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What Women Love Most About Sex?

When it comes to sex, there are quite a few misconceptions about what women like and don’t like about sex. There are also differing opinions, as not every woman can have the same set of preferences about sex. However, the majority of women do have certain specific things they like about sex, which are described below. Foreplay: This is essential ... Read More »

Is Violence Okay In A Relationship?

Recent movie ‘Kabir Singh’ starring Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani in lead roles has sparked an intense debate about the legitimacy of violence in a relationship. While one group feels that some form of violence like a slap may occasionally be okay, others feel that there is no scope for any type of violence in a relationship. So, who is ... Read More »

Foods To Avoid After Sex

An intense session of romp up with your partner is hugely enjoyable, but it can leave you mighty hungry. Sex is a complete exercise and research studies have shown that a passionate round of sex can burn as much as 150 calories every 30 minutes. This is why we often tend to feel hungry after sex. However, just like you ... Read More »

Intimate partner violence


Why don’t women leave violent partners? The cause of harmony and fulfilling partnership is what every couple strives for- it falls under the clause of basic human needs that makes life more cherishable. Yet, violence amongst partner is prevalent among most cases, with heartbreaking accounts of intimate partner violence (IPV), leading to worst case scenarios such as death. Any physical, ... Read More »

What Men Think Is Romantic, But Isn’t

Some men will go the extra mile to express their love and affection, but it may not always work as expected. That’s because things that men think as romantic may not actually be perceived likewise by their partner. Here are some common things that men think are romantic, but it isn’t in reality. Say it with flowers: Men usually assume ... Read More »

Is Your Relationship Worth Fighting For?

What starts around talks of eternal love often finds itself washed out in the humdrum of life. Relationships are surely exciting during the initial stages, but they tend to lose their sheen overtime. So, what should be the next steps in such a scenario? Should you move on and work towards a new relationship or try to salvage your existing ... Read More »

Ways to build a happy marriage and avoid divorce

happy couple

When you start a new relationship or plan to marry, you put your best to impress each other. It is true to almost all marriages that after some time excitement diminish as the honeymoon period comes to an end and the life backs to the daily routine. The situation gets worst if the partners start demanding more and more from ... Read More »

The most effective method to Date Online Safely – 5 Useful Tips

sex relationship

In the advanced universe of scam, couples are interfacing carefully. Almost 30% of U.S. grown-ups ages 18– 24 utilize online dating locales or applications — a rate that has tripled over the most recent two years. In general, 15% of American grown-ups utilize these sites, demonstrating that the shame joined to online dating is vanishing. In 2015, the Pew ... Read More »

Online dating dissatisfaction? Not any longer

problem no money fail

My how circumstances are different. When did it happen that in case you’re single and not online dating, you’re presently the odd one? Once observed as something somewhat embarassing that you escaped your mates, singles the world over now transparently pepper their telephone screens with dating applications, share their online dating encounters, check profiles with companions and jaw sway about ... Read More »

Break the Silence – Awareness About Menstrual Hygiene

Menstrual Hygiene

Menstruation is a taboo topic and hence, awareness about menstrual hygiene is also considered to be a taboo subject in most parts of the world. In fact there are numerous myths surrounding menstruation hygiene all over the world. But when it comes to India, myths such as not showering during menstruation to avoid taking a head bath during periods are ... Read More »

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