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Give little attention and She will be your

Be likeable: The first and foremost thing to do is to be likeable; you have to be the person who is liked. A woman first needs to like you to start a friendly conversation in the first place, forget about seducing her if you are not likeable. Talk with eye contact: If you are man enough then you will never ... Read More »

Guys Expressed The Few Thing Women Do Before sex

Just the way you smell: I personally feel that one of the most important things that a girl does before having sex is watch how she (or her breath) smells. Good fragrance is a major turn on and the effort a woman makes to smell good is SO hot! Gentle kissing: Not too much, never too little – kissing needs ... Read More »

Drawback of using condoms

Several men complain that they cannot keep an erection after putting on a condom. Such kind of discomfort is usually experienced normal-thickness condoms. Thinner condoms should be tried, which also provide same protection. Putting on condom is considered a spoilsport, as mood gets ruined and erection is not the same. It breaks the sequence of sexual activity events by interrupting ... Read More »

Do you have strong relationship? Check!

Few signs which prove that you’re doing better than you think in your relationship. So, we mark down a few ways you can tell if you’re in a strong relationship. If these are some of the things happening in your life, then you have a reason to smile bigger. Rely on each other: Ups and downs are a part and ... Read More »

10 Things to Do When You’re Feel Angry

At anytime, you may face a problem with someone. This small problem may end up to be a big conflict if you get angry, or it may disappear if you know how to control yourself. Here are 10 steps to help you know how to act when you are angry of someone: Show it and don’t hide your anger.If you ... Read More »

30 Percent Women in MP Unaware of Methods of Contraception: FPA

Family Planning Association of India’s Bhopal branch president Dr.Mamta Mishra said “It is necessary to create awareness through media that birth control is essential component of primary and reproductive   health “. “According to study , nearly 30 percent women in MP are not aware of the methods of contraception as no such information reaches them ” she said. “Media ... Read More »

Government targets 146 districts to accelerate India’s population control drive

To achieve the country’s population control target faster,the government has decided to accelerate family planning measures by identifying 146 districts where the children born per woman is more than three and add up to 28% of population. The health ministry is set to roll out “Mission Parivar Vikas ” in these districts to create family planning awareness. The high focus ... Read More »

Keep an eye on your partner through these spying apps

No we are not saying that you should kill the free space and freedom of your partner, but at times, we do feel the need of some sort of assurance to rekindle the love. So here we are with some very interesting apps that will help you keep a track of the activities of your partner. 1. Top Spy: It ... Read More »

10 Simple and Effective Ways to Make Your Man Crazy about You

Every woman dreams of making her own man crazy about her, but unlike women, what you think might attract them usually turns them away. This a 24-step guide is for making your life easier and will actually your man always wanting more of you: 1. Make him laugh Everyone prefer to be with the one who make him happy, so ... Read More »

Why is it right to marry at your 25

“A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” How beautifully quoted, isn’t it? It is probably the biggest decision that one has to take in his life. Some people feel getting married early in their 20s is great and on the other hand, some people are ... Read More »

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