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Operation Headmaster

children kids tention stress anxiety

Children of foreigners are studying openly in private schools under EWS (Economic weaker section) category in Delhi. For free admission in schools, the seats which are supposed to be available to the citizens of the state first, are being occupied by people from outside. To expose this rigging, Zee Hindustan conducted a huge sting operation named Operation Headmaster. This sting ... Read More »

Global Asset Management Report: Top 8 Investment Scams to Be Aware of

If you’re eager to invest your hard-earned money, there are plenty of opportunities out there. Tons of people are looking forward to investing money in differenttypes of stock and numbers show that doing this can bring significant results. Statistically, for the S$P 500 Index, between 2011 and 2020, the average annual return on the stocks market was 13.9%. However, even ... Read More »

Rising Matrimonial Frauds – How To Avoid The Risks?

fraud cheat

Matrimonial sites have been a boon for folks looking to find the right partner and get married. There are innumerable success stories that these platforms have created over the years. However, if there’s light, there’s bound to be darkness too. In that sense, matrimonial sites have also been attracting fraudsters and cheaters. These criminals frequent such sites, primarily to loot ... Read More »

Beware of fake social media accounts created for purpose of deception — AutoForSure

AutoForSure has today reminded the public to be circumspect of fake accounts created on social media for the purpose of fraud and cheating. AutoForSure wrote a message on their official page, “We – AutoForSure, do not hire anyone on Facebook/Instagram. Please do not fall for dummy/fake profiles under our names promising 100% approved recruitment on AutoForSure.” According to AutoForSure, cyber ... Read More »

Multiple Sexual Assault Allegations Against ‘Goldbergs’ Star Surface

Four women have come forward and accused  actor and comedian Bryan Callen, who is best known for his role in ABC’s The Goldbergs, of sexual assault. On Friday, July 31, the Los Angeles Times reported that some of the claims against Callen date back to 1999, with others occurring as recently as 2017. The primary claim comes from actress Katherine Fiore ... Read More »

Worst serial killers in the history: What pushed them?

Forensic drama and cop shows had taught us that serial killers are not a part of the race of human being. They are monsters! These cunning, diabolical, predators hide in shadows. So what does it take to become a monster? What is the driving force behind committing such heinous crimes? Read on to know about worst serial killers in history ... Read More »

ISI of Pakistan now focused on hiring European journalists for propaganda


A controversial British journalist has gone all low in continuing senseless propaganda against the Bangladesh government and the country’s apex intelligence agency – the Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) by falsely accusing it of having hands behind forced disappearance and trial of the war criminals.   Who is the journalist?    David Bergman first traveled from Birmingham, England, to Bhopal in March ... Read More »

Intimate partner violence


Why don’t women leave violent partners? The cause of harmony and fulfilling partnership is what every couple strives for- it falls under the clause of basic human needs that makes life more cherishable. Yet, violence amongst partner is prevalent among most cases, with heartbreaking accounts of intimate partner violence (IPV), leading to worst case scenarios such as death. Any physical, ... Read More »

Why Buddha Purnima is the next target of ISIS?


It was Taliban who destroyed the century-old Buddha statues of Bamyan in Afghanistan. The same Taliban who were once patronized by Pakistan armed forces and then left with no purpose and source of living when the purpose is solved.   The Muslims all around the world have been seen as an enemy to society and country too. Especially after the ... Read More »

Biggest scams in the history of India

Scams and corruptions are mainly responsible for the bad situation of politics that we find in India today. These scams and corruption incidences have shamed India in front of the world. The reason for the biggest scams that have been recorded in India is some or other way connected to political leaders and the power of wealthy people in India. ... Read More »

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