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Top 10 worst countries in the world which you should avoid visiting

hill station travel holiday

The long term benefits of traveling supersede the cost and time to get to a place. Travelling can bring you immense pleasure by releasing all the stress that you have near you. The perfect stimulant for happiness is traveling. The best way to replenish your mundane life is to get out of your home, disconnect yourself from your normal routine ... Read More »

Best places all around the world to experience cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms explode every spring all around the globe. Nature seekers are attracted from different corners of the globe to observe the trees blooming pale pink and white flowers. The Japan Meteorological Corporation every year forecasts when the bloom would occur helping the onlookers to plan their trip accordingly. The world celebrates the advent of cherry blossom through organizing various ... Read More »

Things You Should Know About Visa on Arrival in Malaysia

Indians have been introduced to the Malaysia visa early in the year 2015. It was introduced to encourage Indians to visit Malaysia more instead of visiting other countries like Singapore and Thailand. However, the price of Malaysia Visa can be higher in comparison to the visas allotted by other similar countries. Usually, the costs of visa depend on the type ... Read More »

Top unique museums from different parts of the world

hollywood museum newspatrolling

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word ‘museum’ is images of stuffy galleries with security guards. However, all the museums are not equal. Some may have collections of classic artwork, poetry and statues while there are also some unconventional and quirky museums around the world. So, it’s time to forget the art and history museums ... Read More »

Top places near India you can visit without Visa

Dalai Lama once said that travelling is a wonderful thing, go to a place you’ve never been before once a year. To satiate the curiosity to see what lies beyond often travellers have to go through some legal formalities to another country, that is, Visa. Though getting a Visa isn’t much trouble but its still amazing to know that there ... Read More »

Top deadliest tourist destinations in the world

deadliest tourist destination

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word –Vacation? Well, vacations are more often linked to refreshment and relaxation, aren’t they? Perhaps, there are people who are more into the mysterious side of it; they are more courteous to deadly stuff rather than seeking relaxation. If you are one among them, then here ... Read More »

Top 5 macabre tourist attractions in the globe

Traditional tourist ideas like theme parks and tourist traps just don’t cut it for travellers who delight in the darker side of life. If you are a person who keeps an interest in visiting weird and creepy places, we have put together top 5 macabre tourist attractions around the globe to feed your morbid curiosity. Museo De Ias Momias, Mexico ... Read More »

How To Get Confirmed IRCTC Train Tickets During Festive Season

Getting a confirmed train ticket during the festive season can be a challenge, as there’s a significant surge in the number of train travellers during this period. Even though Indian Railways has introduced various programs such as ‘Vikalp’ and ‘Confirmation Probability’ checker to help passengers, getting a confirmed ticket during the festive rush is still not easy. Let’s take a ... Read More »

Coorg Tourism: Explore the ‘Scotland’ of India

Coorg, a perpetually misty landscape is surrounded all over with huge lush green mountain ranges. It has got an altitude of around 1525 metres. Misty hills, tea plantations, coffee plantations, lush greenery, undulating streams, and orange covers all blend together to glorify the natural appearance of this hill station. Raja’s Seat, Omkareshwar temple, Abbey Falls, Bylakuppe Tibetan settlement, Madikeri Fort, ... Read More »

Things you need to remember before travelling to Australia

While Australia is hyped with the Kangaroos, Koala bears, and pristine beaches, there are high chances of you missing out on things or sometimes facing weird situation because of lack of proper information. The continent is huge and consists of a whole world within itself. So without any further delay, let’s get started with the things that you must remember ... Read More »

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