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Is It Okay To Masturbate After Your Marriage?

Masturbation is usually considered to be the domain of unmarried men and women. However, various surveys conducted over the years have revealed that a significant percentage of people continue to masturbate even after their marriage. The surveys have revealed that even couples with a healthy sex life tend to indulge in self-pleasure from time to time. It’s like having the ... Read More »

Surviving Abuse and Embracing New Relationships

Abuse can be of various kinds such as physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, coercive and financial. Depending on the level and intensity of abuse, the victim can experience a serious loss of confidence and self-esteem. While bruises may heal, the scars caused by psychological and emotional trauma may remain there for a long time. Another major loss is the victim’s ability ... Read More »

What Women Think When They Masturbate

Masturbation is a great stress reliever and it has also shown to boost self-esteem among women. As long as it is done within reasonable limits and there’s nothing weird or abnormal about it, masturbation can provide the desired release of pent-up emotions. So, what do women actually think when they masturbate? Is it the same as men or is it ... Read More »

Weird Men You Might Find on Dating Apps

If you frequently use dating apps, you might have come across some of the weirdest men, each with their own quirks and frailties. Most of these weird men can be classified into broader categories, making it easier for you to sift through the profiles. Here are some of the most common types of weird men you are likely to find ... Read More »

How Long It Takes For Couples to Lose Interest in Sex

Most relationships start with a bang and there’s plenty of love and passion to be shared between the partners. However, what is also true is that things become mundane after a while and it becomes a challenge to keep the spark alive in the relationship. So, how long does it actually take for couples to lose interest in sex? Well, ... Read More »

When You Don’t Have Sex for Long

Sex is nature’s bounty, a thing to enjoy and a way to propagate the human species. However, recent research studies indicate that the millennial generation is having less sex, as compared to earlier generations. Absence of sex can happen due to various reasons such as death or disability of a loved one, cancer treatment, depression, divorce proceedings, vow of celibacy, ... Read More »

10 tips to overcome being jealous on your boyfriend

jealous boy friend newspatrolling

In relationships, people tend to feel that they have absolute control over their partner’s time and life. The constant exercise of such control and the desire to have the partner’s complete attention when left unchecked over a long time may give rise to jealousy for other people or things in the boyfriend’s life. This article will provide you ten pointers ... Read More »

Ten warning signs of your boyfriend’s unfaithfulness

boyfriend ditching me

Since time immemorial, the human quest for finding the “One True Love” or the “Soulmate” continues unabated. However, in these times of instant gratification and quick boredom, it can be hard for some men to be totally faithful to their lovers. Here are ten warning signs to look out, if you think your boyfriend is hiding something from you: You ... Read More »

What Not To Do On Your First Date

A first date can be highly complex and carry a fair bit of expectations, anxiety and nervous excitement. You would be having a lot many questions in your mind and may also be focusing on creating the right impressions. A first date can be the start of an exciting relationship, so it’s important to take a few precautions. If you ... Read More »

Why It’s Good To Talk to Your Partner about Your Ex

It’s a general perception that discussing your past relations with your partner is counterproductive. However, this line of thought may not apply to every couple. As a matter of fact, discussing your ex with your partner can actually boost your ongoing relationship. Let’s take a look at some specific reasons, as to why talking to your partner about your ex ... Read More »

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