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Sankranti is generally called as Harvest Festival, which is celebrated in mid-winter. Winter is the time for viral and bacterial infections. Our ancestors did not have the knowledge about the nutritional requirements, calories and other content of the food. But festivals are designed to take care of the climatic conditions. Food Prepared during this festival helps to keep the body ... Read More »

Five govt schemes that farmers must know

The Indian farmers’ dependence on rainfall and other climate conditions, which are increasingly unpredictable, is one major reason for fluctuating agricultural production. The government recognizes the plight of farmers and has started various programs to ease the misery of the nation’s cultivators. Though beneficial, few farmers are aware about the existence of these programs. Dhanuka Agritech, one of India’s leading agrochemical ... Read More »

Sip for Health

water glass

: ‘Water Bell’ Initiative Drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day is something that has been repeatedly ingrained in our heads since kindergarten. Taking a sip of this life-saving essence has also reserved a spot on our to-do list. However, despite the influx in smart water gadgets and apps, the quest to increase our water intake is easier ... Read More »

5 tips for caring for your pooch this winter

girl snow fall

It is a common myth that dogs have a better in-built cold handling mechanism than humans. This assumption is made on the fact that dogs have fur covering their body. However, this statement is farther from the truth, and your pet family does feel the severity of the winter. This season comes with its perks of bliss and frostbite. Humans ... Read More »

What makes us desire living in lavish hotels? Here’s what Claridges Chairman Suresh Nanda has to say!

Staying over in a luxurious hotel room is something we all fancy! The comfortable beds, steaming bath tubs and soaked in rose petals, balconies cordoning the madness of the city, terraces that boast a picture-perfect skyline —speaking of which we already are dreaming our next getaway. While talking to the Chairman of Claridges, Suresh Nanda, who has been in the ... Read More »

How to Get Children to Help You in Cleaning

house cleaning services in Boston MA

Cleaning is known to be a very meditative activity. It is said that as one clears the clutter around them, they also clear the clutter from their mind. But, in a home where children rule the floor, it becomes difficult to create that space and keep the home neat and tidy. However, Marie Kondo, the renowned author and organizing specialist ... Read More »

Inadequate donation centers

funds for donation and donors are pressing hard on India’s bone marrow donation rate India staggers with a significantly lesser number of bone marrow donors and stooping bone marrow donation rates, despite increasing demand for bone marrow transplants in the country. A recent report revealed that cancer has outrun cardiovascular diseases and emerged to be the topmost killer globally. While ... Read More »

Severe Crisis for Domestic Poultry

if Govt. Reduces Import Duty on Chicken Legs from USA New Delhi, 4th November, 2019: The Poultry Farming Community has requested the Prime Minister of India, not to contemplate the reduction in the Import Duty on chicken legs from present 100% to 30% as reported in the media, under pressure from USA. It will affect millions of poultry farmers across the ... Read More »

What is the purpose of dual flush toilet and how does it function?

Unlike the standard American toilets, solid and liquid waste is handled in different ways in the dual flush toilet systems. In countries like Australia, the dual flush toilet has become very popular as it serves the purpose of conserving water. The modern-day toilets are provided with two different switches; one is a smaller one and the other one is larger. ... Read More »

Body-Worn Cameras Essential Gear for Police Personals

 To Capture Real time Evidence In today’s technological era of advanced equipment, we are quite adaptive in using latest products to ensure safety and security of us as well as society. In past few years it’s quite evident to see the usage of internet has increases manifold. And in that course, these days anyone can easily upload video footage on ... Read More »

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