesome dating can be that wherever you look there are dating aides or the like. These things offer like hot cakes, as well. The issue is that the larger part of these aides aren’t justified ... Read More »

The Anatomy of Mutual Breakups

First things first – Do mutual breakups really exist or is it just the fancy idea of an idealist? Well, the answer is yes, but mutual breakups are not as commonplace, as they are made out to be. Most stories we read about mutual breakups involve celebrities and other famous people. We read only what is told to us and ... Read More »

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