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Thursday , 29 June 2017
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No Conviction on Police shooting on 3 trials

Samuel DuBose, Sylville Smith and Philando Castile all ended up losing life after police firing. The police officers fired their weapons, saying they had feared for their lives. All the cases started with a routine traffic stop. A black man is pulled over by a police officer. The driver had no license plate. The cop thought the driver looked like ... Read More »

Mom admits leaving 2 kids in hot car as a punishment

Cynthia Marie Randolph, 24, was being held Saturday on two counts of causing serious bodily injury to a child. Parker County Sheriff’s investigators arrested Cynthia in connection with the death of her two children, a 16-month-old boy and a 2-year-old girl. Randolph initially said she was inside her home folding laundry and watching TV while her kids played in an ... Read More »

Woman, 24, Allegedly Raped In Car At Parking Of South Delhi Mall

A 24-year-old woman was allegedly raped in a car parked at a famous south Delhi mall, police said on Tuesday. Police said the incident occurred on Monday evening when the accused, identified as Sonu Singh, called the woman at Select City Walk mall on the pretext of a job opportunity in a hotel. The woman has alleged in her complaint ... Read More »

Indonesian Prison Escape

Four foreign nationals have escaped the Bali’s Kerokoban Prison using a tunnel, the Indonesian police are searching for the prisoners. Earlier they were identified as Australian Shaun Edward Davidson, Bulgarian Dimitar Nikolov, Indian Sayed Muhammad and Malaysian Tee Kok King. Officials said prison guards became aware of the escape while conducting a morning check of inmates at the Kerobokan jail ... Read More »

‘Illegal surrogacy’ racket busted in Hydrerabad

The Hyderabad police on Saturday nabbed a surrogacy racket that has been active in the Sai Kiran Infertility Hospital here in Banjara Hills. According to investigation reports, as many as 46 women are being illegally confined to the hospital during their nine-month pregnancy term, in exchange for around Rs. 2.5 to 3.5 lakh. Most women who have fallen prey to ... Read More »

Judge declares mistrial in Cosby’s trial

The Jury in the Bill Cosby trial failed to reach a verdict which lead the judge to declare a mistrial on Saturday. The panel consist of five women and seven men were unable to come to a consensus in the court room that was for the public eyes. The trial was also witnessed by dozens of women who had accused ... Read More »

Rajasthan Man thrashed for stopping officials from clicking defecating women, dies

A 55 year old man in Rajasthan was allegedly beaten to death by Minicipal Council employees after he tried to stop them from clicking photographs of women defecating in the open. He was allegedly kicked, punched and beaten with stick.  He died later at hospital. A case of murder has been registered but so far no arrests have been made. ... Read More »

राजधानी पटना में दिनदहाड़े पति पत्नी की हत्या

सरकार लाख दावे कर ले की  बिहार में कानून का राज है लेकिन अपराधियो ने सरकार के दावों की पोल खोल कर रख दी ताजा मामला राजधानी पटना से सटे नौबतपुर थाना क्षेत्र के फरीदपुरा गांव का है जहा दिन दहाडे  जमीनी विवाद को लेकर  भतीजा ने अपने ही चाचा  विश्वनाथ उपाध्याय 60 वर्ष  और चाची  कुसुम देवी  55 वर्ष ... Read More »

Real Madrid back’s star player Ronaldo over Tax evasion

Real Madrid is backing its Star Player Cristiano Ronaldo over Tax allegations by Spain of defrauding Spanish authorities of $16.4 million in tax. The Spanish club said it has full confidence in the player and 32-year-old forward will prove his “total innocence.” On Tuesday, the prosecutor’s office in Madrid said that between 2011 and 2014 Ronaldo had used a “business ... Read More »

Republican Politician Scalise Shot

In a shocking incident a gunman shot A US Republican politician and aides during baseball practice in Virginia. As per the reports, House of Representatives Majority Whip Steve Scalise and aides had been hit by gunfire. The incident happened at a congressional baseball team practice session. US President Trump has been appraised of the situation and he has condemned the ... Read More »

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