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Sunday , 25 August 2019
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Learn 4 Important Responsibilities of the Nurse in Institutes


Nursing is one of the noblest professions but is challenging too. The nurses have various responsibilities to be handled at a time. As a nurse, they are required to plan nursing care requirements, provide pre- and post-operation care, write records, supervise junior staff, monitor and administer medication, take samples, temperatures and blood pressures, and provide emotional support to patients and ... Read More »

Were Hindu Festivals Like Holi, Diwali Celebrated During Mughal Rule?

The Indian subcontinent has seen various rulers throughout history, which explains the diversity that we see in present day India. In the last 1000 years, the Indian subcontinent has been ruled majorly by people who invaded this land. The concept of a nation was somehow lost, which led to the mushrooming of small kings and chieftains. Since there was no ... Read More »

Ultra Rich Match

URM logo

Ultra Rich Match has done 242 matches in past 7 years for the elite class across many countries, communities & ages. They have a good dedicated team that works for Elite people across globe to help you find out someone special. They give you one stop solution to all your matrimonial needs, right from finding your match to wedding planning and travel packages. ... Read More »

How to beware of online matrimony fraudsters

matrimony fraudsters

The best things in life are free – but not always and searching for one’s best match on a ‘free’ matrimonial site is definitely not a good idea! In the recent years there have been incidents when people got cheated on matrimonial sites. Such incidences not only affect a person financially, but can also cause serious emotional damage. Its upto each individual ... Read More »

Chandelier earrings have made a great comeback!

Chandelier earrings jewellery

“When in doubt opt for the biggest ones!” This seems to be the fashion mantra for the stylish women around, this year. While the studs and jhumkas are continuing to intrigue the Indian women, it is the bigger hoops and Chandelier earrings that are making a grand comeback. Even last year, the bigger and chunkier earrings were not seen as ... Read More »

Artificial jewellery: why is it the recent favourite among youth?


The demand for artificial jewellery is increasing every passing day, especially among the youth. For almost every women fashion is a way of experiencing themselves and wearing trendy accessories definitely adds a bonus point to it. Imitation jewellery or artificial jewellery is definitely gaining popularity among the youth because of their affordability. The reason it is most wanted by the ... Read More »

5 Bangle styles that are perfect for Bridal wear!

bangles jewellery

When the grand day arrives you want to look perfect, in every sense of the term. Jewelry is an essential part of bridal decorations. Even though everyone concentrates on purchasing the best necklaces for the wedding, but bangles are equally important for a complete look. Many ceremonies involved in a grand Indian wedding are in fact centered on the hands ... Read More »

Kundan Jewelry: Timeless creations from Indian craftsmen

jewellery shop

There is a lot to like about the Kundan jewelry. Coming with stunning designs, dazzling stones and royal looks, these jewelry are a must have for Indian women. The history Kundan jewelry goes many centuries back. These are products of finest Rajputana craftsmanship. When the royal Rajput families needed something special to wear on those grand occasions, they invariably had ... Read More »

Look how the Adani Group celebrated Women’s Day

pranav adani tweet women day

  A day before Women’s Day greetings began doing rounds, the Adani Group rolled out a simple yet thought-provoking digital video. Aligned to the global theme of #BalanceForBetter, the film entered the lives of millions of working couples. While popular sentiments indicate that conventional definitions of gender inequality has blurred for millennials, the story takes the audience on a self- ... Read More »

Being Abhinandan Like Fighter Pilot Is Not Easy; Here’s Why

Abhinandan fighter pilot

Hats off to brave people like Abhinandan Varthaman who risk their lives to protect us and our country from enemies. Flying a third-generation MiG-21, Abhinandan successfully shot down a fourth-generation US manufactured F-16 fighter, which shows his superior fighter pilot skills. Abhinandan is a real life hero and now everyone wants to be like him and even look like him. ... Read More »

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