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Beware of fake social media accounts created for purpose of deception — AutoForSure

AutoForSure has today reminded the public to be circumspect of fake accounts created on social media for the purpose of fraud and cheating. AutoForSure wrote a message on their official page, “We – AutoForSure, do not hire anyone on Facebook/Instagram. Please do not fall for dummy/fake profiles under our names promising 100% approved recruitment on AutoForSure.” According to AutoForSure, cyber ... Read More »

Understanding The Latest Draft Of India’s Occupational Safety, Health, and Working Conditions Rules

Workplace safety accidents in India claim 48,000 fatalities each year, according to the latest study by the British Safety Council. In light of this heavy casualty toll, the Ministry of Labour and Employment has seen fit to draft a set of rules for workplaces to follow. Taking cues from the safety standards of countries such as Singapore and the United States, the draft ... Read More »

5 Ways in which Dudes and Dolls, The Cosmic School changing the concept of pre-schooling

In India, pre-schooling has been recently organized as a sector or segment by the government of India, the new education policy launched by the Government of India in the year 2020 reflects the need for attention to the pre-schooling as a separate and specialized requirement for the development of the children rather than just looking at it as fulfillment or ... Read More »

Top 7 Rice Producing States Of India

India is the second-largest producer of rice in the world. It produces and exports Basmati rice and many other types of rice. In 2019 the country will produce more than 100 tonnes of rice. India exports rice to several nations; Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Iran, Canada, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait. India is the largest exporter of Basmati rice globally. It ships around ... Read More »

Human Rights Day 2020: Build Back Better

Preach Humanity to Practice Human Rights On 10 December we celebrate human rights, in commemoration of the day when the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. That Declaration forms the backbone of the human rights architecture of our societies, where each of us – without discrimination – has the right to live and thrive ... Read More »

Trending Looks This Navratri

jewellery modelling

Come October and the festive season comes alive in full swing! We couldn’t be more excited, especially this year. A celebration with family and friends that is full of love, laughter and hope is the need of the hour – even if it is virtual! So, if you are wondering what to wear on this special occasion of Navratri/Pujo- we ... Read More »

Kaneez Surka With Harshita Dagha On Improv Comedy Battle, Sustenance Of Art And Pursuing Hobbies In Pandemic

In a world where la comédie predominantly relies on audience reactions and a reassuring ambience, how stand-up is managing to whet the audience’s appetite in a pandemic situation is of interest, for all and sundry. Comedian Kaneez Surka, who has quite shaken the world of improv with her smooth wit and piquant comebacks explains how comedy eventuates from home. “Digital ... Read More »

Military Influence On Fashion

Heroes and beauties go hand in hand since time immortal; so, it is no wonder that military uniform has influenced the fashion of the era. Whether worn as a tribute to the brave soldiers or in consideration of war effort here are some notable military influences on the fashion industry over the centuries. And it is not only female fashion ... Read More »

The Mediocre Mindset of Media Mafia’s

online business investment

The story of never ending conjecture and the judgemental society. Gone are the days when education, unemployment, Inflation, environment, economic crisis and social issues use to make the headlines. Sadly we are living in the Era of agenda based Journalism. It is a shame to see how the media in our country has an order of business which pays no ... Read More »

5 Benefits of Decorating your House with Wooden Furniture

sofa kids furniture

With time, materials like aluminium, steel, plastic, glass might have revolutionised the furniture industry, but the class and elegance of wooden furniture remains unbeaten. Wood has been used since time immemorial in manufacturing furniture and is still used. It is undeniably a staple material used in manufacturing furniture and would continue to be so. Its timeless appeal and everlasting nature ... Read More »

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