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Meerut can prevent over 90% of COVID-19 Cases and Deaths if the Red Light Area remains closed

Study from Academicians from Yale School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School Closing red light area could save lives inMeerut Meerut: According to a coalition of experts, Meerutcould see a significant surge in COVID-19 cases,hospitalizations, and deaths if theKabadi BazarRed-Light Areaopens. However, an extendedclosure of the red light area could reduce cumulative COVID-19 cases and deaths by over 90% by the ... Read More »

Front seating can cost you your child- here’s why

Car safety is yet to be taken seriously in India and awareness on the importance of this is rather low. Unlike many other countries, it is common to see helmetless riders and young children sitting in the front seat of the car, although these are potentially fatal habits. Most people do not realise the health hazards of improper seating gear ... Read More »

Harnessing the Power of UVC-Based Technological Innovation to Fight Covid-19

Log 9 Materials — Manufacturer of India’s leading UV Disinfection Product “CoronaOven” — is looking for Business Partners in Indore Indore, 23rd June 2020: While the number of patients infected with Coronavirus continues to soar across the nation, a few of our larger states including Madhya Pradesh are constantly struggling to flatten the curve, while unfortunately noticing a regular spike in the ... Read More »

Ministry of Tourism presents the ‘Dekho Apna Desh’ Webinar Series

With a purpose of revisiting tourism, the Ministry of Tourism has started the ‘Dekho Apna Desh’ Webinar Series wherein various experts share information through visuals and presentations about the tourist attractions of selected cities and locations in India. The Webinars also highlight various aspects of travel; safe travel, solo travel, travel for the physically-challenged, to name a few. Often, when ... Read More »

Photography Hacks You Must Know in 2020

Canon C200 Camera

Photography is a subject that needs no introduction. It all started way back in 1816 when the first partially successful photograph was taken from a camera device. Today, we have handi-cams, DSLRs and of course the game-changing camera phones. The primary focus at one point was to capture what you see and with as much clarity as you can. Now, ... Read More »

International Day of YOGA 2020

On the occasion of International Day of Yoga, it is with much pride that we can say ‘yoga is India’s gift to the world’. Indeed our ancient wisdom on leading a yogic lifestyle is spreading fast around the globe as more people find out each day the far-reaching benefits of Yoga Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation. The times we are going ... Read More »

Is it fair that UK MPs push for restricting gambling advertising?

1 x bet betting

Let’s face it. The UK generates a lot of the world’s gambling revenue, and of course this is worrying for MPs. There are specific measures that MPs would like to take, this includes the overall ban of commercials both on TV and online promoting gambling. Albeit gambling is legal, the specific topics to consider is: Is all this gambling even ... Read More »

The Best Gaming Services to Use While On Lockdown


The world has been on a lockdown due to the global pandemic of a virus being spread called the Covid-19. There are many people who are going through ultimate depression and anxiety due to this pandemic. People have lost their jobs, they cannot go out with their friends and they have to stay isolated in their houses. All these precautions ... Read More »

Covid-19 pandemic; An opportunity for legal fraternity to go digital says Gautam Khaitan

The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has disrupted almost every walk of life and legal fraternity is no exception. The announcement of the pan-India lockdown to contain the virus for over 2 months has resulted in putting a halt to the gigantic Indian economy. Alongside this, the nation also observed the shutting down of the usual proceedings of the judiciary. Eminent ... Read More »

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