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How not having sex affects your body

Sex, Oops!  A word when spoken or talked about openly, creates a hype in a country like India. It is a big secret thing here. For some people it is a taboo subject, whereas for others it is a means to attain bliss. It is really unfortunate that people in India are not aware, how important sex education is for ... Read More »

Why Couples Fight? These are The Main 10 Reasons

Whenever you hear about a couple with relationship troubles, you reflect onto your own relationship. “At least we don’t fight like that” or “I’m glad that isn’t us” often come to mind. But what do you do when it is your relationship that is in the pits? One way to look at couple issues is to see what others are ... Read More »

How tomato and honey can boost your sex life

Men are not open to talk about their sex lives as the women because where women share everything with the female while most of the males don’t. If the guys have any problem he hesitates to share to ask for solutions from his friends, whereas women don’t. So there are many ways where you don’t have share anything to anyone and ... Read More »

Do these to avoid pregnancy!

In today;s fast paced lifestyle, we are not too sure when are we actually ready for have a baby and when not. We have certain goals ahead su, and priorities too. Hence, in situations such as these, pregnancy can be a burden. The best thing is to be cautious when you do not want to conceive. But in case of ... Read More »

How loosing weight can improve your sex life

Being overweight can lead to many problem, One of them is a low libido. Losing weight gives you an opportunity to revive your life. When you have excess weight, you surely won’t feel good about yourself. Doing exercise and losing weight helps you feel sexy enough to make love with your mate. Maintaining weight can benefits to overall health. It ... Read More »

Most bizzare sex laws from around the world; number 5 is unbelievable!

Just in case you there thinking of certain laws being bizzare and unusual, we have come up with some of the weirdest sex laws from across the world. These laws will leave you tongue tied. Have a look: 1. In Michigan, couples cannot have sex in a vehicle, unless it is parked on a property owned by them 2. A man is not ... Read More »

A condom can commit to depict the unadultarated inward cond of your Prince Charming commendably!

You are worn as a ravishing, seductress woman – a creature – a human being – an embodied soul – not an alpine argentine memorabilia or a fondant of a child’s choice or a delusion at all. Hence, it is quite natural that you are interweaved with a certain carnal, viva feeling, called – SEX. This particular subtle, ardent feeling ... Read More »

These are the TOYS – made for the ADULT GIRLS AND BIG BOYS merely!

It is rigidly, scathingly said by the shrewd, pensive and prudent people that we are nothing else but the remote controlled toys of the BIGGEST BOY – called ALMIGHTY. – The common people of the society admit this etho yet never collide. The extended world of a child is engulfed with toys actually. Toys are too much useful to develop ... Read More »

Opt a condom for a manifold of astonishing unusual

– non-sexual uses also! It is said by the selfless historians that, in ancient time, the several methods of birth control were practiced by the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks – who were inclined to be identified as the seekers of sex contentment (by the fiercely seductress ladies comprehensively). They also say that ancient Greek and Egyptian people liked to buckle ... Read More »

The must have stuffs – for your dreamy, phenomenal Honeymoon errantry!

It is an established and notable truth (not a notion) that a honeymoon errantry can yield the fanatic ambience yet amenity to a couple to recognize each other properly. As depicted by the prophecy (evolved by their precognition, not a seeming something modality at all therefore) of the prudent people – each one of the planet earth has a contagious ... Read More »

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