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Saturday , 20 October 2018
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India loses 15-25 percent potential crop output due to pests, weeds, and diseases. Harvest and post-harvest loss of India’s major agricultural produce are estimated at Rs 92,651 crore ($13 billion), according to data published by the ministry of food processing industries on August 9, 2016. The numbers have gotten far worse this year. In February 2017, an ICAR scientist stated ... Read More »

Announcing the winners of Empress Universe State Contest

ms shelly maheswari

~Winners to participate in Empress Universe Country contest 2018~ Empress Universe, an International Beauty Pageant headquartered in India announced State Winners of Empress Universe 2018. The Grand Finale of Empress Universe is to be held on 9th December, 2018 in Goa. 700 participants were selected in the State Contest worldwide. Out of these 700 participants 212 got selected for the Country Contest. Winners of Country contest will ... Read More »

RBI’s recent decisions against YES Bank and Bandhan Bank appears Short-Sighted


Organizations like RBI are the custodian of banking and financial system in the country. They are expected to take prudent, unbiased decisions that would benefit the entire ecosystem. However, going by the recent decisions taken by RBI, it appears that the situation is quite the opposite. Take the example of YES Bank, which had to pay a high price for ... Read More »

Obesity: Mother of Many Diseases

child obesity

Due to fast changing/sedentary life style and increasing affordability caloric consumption of present generation has increased by many fold while the calorie burning capacity has decreased tremendously. Many of the present day children and youngsters, especially in cities, do not know what it is to be hungry! They are fed repeatedly during the day and eating out has become a ... Read More »

India Needs to Talk About Mental Health

Mental health

India is standing on the threshold of a mental health epidemic with more number of people affected by mental health issues in India than the entire population of Japan. According to 2015-16 National Mental Health Survey (NMHS) survey, every sixth person in India needs mental health help. To compound the problem, India has just about 5,000 psychiatrists and less than ... Read More »


Kalka–Shimla Journey with Toy Train newspatrolling

Road trips are definitely fun, but boarding a train is one of the finest ways to see the world. Here are 10 reasons to consider trains: Comfort Airplane seats can be squishy, cars are cramped, and buses are too bumpy. Hence, the most substantial advantage of train travel is the space enabling to stretch in comfort. Food Train offers the chance to ... Read More »

Engage Beneficial Ways for Online Cake Shopping

couple cake bride cake

One of the greatest methods to share your warmth with a special person is by gifting cakes to him or her on birthday. Gifting cakes let the bond sturdy and keep the relationship everlastingly. However, while you make a decision to select a cake, your pick should not be so complex. You can get some advantages by using online shops ... Read More »

ET Smart Mobility Summit 2018 Unravels New Insights about Future of Transportation

ETsmart mobility 2018

The Economic Times Smart Mobility Summit 2018, held at The Ashok, New Delhi, on September 28, was a great learning experience for everyone. ET Smart Mobility Summit is focused on providing a common platform to all stakeholders, so that the blueprint for the future of smart transportation can be developed in the most effective and sustainable manner. The Summit was ... Read More »

Importance of Using Mobile Polling App for Conducting Surveys

Right to Vote

Usage of opinion polls is done for estimating the public opinion on certain specific matters. This method is loved by government and politicians but it is much useful for companies to know the action of the people to a planned action or product. Mobile polling app is useful in numerous cases, but they are most beneficial for businesses for conducting research. ... Read More »

‘Ayurveda places the heart at the centre of different physical and spiritual principles’

hospice care

Ayurveda places the heart at the centre of different physical and spiritual principles. For instance, the heart is considered central inMarma therapy.Similarly, the AnahataChakra which resides in the heart is at the centre of all the seven chakras. Ojas, the essence of energy and immunity is also located in the heart. Everyone knows that the heart is crucial for survival, ... Read More »

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