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Thursday , 22 August 2019
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Making a proper choice of storage racks also means having the right equipment to work with. Currently companies seek to stand out and offer an extraordinary service, which starts from the organization and at Kristar we have experience making alliances with the best companies that are in search of global storage solutions. At Kristar we distinguish ourselves by providing our ... Read More »

Emerald Gemstone Properties, Emerald Gemstone, Emerald


Emerald belongs to the group of Silicates, and it is a variety of Beryl whose chemical formula is Al2Be3 (Si6O18). The minerals that give it its color are Vanadium, Chrome or Iron. Its brightness is glassy, ​​its conchoidal break is its hexagonal crystalline system. It has a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, a  density of 2.7 to 2.9. Its ... Read More »

7 Types of Insulation for Your Roof

Roof Insulation

With what type of insulation should you isolate your roof knowing that a poorly insulated roof can be the source of 30% of heat loss in a home? How to isolate it? With what material? A short overview. What insulation for what type of roof? Here is what we recommend, depending on the type of roof in your house. Flat ... Read More »

Future of kids segment in the next 5 years

technology and children

Technologically intuned Games magnetizing Children! Or It’s ‘Tech Sports’ that’s magnetizing Children! The world everyday is innovating with the advancing technology, and gripping us with firm hands. While having technology involved in almost every aspect of life is debatable, one cannot ignore its innumerable benefits, and the effectiveness, it has passed on to us. The generation of children today, has ... Read More »

Indoor Play Park – Thrill for Children, Breather for Parents!

Indoor Play Park

The concept of Indoor play parks is a boon for young parents and nuclear families, and it is definitely here to stay! An indoor area facilitated with toys, games and equipments for children to play with, an environment that is best guarded and maintained, and an atmosphere that bursts with positivity and liveliness, indoor play zones have a lot to ... Read More »

Recipes of dishwashing liquid with soap

Ingredients for clean your Entire House The first dishwashing liquid recipe is based on black soap, white vinegar and baking soda. In a container, pour ½ liter of hot water to which you add ½ glass of black soap. Add a tablespoon of baking soda, 1/2 glass of white vinegar and then twenty drops of essential oil of your choice ... Read More »

Why is Cigarette manufacturer going on Paper cigarette Boxes?

paper for cigrette packing

Since the development of new technologies in packaging, the need for corrugated and paper-based boxes have increased. The use of paper in packaging has not only reduced the significant cost of packaging but also offers quality packaging with high quality printing and improves the performance of your packaging. A rebound in the manufacturing of cigarette boxes has changed the requirement ... Read More »


flour wheat bread

With a plethora of modern diets vying for the attention of the healthconscious consumer, people are turning to whole wheat breads as healthyfoods and adopting them as their staple breakfast dietapart from remaining a perennial snacking option. Hi-Fiber brown breads, Atta Breads and multigrain breads are the products which are now being recognized as healthy Breads. These healthy breads are ... Read More »

Why Identity Theft is More Problematic Than Ever

kyc identity verification

KYC verification is considered the ultimate line of defense against Identity thefts but with the passage of time, identity thieves have started coming up with new ways to defraud companies and businesses in cyberspace. KYC verification providers need to outsmart these identity thieves to provide better service to their customers. But for that new technological trends needs to be integrated ... Read More »

Dive Into 6 Best Luxurious Infinity Pools In India!

Indian Pools

There’s dirt, there’s grime. There’s sweat and no relief worth a dime! Summer’s blazing heat continues to exhaust us with its fire and there is only one way to beat the burning summer. And that’s by swimming into best infinity pools in India that offer a spectacular view of the country’s most magnificent and marvelous sights to stare at. So ... Read More »

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