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Tuesday , 23 October 2018
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Now is the Time to Plan your Winter Vacation

Your Cheat Sheet to Stay Healthy This Winter newspatrolling

With the prospect of Navratras, Durga Pujas, Dussehra, Diwali, Id-e-milad and Christmas in the offing this winter, there is ample opportunity for adventure lovers to explore their preferred destinations. But because there is the unfortunate likelihood of rush in travel bookings, it is advisable that holiday-goers start planning early. You may already have a destination in mind or a certain ... Read More »

How to Find a Balance Between Outdoor Connection & Solitude?

holidays in Morocco

There are plenty of studies that show the benefits of being lone. Alone doesn’t mean lonely or not having anyone as a helping hand. But it is just another name of a solitude. Solitude is the time that enhances your productivity if utilized in a right way. Meanwhile, I was planning my family halal holidays in Morocco, many other people ... Read More »

World Best EDC Knives for Hiking and travel

knives for tracking

Are you looking for KDC knife? Usually, EDC knives are used for safety. EDC stands for “Every Day Carry”. You can put it in your pocket every time. Everyone did different tasks during the day. Usually, people use these knives for the packaging purpose of the place where medical emergencies are common. Before buying any knife you can focus on ... Read More »

Travel to India to Discover the Authentic Hindu and Sikh Traditions In 2019

travel places

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world and, at the same time, among those that count the greatest number of holidays. The passing of the centuries has changed many things in India, but the celebration of religious traditions remains one of the popular priorities. In the wake of Hinduism the caste of Sikhs, religious and warriors, founded their faith ... Read More »

Tours you must take before 30

Dubai Adventure

From 29 years to 30 years, we feel we have jumped one more generation ahead. We still feel young at 29 but once we turn 30, we start feeling old. However, for travellers, the travelling ignition remains on always. For the travel enthusiasts, age does not matter much but we are here with some destinations that you must travel before ... Read More »


travel places

Do you happen to be a true nature lover looking to experience a close encounter of the wild kind? Here are a few must-visit destinations across the world curated by RCI to satisfy your inner nature lover. With RCI offering stay options in all of the below destinations, go ahead and plan this wild trip right away! Costa Rica, Central ... Read More »

9 Travel Tips For A Memorable Road Trip

road trip

Planning a road trip is always fun and most people love to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Travelling is a great way to spend time with your family or friends, and it is often regarded as a good stress buster. It doesn’t matter where you are heading, if you are planning to drive or ride, ... Read More »



With the half of 2018 well behind us, you’re probably looking forward to the festival-packed second half. As Independence Day 2018 approaches, a majority of us are eager to appreciate the peace of a laidback holiday more than anything else. With one day off on your hands (and maybe a couple of days added to that), why not travel to ... Read More »

Top 5 Monsoon Destinations in and around Nagpur

mansoon destination

Nagpur is much more than just oranges. After the onset of monsoons, the city lights up back to life with greens all over. Now, not everyone knows this but Nagpur holds the tag of being the 2nd greenest city in the country. Something so green when decked with the beauty of water all over surely makes up for a great ... Read More »

Explore these destinations for an experience of lifetime


Travelers today know plenty of things about various destinations in the world. There are thrilling possibilities in the world to explore and some of them are daunting as well. We have come here with our list of the places to explore that will leave a special mark on your life. Travelling the following destinations will be like entering a completely ... Read More »

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