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Thursday , 22 August 2019
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Bira 91 appoints Deepak Malhotra as Senior Vice President – Sales, India

Bira 91, one of the fastest growing beer brands, has announced the appointment of Deepak Malhotra as the Senior Vice President, Sales, India, to its executive leadership team.  Mr. Malhotra brings with him significant scale-up experience in the alcobev industry. With over of 22 years of experience in the world of beverages, Deepak has successfully held multiple sales and marketing ... Read More »

Airtel appoints Rajesh Tapadia as CEO of Nxtra Data

New Delhi, August 19, 2019: Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”), India’s largest integrated telecommunications services provider, today said that it has appointed Rajesh Tapadia as Chief Executive Officer of its data centre and cloud business – Nxtra Data. Airtel is the largest player in India’s B2B connectivity space with over 3000 global/large enterprises and over 500,000 SMEs as customers. Nxtra Data, a subsidiary ... Read More »

7 defence industry innovations that remind us of Skynet


Probably you are wrong if you suspect that Skynet cannot exist in the real world. Dangers of artificial intelligence have been shown in various stories and films. And it is impossible to ignore Skynet in the movie Destroyer. Once it was mentioned by Stephen Hawking that the development of full artificial intelligence would spell the end of the human race. ... Read More »

Why Metal Sheets Are Best For Your Roofing Project

metal roof

Whether it’s your home, shed, warehouse, or any other enclosed space, metal sheet roofing will be the most advantageous for all such projects. There are various reasons why metal sheet roofing has gained prominence, some of which are described below. Lightweight: Metal sheets such as those made from aluminium are quite lightweight in comparison to wood or cement roof. So, ... Read More »

Laundry tips and hacks for the monsoon season

Many of you reading this article must be really fond of the monsoon season. And why not! It is indeed a season that most of us love and have some of the best childhood memories attached to this season. But when it comes to the multitude of hassles that comes along with it when we grow up, it is indeed ... Read More »

Indian author explores the immense cosmic power of 12000-year-old mystical, Hindu symbol in her book – Sri Chakra Yantra

Vinita Rashinkar has delved into the depths of Hindu mysticism to help bring the sacred knowledge of one of the most enigmatic and powerful symbols of India. The Sri Chakra Yantra is an ancient symbol depicting the process of creation in a powerful matrix which represents both the macrocosm (the Universe) and the microcosm (the human body) thus acting as ... Read More »

Upset Hindus urge Georgia clothing firm to withdraw Lord Ganesh mat & apologize

Upset Hindus are urging Athens (Georgia) based apparel and home goods company Vision Lab for immediate withdrawal of yoga mat carrying image of Hindu deity Lord Ganesh; calling it highly inappropriate. Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada today, said that Lord Ganesh was highly revered in Hinduism and was meant to be worshipped in temples or home ... Read More »

Haunted hotels in the U.S that you should definitely take a peek into

room decor haunted hotel

Halloween is around the corner and it’s setting up the mood for some scares and horror. The bravest among us might want to take an adventurous vacation to some spots that only the courageous have dared to go. To add in some hotels in your list of the scariest places, we’ve prepared a list of haunted hotels in the US ... Read More »

Cabinet Minister Rao Narvir Singh plants saplings

to promote message of clean & green Gurugram Shri Rao Narvir Singh, Cabinet Minister, Government of Haryana, planted saplings in Aklimpur on Sunday in an event organized by Envirer in collaboration with BNI Gurgaon members. The enthusiasm and excitement at the plantation drive to create BNI Gurgaon forests was witnessed by BNI Gurgaon members and various dignitaries, entrepreneurs and Gurugram residents. BNI Gurgaon, world’s ... Read More »

Laundry tips for college students

clothes washing

A student’s life is already so much hassled that the laundry is usually the last thing that attracts their attention. It always comes as a nightmare to the students and is usually done when it is absolutely critical. This article will give you some tips that will not only help you save time but also keep the clothes well maintained: ... Read More »

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