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Valentine’s Day 101 – All You Need To Know About This Festival Of Love

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Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated across the globe on 14th February every year. When talking about Valentine’s Day, things that immediately come to mind are red roses, greeting cards, gifts, cakes and chocolates. However, if you ask people, not many would be able to provide detailed information about this festival of love. Most would say that Valentine’s Day is celebrated ... Read More »

Ridiculous misconceptions related to Indian Sex Education

sex education child

India is the land of “Kamasutra” which is a book dedicated to explanation of sex and various positions for pleasure. Given the fact that we are a country with 1,370,258,675 people, it’s high time that we start talking about sex and the safe ways to practice it. Sex education in India was introduced with an aim to reduce the instances ... Read More »

Factors To Be Taken Into Consideration While Choosing The Best Romantic Restaurant

lovers love couple in food restaurant

If you are newly weeded, then you must be searching for a good place where you can get romantic ambience and food at one place. Romantic restaurants are the best places where you can have a candle light dinner with your partner. You will love to eat while singes and guitarists will play songs for you. Nowadays many people are ... Read More »

5 Ways to Celebrate the Anniversary at Home

aniversary old couple

Want to celebrate the togetherness, the day of your wedding anniversary, but don’t want to go out? Well, no worries we have listed down five ways in which you can celebrate the anniversary at home. These five romantic ways are ideal to celebrate the wedding anniversary without stepping out of your houses. Here it goes: You can start your preparations ... Read More »

TOP Ideas for Winter Date! You’re NOT Boring Anymore!

dancing couple

It is time to go out and have fun this winter! Areyoucold? Don’tworryaboutit! Your car can be the most comfortable way of traveling over the country. You can use Green Motion car rental in Orlando, or whenever you are traveling and get the best car and the most attractive price for it. So, where are you going to go for ... Read More »

Why Do We Have A Crush

We all have gone through this phase at some point in our lives. You meet someone and almost immediately you develop strong feelings for them, irrespective of whether they like you or not. The phenomenon is called crush and it’s the time when your heart races and you get a rush. The emotions in a crush are too strong and ... Read More »

How Long Should Sex Last?

Due to our fascination with the things that we see on the screen, we are compelled to believe that a good session of sex lasts for 20-30 minutes. It’s not that it cannot last that long, but the bigger question is does it need to last that long to be enjoyable. Or is it possible to have the same level ... Read More »

How To Get Closure After A Relationship Is Over

Relationships are like boats that allow us to navigate the ocean of life and enjoy the journey as much as we want to. However, just like oceans are known to get turbulent, the same can happen to our lives. When the boat of our relationship starts to rock, it creates a lot of stress and anxiety. And when it finally ... Read More »

Rookie Mistakes Men Need To Avoid In Relationships

Men tend to assume a lot of things about their relationships, which can lead to problems. Sometimes, even when they may not have meant to hurt someone, their childish nature and carelessness may lead to actions that may be deemed inappropriate by their partner. When that happens, even small differences can trigger big fights. If you are new to relationships, ... Read More »

How to Convince Your Parents for Love Marriage

love sex dhoka

There are tribes or countries where love marriages are a debatable topic. The only marriages common are the arranged ones. Sometimes it feels unfair because you do not have the choice of choosing your partner. As the time goes by, most people never found the meanings of marriages in sense that there is no freedom to choose a partner for ... Read More »

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