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Thursday , 19 October 2017
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Sometimes It’s okay to talk to your partner about sex

I know it might sound a bit awkward for many of you, but it is very important to communicate your feelings and desires to your partner about sex. Like you might have something to say, even your partner also might be facing a similar situation. So go break the ice and talk about it. We guarantee it will only increase ... Read More »

What is prostate?

Many men aren’t sure what their prostate is, what it does, or when to call a doctor if they think they might have a problem. So, information is the best tool you have in dealing with this aspect of men’s health. What Does My Prostate Do? It is a small gland that is part of the male reproductive system  It’s ... Read More »

What are the causes of Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction can be a biological, psychological or a combination of two along with social difficulties. A biological disorder may include constant, uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension, chronic alcohol and tobacco abuse, use of illicit drugs, infections due to STDs, uncontrolled or difficult hormonal balances or imbalances. Also may be due to the degeneration of the neuronal system that controls the sexual ... Read More »

Exercise Cuts Erectile Dysfunction Risk

Diet-induced erectile dysfunction can be avoided, suggest a study conducted at the East Carolina University. Research panel at the university fed a group of rats show that reflected the Western diet, high in sugar and with nearly half its calories from fat for 12 weeks. Another group of rats ate a healthy standard rat chow instead. They used rats put ... Read More »

How stress can damage the sperm and mental health of children

A new study has revealed that stress could cause permanent damage to man’s sperm and even cause his children’s brain to develop slowly. Researchers working on this have discovered that suffering from anxiety or depression as an adult, teenager or even as a child could cause a lasting genetic change in a man’s sperm. The study that was conducted on ... Read More »

Drink this every night to reduce belly fat

You might have followed a number of diets or workouts to get rid of the extra kilos from your body, but mostly, they didn’t work. Fret not! You can now say buh-bye to your annoying belly fat with this magical drink. Ingredients: 1/2 glass of water 1 tablespoon of fresh aloe vera juice 1 cucumber (sliced) 1 tablespoon of freshly ... Read More »

Things you realizes while dating an introvert

Relationship vary from one to another. Every relationship has its own uniqueness, its own charm, its own magic. The sort of relationship that exists between two people, depends completely on the character of the people involved. One type being introverts.  We all know that dealing with introverts isn’t an easy task, especially when it comes to love relationship. It is ... Read More »

The 29 States of Sexual Desire: How India is spicing things up in the bed

What if we tell you that Gujarat gets three times kinkier during Navaratri? Or that Bhopal buys the most flavoured condoms in India. Or that Panjim knows more oils than just coconut’s. Or that Uttar Pradesh, unlike the state, wants to get bigger. Well,, India’s leading sexual wellness products destination, has studied over 6 million visitors, over eighty thousand ... Read More »

Myths About love & Relationship

Romance with all its charm, fascination and longing for companionship, has its own shares of myths and realities. Each of us may vary with regard to the conceptualized definition of love and romance; but as one of the primeval human emotions; love which in turn gives way to romance or adventure is bound by certain age old myths which despite ... Read More »

Build Trust & Stay Positive In Your Relationship

Maintaining a healthy relationship requires a lot of commitment, understanding and freedom. No relationship lasts long unless you actually efforts to keep it alive. Below are some ways through which one can make an attempt to add that sparkle in your love bond. Make commitment: Always show your partner that you are true to your commitment. Commitment is very essential ... Read More »

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