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Saturday , 19 August 2017
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Best places to visit when in Gujarat

Gujarat is indeed one of the most beautiful states of India, owing to its rich culture, tradition, and fun-loving people. Though there are multiple reasons that you will love Gujarat for, we bring to you the top attractions of the state that will make you fall in love with this place all over again. Runn Utsav: This is undoubtedly the ... Read More »

Travel tips for the monsoons

Rainy season lifts up our mood like anything. It washes away all our worries and refreshes our mind and body. Another thing that comes up in our minds when we see the rains is of going on a trip with family or friends. Though tripping in the rainy season might seems like a super excellent idea but it has its ... Read More »

Here’s how dirty your flight seats are!

You might have heard this quite a few times before as well from some people but probably might not have given much thought to it. The fact is however absolutely correct. It’s a universally accepted truth of travel that airplanes are often nasty, germ-filled, places. If you are boarding a plane that has had a short turnaround from its previous ... Read More »

Road trip tips

Road trips are so amazing and also so different from train/flight travel. Nothing can beat the fun, enjoyment, and enthusiasm of road trips. The very idea of road trips gives us a chill down our spine. But one also needs to be extra cautious whenever heading for a road trip.  Below are some important pointers that should be kept in ... Read More »

Things to know before heading to Sweden

I know this post might not be applicable for most of you, but I can assure you it will be nothing short of interesting stuff to know. Sweden is a very beautiful place, and hence a dream destination for many people.  Before heading to any new place, one should research about the place entirely and plan the trip accordingly. Here, ... Read More »

Travel to these expensive countries in an affordable manner

Everyone has a dream vacation destination in mind. They always dream of going to that place, but many a times it does not happen due to financial crunch. It happens with most of us. And the, we end up sacrificing our dream and opting for a relatively cheaper holiday destination. But today we going to share with you some tips ... Read More »

#CantBeMissed | 8 Reasons You Cannot Miss the Eighth Edition of Mountain Echoes Literary Festival

THE DANCE OF THE DRUMS One of Bhutan’s best kept secrets, the DRAMETSE NGACHAM or dance of the drums, is a sacred dance performed to honor 8th-century Buddhist master, Padmasambhava. The traditional dance sees sixteen masked male dancers and ten musicians represent the revered deities as they perform to a symphony of cymbals, trumpets and drums. Divided into two parts, a ... Read More »

Backpacking tips for women

Packing smartly is the tr one of the most important and crucial elements of travelling. If you do not pack smartly, your trip might not be a pleasant one. Especially when it comes to girls/women, they are more worried with this. For them, packing is indeed an art since it requires putting in least number of clothes, yet not run ... Read More »

Do this to keep you healthy while travelling

Though we all would admit that there’s no other joy as blissful as the joy of travelling, but we also can’t ignore the fact that it actually can take a toll on our health as we tend to deviate from our daily routine. Hence, one should be cautious of the schedule that one is opting for and also be watchful ... Read More »

Your Spiritual Vacation just gets organized with the launch of spiritualyatra

–     Explore untapped 750 Spiritual Destinations across India –     Across boundaries, across religion –      Spiritual Yatra, recommends you Top 10 Spiritual Destinations Mumbai, 24th April 2015: India’s colossal ‘spiritual tourism’ is up for grabs! With 75,000 visitors a day on an average, mostly on pilgrimage to the abode of Lord Venkateswara, another Sri Haridham, first-of-its-kind mythological and spiritual theme park, coming up at the foot of ... Read More »

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