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Wednesday , 19 December 2018
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Health Regime: New Year Resolution

girls gym

With year 2019 around the corner, people must have started thinking of a New Year resolution. The most common among the list of new resolution is living a healthy life and hitting the gym. Even in India, people want to take steps towards living healthy life but there is no denial that people in our country are little adamant when ... Read More »

List of Best 25 Members Parliament Announced by Sandeep Marwah


Renowned Magazine Fame India declared and released the list of 25 Best Members of Parliament finalized by Asia Post Survey 2018 informed by International Media Guru Sandeep Marwah, Founder of Noida Film City and Chairman of Shreshth Saansad Award Committee. “There are 543 MPs who have won the election in the Lok Sabha. The Fame India-Asia Post Survey jointly selected ... Read More »

Probiotics Explained: Insight into DuPont’s Bloggers Meet at Bangalore

dupont blogger meet

The mere mention of bacteria living inside us could make the hairs on your body stand with creepy feeling but believe it or not, they live inside of you. Now, you need to understand the fact that every microorganism living inside you isn’t harmful; some of them are actually beneficial for your body. At times, this good bacterial population inside ... Read More »

How To Remove Stains And Smells From Cloth


You are during a rush to urge to figure, and you spill low down your favorite shirt. Or even your youngsters have gone unusually silent within the alternative space, which may solely mean a stain odor everywhere your floor cover or favorite piece of article of furniture. Then there’s that feast wherever a minimum of 3 guests got a small ... Read More »

MS India Curvy Gets An Overwhelming response at Mumbai Auditions

ms india

  Post the huge success of Mrs. India Pride of Nation and other beauty pageants with a cause like Mrs Punjab – Pride of Nation and Mrs Delhi-NCR, Glamour Gurgaon is back with Ms.India Curvy. This pageant not only focusses on Breast Cancer Awareness but also addresses one of the main social stigma of body shaming. Women of plus sizes ... Read More »

Mortality due to heart diseases increases by 50% in winter

children medicine and health

Risk is higher in people with existing heart problems or family history of the condition New Delhi, 13 December 2018: Studies conducted in western countries have shown that the number of heart attacks and related deaths are higher in winter months. The mortality rate due to heart attacks may be as much as 50% higher in the cold.[1] It is imperative to ... Read More »

Common Issues of Drywall Cracks – How to Fix these


Drywall repair is something that is often faced by all homeowners. Drywalls can very easily be cracked or even completely punched through die to the light and thin materials used to make it. Since this is a repair job that homeowners have to get quite often, it is best to find a company that suits your needs perfectly. This is ... Read More »

Health Advisory on Poor Air Quality and Winter Allergies

With rising toxic air in Pune causing allergies, bacterial, viral and fungal infections, infants and pregnant women are at greater risk of contracting winter ailments. The body undergoes hormonal changes during pregnancy making the immune system sensitive and more prone to allergies. Infants immune system is still developing and hence they are also prone to infections Like every year, air ... Read More »

8 Easy Hacks to Save On Your Electricity Bill


With the increasing prices of electricity, people are always looking for ways to cut their utility bills. When people use electricity in their homes, they are not aware of their usage. The inefficient use of electricity is the main reason for the hike in utility bills. However, there are many ways to use electricity efficiently and control your utility bills. ... Read More »

Personal Transportation Trends We Can Expect in the Future

car travel

At the moment, technology is developing at an astounding pace, which blurs the line not only between present and future but also between future and futuristic. Just a couple of decades ago, personal communication in commercial vehicles would have been considered preposterous, even Sci-Fi-like, yet, nowadays, it’s harder to find a car without an option for hands-free communication. Augmented reality ... Read More »

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