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Meerut can prevent over 90% of COVID-19 Cases and Deaths if the Red Light Area remains closed

Study from Academicians from Yale School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School Closing red light area could save lives inMeerut Meerut: According to a coalition of experts, Meerutcould see a significant surge in COVID-19 cases,hospitalizations, and deaths if theKabadi BazarRed-Light Areaopens. However, an extendedclosure of the red light area could reduce cumulative COVID-19 cases and deaths by over 90% by the ... Read More »

Hindus disappointed at Church of Greece declaring yoga “incompatible”

Hindus are disheartened over Church of Greece reportedly denouncing yoga, and branding it as incompatible According to reports, The Holy Synod of the Church of Greece recently pointed out that yoga had no place in the lives of their followers and completely incompatible with their faith tradition. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said ... Read More »

Ohio’s Centerville City Council to open with Hindu mantras on June 8

Hindu prayer will open the meeting of Centerville City Council in Ohio on June eight, containing verses from world’s oldest extant scripture. Hindu statesman Rajan Zed will deliver the invocation from ancient Sanskrit scriptures via phone before Centerville City Council. After Sanskrit delivery, he then will read the English interpretation of the prayers. Sanskrit is considered a sacred language in ... Read More »

Meet Braja Kishore Pradhan, the man techie social entrepreneur bringing the change in rural India

Profile For future generations to remember us with gratitude instead of sorrow, society must learn to achieve more than just the miracles of technology. We must leave behind a natural environment and a social structure that fosters inclusive growth. With this thought process, Braja Kishore Pradhan forayed into a career in technology, successfully scaling up to leadership positions with prominent ... Read More »

Remote Hindu mantras to open 7 Utah City Councils & a County Commission

Remotely read Hindu prayers will open the meetings of seven city councils and one county commission in Utah during the next two weeks, containing verses from world’s oldest extant scripture. These invocations via Zoom or web-conferencing or other electronic method will start the day of city/town councils of Orem, Brigham City, South Ogden, West Haven, West Point, Ivins, Mantua and ... Read More »

The Aftermath of Corona Renders Gender Disparity at Peak in India

Pandemics and epidemics differently impact men and women, just as disputes differently impact men and women. Consideration of gender disparities in preparedness and response to the outbreak is significant since the aftereffects rely on both social and physical dimensions. Working Women in the Wake of Outbreak 70 percent of the world’s healthcare and social workers are women, ensuring that they are ... Read More »

1 man feeds 1000 daily in Mumbai’s suburb of Borivali

Ever since the Corona lock-down began in India, there has been mayhem due to a lack of proper information, guidelines and rules regarding what is permitted and what is not, specially travelling and going out of your own home. We have all seen the images of thousands of labourers trying to leave the metros specially Delhi and Mumbai, desperate  to reach their homes in far away villages of the ... Read More » Supports Fight Against Coronavirus With Rs 1 Lakh Donation To PMNRF

newspatrolling logo

New Delhi – April 01, 2020:Doing its bit for the nation and to help those in need, leading online news and blogging portal Newspatrolling has donated Rs 1 lakh to Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF). This is in addition to various other steps that Newspatrolling has taken to support the fight against coronavirus. Providing work from home opportunities and ... Read More »

How Instituting a Two-Days Annual Session on Women in Parliament Can Help to Empower Women?


Women are an integral part of society and we must consider their best interests and protect them from any form of oppression. Unfortunately, since the last decade, India has developed its reputation as a nation that has failed to protect its women from its very own people. India is globally proclaimed as “Rape Capital of World” and one of the ... Read More »

Hindus urge the world to draw closer to God through prayer amidst coronavirus outbreak

Besides using all necessary resources and actions to combat deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Hindus are calling upon the world to develop intimacy with God by increasing the frequency of prayer in their homes. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, stated: This moment of growing anxiety, uncertainty and distress; exposing the human vulnerability and fragility; ... Read More »

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