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Sunday , 24 March 2019
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How water will become the petroleum of the 21st century in next few decades?

water scarcity

With the increase in population, the resources seem to run short; the world is focusing on the issue of shortage of food due to growth in the number of the living but missing out on the crucial part –water scarcity. Water definitely plays an important role in our daily lives as we need it to produce food, generate energy and ... Read More »

Need for Sustainable packaging in Meat Industry

meat packaging

The perception of it being a largely vegetarian country notwithstanding, meat production in India is estimated to be around 6.3 million tonnes, which makes it the fifth largest producer of meat in the world. As of 2016, India exported US$ 5 billion of meat per year. By 2022, the Indian meat market is estimated to touch US$ 65 billion as ... Read More »

A Simple Lung Detox to Clean Smoke Damaged Lungs

vintage room

In the event that you’ve been smoking for a range of years, you could have built up an abhorrence unending hack. This is for the most part called a smoker’s hack. What’s more, it is your body’s method for attempting to keep your lungs liberated from toxic substances and synthetic substances that are saved into your lungs from cigarettes. With ... Read More »

5 people that mysteriously went missing while travelling

Natalee Holloway

One of the famous stories about Natalee Holloway, who went missing in the year 2005 while she was on her school trip and never returned home, is invariably intriguing. Similarly, this article is about 5 people who went missing from unfamiliar places and sadly never came back. Judy Smith: She was a 50-year-old lady who had recently married Jeffrey. On ... Read More »

Top benefits of wearing jewellery on a regular basisTop benefits of wearing jewellery on a regular basis

temple jewellery

Jewelleries have been a part of Indian tradition for quite long. Apart from beautification of ladies all around, these metallic pieces crafted with beautiful designs have several health related benefits. So, let’s take a look at some of such health benefits for various metals used in making jewelleries. 1-Gold Jewellery: Gold has always been associated with warm energy given its ... Read More »

5 Things To Consider When Moving Into A New Home

home shifting

Moving to a new house is for sure a moment of great excitement,and it gets double you have the safest relocation. Unfortunately, moving is a hectic task,and you cannot handle it all alone as there are lots of things to cater at one time. Though there are moving experts that can help you in proceeding with a smooth moving there ... Read More »

How to pick jewelry according to face shape?

earring jewellery fashion

Jewelry plays a very intimate role in every woman’s life. With changing times, the jewelry designs are evolving too by adapting various shapes and versatile colors to accentuate the appearance of a woman. In the passing years, demand for artificial jewelry has increased because of their attractiveness and affordability. As many a woman looks for variations in their accessories as ... Read More »

Top 5 unusually bizarre wedding traditions from all around the world

A wedding is a memorable occasion when two people come together to share the rest of their life together with love and care. There are thousands of customs all around the world which every culture follows to celebrate the wedding moment. All these customs generally depend on the culture of people and sometimes it’s turned out to be bizarre. Here ... Read More »

Top 5 places on Earth that are a direct entry to hell

hell entry

In the present time, Hell is often used in the context of an abstract concept. However, in our history, Hell was considered as concrete and undergrounded place which lied within the center of the Earth. In our many religious books, it is said that there are many portals all around the world which has a way to hell. So, here ... Read More »

Meyer lemon tree- a perfect and popular indoor citrus tree

Meyer lemon tree

Are you looking for the best type of indoor citrus tree for your home? If yes, the Meyer lemon tree will be the best option for you. You will find this as a hardiest and most prolific variety and a wonderful addition to your home. Now you can easily grow your favorite fruit in your own house. The demand for ... Read More »

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