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How To Get Confirmed IRCTC Train Tickets During Festive Season

Getting a confirmed train ticket during the festive season can be a challenge, as there’s a significant surge in the number of train travellers during this period. Even though Indian Railways has introduced various programs such as ‘Vikalp’ and ‘Confirmation Probability’ checker to help passengers, getting a confirmed ticket during the festive rush is still not easy. Let’s take a ... Read More »

Why you should go for a saree this festive season

The festive season is just around the corner and you are still confused about you outfit? Worry no more! This article is going to be your savior as we are going to list down the various ways of donning a saree beautifully this festive season and why it is a better option. And with the modern twist that saree has ... Read More »

Time-saving laundry tips for people on-the-move

toy laundry

Laundry is one of those inevitable tasks in our lives that we really can’t get rid of, no matter how much we try. There are in fact weeks when keep piling up our clothes thinking of the weekend when we would do it. But at times, even the weekends goes by but the pile of dirty clothes remain! This is ... Read More »

BJP And RBI Looting The Country With Digitization? Here’s The Truth!

Government’s decisions to boost digitization have always come under fire from opposition parties. We have seen various examples in the past, for example, when Aadhaar was made compulsory for receiving subsidies and other benefits. Linking of Aadhaar with PAN has been opposed by certain political parties and social groups. Limit on cash withdrawals and cash deposits at banks and ATMs ... Read More »

How trends are changing in matrimonial site

matrimony fraudsters

The concept of an arranged marriage has been prevalent since ancient times in India. However, the advent of online sites has escalated the growth of matrimonial sector exponentially since the last two decades. And there has been no looking back, as the revenue from this fledgling industry is expected to reach INR 20.6 billion by 2020, as per a report ... Read More »

Things to keep in mind while washing baby/toddler’s clothes

laundry clothes washing

While doing the laundry for baby’s and toddlers, we need o be a bit more cautious as any mal handling might affect the baby’s skin and health. Being extra cautious is supremely important here because a baby’s immune system is still evolving at that stage and hence they can easily catch infections and diseases from almost anywhere and anyone. Just ... Read More »

World Heart Day, be a heart hero: Small changes, bigger impacts

heart shape ice cream scoop newspatrolling best gift for valentine

To raise awareness and control the rising number of people being affected by cardiovascular diseases, the World Heart federation founded World Heart Day in 2000. An annual initiative to spread the word about how premature mortality due to cardiovascular diseases (CVD) can be combatted, 29th September is marked as the World Health Day. CVDs and heart problems are growing to become ... Read More »

Fasting during Navratri for Expecting Mothers

fitness girl excercise diet health fruit slim weight loose

Know What Dr. Rita Bakshi tells about Navratri is almost here and it is actually celebrated with great enthusiasm in the entire country. With the feeling of Navratri coming, there also comes a lot of excitement and elatement of all the dandia events and celebrations lined up. But, Navratri also comes along with fasts that are an innate part of ... Read More »

Personable Looks with Qraa’s Haldi Chandan Skin Brightening Face Wash

qra man haldi chandan facewash

Qraa Men has introduced its Haldi Chandan Skin Brightening Face Wash which has been enriched with the purity and nutriment of Haldi and Chandan to supplement healthy and brightened skin. This Face Wash has been formulated with the richness of Ayurvedic Herbs, Haldi and Chandan for an instant glow. Qraa Men Skin Brightening Haldi Chandan Face Wash is endowed with the goodness of ... Read More »

How Ruia Group is Impacting the Lives with PD RuiaKayakalp, a Holistic Treatment Center

ayurvedic herbs

Ever since its inception in 1993, Ruia Group has evolved into one of the fastest growing industrial conglomerates in India. Renowned for its special management techniques, the group has witnessed significant growth through critical technology acquisition. Besides working towards achieving its corporate goals, the group has always paid a great attention towards the betterment of the society, customers, employees, shareholders, ... Read More »

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