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How to ensure the hotel you are booking in is safe — tips for women travelers

This women’s day let’s discuss ways in which you can make travel safe for the Indian woman. Even if women steer clear of risky small time resorts or even if they travel to developing countries or even if they don’t speak their local language or even if they’re traveling alone it is absolutely possible for women to travel safely. For today’s women, ... Read More »

The Deltin Daman-The Hotspot Getaway This Monsoon

The monsoons are here and so are the lush green trees and the flowers. The fresh smell of earth, the colorful nature and the grey skies with the sun peaking from the clouds creates a wonderful sight.  All of this creates a mood for quick tea breaks and some delicious hot pakodas. Monsoons create a mood for your mini breaks ... Read More »

7 Awesome Destinations And Experiences In Dubai

burj khaleefa

A global city and a prominent business hub in the entire Middle East, Dubai has everything you can dream of. A popular tourist destination, Dubai is where you get to experience the glorious sun and sand, the vast mystifying desert, world’s best luxury hotels, futuristic infrastructure, finest shopping deals, scrumptious food, and rich cultural heritage and traditions. By the way, ... Read More »

ISCKON Vrindavan experience

God iskon radha krishna

I visited ISCKON vrindavan during my pre final year with bunch of my fellowmates(there was a group in college dedicated towards isckon) .It was definitely a worthwhile experience and few things i observed were:- Isckon works like an organization. It is one of largely expanded religious organization in world claiming to spread consciousness about krishna whole over the world.They claim ... Read More »

Attra’s Holiday and Camping Farms- WHERE NATURE SPEAKS…

attra farm house

In today’s age and the fast-paced city life, a farm stay closer to the city yet away from the chaos is a must. A weekend stay where we connect with nature is truly what is required to get back to the natural state of mind. The farm is set in Karjat, an unexplored valley of nature between Mumbai and Pune ... Read More »

Top tourist attractions in Australia that started as a joke


Well-known for their sense of humour, Australians like to poke fun at everyone. They laugh at themselves, laugh at each other, and love to poke fun at bureaucracy. No wonder that some of the quirkiest tourist attractions might have started out as a bit of a joke. Mentioned below are some of the top tourist attractions in Australia that started ... Read More »

Top Places That Might Soon Vanish Due to Rising Sea Level

travel sea boat

Global Warming has caused the most pressing issue that is the rapidly rising sea levels, which are threatening the future of at least 52 countries with a population of 62 million. Though climate change poses a major threat to the entire planet but listed below are some places that could soon completely disappear due to global climate change. Maldives: Located ... Read More »

Hampta Pass: A 4-day Trekking Expedition


Himachal Pradesh is an ideal location for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With nature flourishing all around, Himachal has been a trekker’s first love! People from all over the world come to this unpolluted, glorious, and serene place to nurture their soul and mind, also to cherish nature’s beauty. The Looming mountain ... Read More »

Popular Terrains for Snowboarding in the World


During the winter season, Snowboarding makes up about 30% of resort revenues. People believe snowboarding gives them a great feeling. Depending on where you go, you can adore some serene and spectacular scenery. Though there are many fascinating and beautiful resorts in the world, you must be confused about where you should be spending the time of your life. We ... Read More »

Golden Triangle of India Sparkles More With Oberoi Hotels Luxury!!!

oberoi golden traingle

Luxury must be a state of mind for many but for me, luxury is lavish rooms, illustrious dining, and bountiful hospitality. My freedom to choose and having my own time is also Luxury to me. Luxury during traveling is the comfort, in the sumptuous room, safe and well-equipped conveyance and someone to cater my every whim… I have been to ... Read More »

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