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Sunday , 25 August 2019
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How to clean soft toys in the laundry or the washing machine

toy laundry

There are many times that we use our washing machines to wash the soft toys at home. It is always preferable to wash them this way because the soft toys come out almost dry and the entire process becomes hassle free. In fact, one should always be cautious of cleaning the soft toys after every few weeks/months (depending upon the ... Read More »

Sushma Swaraj was actually a social activist : Mahika Sharma

sushma swaraj

  Former Foreign Minister and BJP veteran Sushma Swaraj died on Tuesday night, as the foreign minister, Sushma Swaraj was loved as much for her quick response to distress messages on Twitter as for her mellow sense of humour.    Former Miss Teen Northeast Northeast, India Mahika Sharma shared a close bond with the late minister. Mourning to her death ... Read More »

Cleaning tips for towels at home

towel washing laundry

Believe it or not, towels are the one of the dirtiest piece of cloth in our homes. Be it the bath towel, face towel, or hand towel all are used on everyday basis and it should be at least be washed after every 2-3 days. It is also a matter of maintaining personal hygiene and being healthy. Read below to ... Read More »

What could India’s privacy regime look like?

privacy security lock

With the increasing contribution of the ICT sector to India’s GDP, the country needs a coherent and comprehensive method to policymaking in technology backed by a strong data protection law.  As the debate over data protection heats up, The Dialogue, a Delhi based think-tank working on the intersection of technology, society and public-policy, organised a Stakeholder Consultation titled “Enabling a ... Read More »

Ways to dry out clothes faster in the monsoons

dry clothes

Monsoons bring along with it a whole lot of laundry woes that not only keeps us engaged for longer time but also needs us to be extra cautious in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. But keeping every issue aside, one of the major concerns for everyone in the rainy season is to dry the clothes, if you are not using ... Read More »

Hundreds of thousands of Indian parents are downloading an app to tackle the myopia epidemic

plano app

India’s smartphone penetration has been growing at a phenomenal pace, especially in recent years. Now at a staggering 374,893,000[1] smartphone users, India has the second-highest number of users in the world, only after China. In 2021 the figure is expected to almost triple to 829 million[2] smartphone users. Although the rapid uptake of technology is promising on many fronts, clinicians ... Read More »

10 at-home-laundry mistakes to avoid

laundry clothes washing

Doing a household chore since a long time does not necessarily mean that we have been doing it right. Many a times, we get to know about certain basic things after decades of doing it the wrong way! In this article, we are going to share some laundry-related mistakes that we might be committing due to lack of knowledge: Overusing ... Read More »

These Political prophecies by ‘Nostradamus of India’ Dr Sundeep Kochar will make you believe in the power of astrology

dr kochar

Time and again, staggering revelations made by India’s leading astrologer, Dr  Sundeep Kochar have left us in bafflement, as the certainty of the predictions wasn’t ever negated. When his predicted triumphs of world leaders reverberated, they further strengthened our faith in astrology and its righteous conclusions. Known as India’s most famous astrologer, Dr Kochar has been able to correctly outline ... Read More »

Why you should not be using detergent on some specific clothes

washing laundry

Even if you think you have been washing clothes for year there are still chances that you might not be aware of certain facts. One of such topic is of usage of detergent while doing the laundry. Be it machine washing or hand washing, the usage of detergent is a crucial step that should be monitored. While we all know ... Read More »

Tip on how to get rid of makeup stains or sweat patches from your clothes

washing machine

Laundry Tips : For anyone who uses makeup on a daily basis, this is a common problem. You tend to get makeup stains on your shirt/top. And we understand how traumatic this can be if this happens with your favourite dress/top. Same is the story with sweat patches in summers. If not treated immediately and correctly, these can ruin your ... Read More »

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