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Sunday , 25 August 2019
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Misdiagnosis Leads To Complications – Choose Labs Wisely

choose lab wisely

Many people in our country at some point of time in their life have received an incorrect diagnosis or seen a doctor who has been baffled by their symptoms. Symptoms can go away with the right medication but misdiagnosis can cost lives.  If you have been advised to get some tests done and you are already fretting about re-scheduling your ... Read More »

5 Departmental stores that cater to all your needs in Madhavaram

department store newspatrolling

#1: Nilgiris Super Market Situated in the RC Queens Park area (near KKR Garden), Nilgiris Super Market is a well known name among the residents of Madhavaram. This departmental store welcomes you with its rich array of products and brands. This chain of departmental stores was established in 2012 and ever since has catered best range of products to the ... Read More »

New Study Indicates Obesity Can Begin Damaging Liver even at the Age of 8


Columbia University conducted study on 635 children indicates 35% of obese children had shown signs of non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD) by the age of 8 years. Study revealed that those with larger waistline at the age of 3 had twice the chances of developing signs indicative of NAFLD in next 5 years. As per another study, India is expected ... Read More »

Skincare tips: Take better care of your skin this summer

skin care tips

Skin is the interface of our body to the external environment hence changing seasons have a large impact on the skin and thus require a change in skincare routine in summer as well. Summer brings excess heat and dryness in the air. It also brings with it a higher UV radiation on the skin. So adequate water intake and fresh ... Read More »

Delhi Police does commendable work towards a Tobacco Free Delhi !

delhi police reduced tobaco

Delhi Police has taken strict action against offenders under COTPA New Delhi, April 19,2018 – Reducing tobacco usage is a very important imperative to improve health of both users and non-users of tobacco. The Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act, 2003 (COTPA) is a comprehensive legislation and prohibits smoking in public places, direct/indirect advertising and promotion, sale to/by minors, sale within ... Read More »

Indian Railway Booking Made Easy

indian railway hucks

Remember the days when you were looking forward to summer holidays? Every time you saw those trains chugging past you in your hometown, you were filled with a sense of excitement. The holidays, fun and games with friends, travel plans that your parents made, and finally the journey. Maybe all those days are gone, maybe you are not kids anymore ... Read More »

End of the road for cryptocurrency in India?

cryptocurrency end now

The Reserve Bank of India in a missive declared cryptocurrency as illegal and directed all regulated agencies not to deal with individuals or businesses that trade in them. The directive largely came in the wake of the crypto craze and the concerns regarding their speculative value, impact on market integrity and capital controls so much so that a couple of ... Read More »

Diet pills: Danger alert for those who are ardent to lose weight

diet pills to loose weight newspatrolling

Diet pills are basically weight reducing drugs aimed at reducing excessive body weight.   The proven ways to lose weight are by eating healthy food, cutting calories, and being physically active. But making these lifestyle changes isn’t easy, so many people opt for taking a dietary supplement that’s promoted for weight loss.   It’s very important to know about the safety and ... Read More »

The Ultimate Travel Goals List to Celebrate World Heritage Day

Travel goals newspatrolling

Tourism is one of the biggest industry in the world which continues to grow at an accelerated pace with more than a billion tourists now travelling to an international destination each year. One of the key motivation to travel is mankind’s inherent curiosity and desire to explore cultural identities across the world. Natural and cultural heritage sites are prized tourism ... Read More »

How Milk Is Beneficial For Heart Health

side effects of adulterated milk newspatrolling

With an increasing number of cases related to heart problems, people have become very conscious about what they eat and how much they eat. The general perception among people is that fat causes heart problems. This is why people have started avoiding foods that are rich in fats. One of the healthy foods that have become a target of negative ... Read More »

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