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Tuesday , 19 March 2019
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Can there be another festival which is as vibrant and free-spirited as Holi? We don’t think so. This celebration of life, love and the onset of spring has many variations across India and beyond. If you are on a lookout for the best places to celebrate Holi in 2019, here’s a list of one-of-a-kind destinations that will notch up your ... Read More »

5 Things To Consider When Moving Into A New Home

home shifting

Moving to a new house is for sure a moment of great excitement,and it gets double you have the safest relocation. Unfortunately, moving is a hectic task,and you cannot handle it all alone as there are lots of things to cater at one time. Though there are moving experts that can help you in proceeding with a smooth moving there ... Read More »

How to pick jewelry according to face shape?

earring jewellery fashion

Jewelry plays a very intimate role in every woman’s life. With changing times, the jewelry designs are evolving too by adapting various shapes and versatile colors to accentuate the appearance of a woman. In the passing years, demand for artificial jewelry has increased because of their attractiveness and affordability. As many a woman looks for variations in their accessories as ... Read More »

Hottest Mangalsutra designs that you need to know about!


Mangalsutra, when literally translated, means “an auspicious thread”. This holy thread is tied by the Hindu groom around the neck of his bride on the wedding day. Made with black beads, this two stringed necklace has a pendant as its center piece. Most North Indian weddings are incomplete without a Mangalsutra. But it should be noted in this respect, that ... Read More »

ASCI urges consumers to take action against misleading advertisements on ‘World Consumer Rights Day

consumer right

World Consumer Rights Day’, originated in 1983, is an occasion to remind the world about the importance of observing and enforcing consumer rights. It is celebrated with a purpose to unite the consumers and reiterate that corporations must keep in mind their responsibilities. Advertising is an indispensable mode of communication and has always been an important medium to persuade consumers ... Read More »

Why kidney health for everyone, everywhere is a must to reduce burden

world kidney day newspatrolling how to keep your kidney healthy via diet

Due to its high prevalence, morbidity and mortality, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) has become one of the pressing public health issues in India. This is mostly because of lack of adequate accessibility to treatment owing to large number of patients below the poverty line, low gross domestic product and reduced allocations for healthcare. According to latest report by Indian Council ... Read More »

Bollywood movies inspiring youth with fashionable jewelleries


Bollywood movies play the sole source of culture in India for decades now. The young generation seems to have been inspired by its fashion culture too. By attending any Indian wedding you will get the proof for the influence that Bollywood has on the Indian society. The pieces of jewellery adorned by Deepika Padukone in the latest hit movie Padmaavat ... Read More »

More effective drugs developed for Hypovolemic Shock

Hypovolemic Shock

11th March 2019, New Delhi: Pharmazz India Pvt. Ltd during ‘Pharmazz investigator’s meeting’ presented its 09 years of research done for developing life saving drugs. These drugs developed by Pharmazz will be helpful in cases of accidents, maternal mortality, diarrhea, burns, etc. as these can control excessive blood loss or fluid loss from the patient’s body to such an extent that ... Read More »

Learn 4 Important Responsibilities of the Nurse in Institutes


Nursing is one of the noblest professions but is challenging too. The nurses have various responsibilities to be handled at a time. As a nurse, they are required to plan nursing care requirements, provide pre- and post-operation care, write records, supervise junior staff, monitor and administer medication, take samples, temperatures and blood pressures, and provide emotional support to patients and ... Read More »

Were Hindu Festivals Like Holi, Diwali Celebrated During Mughal Rule?

The Indian subcontinent has seen various rulers throughout history, which explains the diversity that we see in present day India. In the last 1000 years, the Indian subcontinent has been ruled majorly by people who invaded this land. The concept of a nation was somehow lost, which led to the mushrooming of small kings and chieftains. Since there was no ... Read More »

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