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5 dog breeds for small apartments

dog pet

Are you a dog lover and thinking of adopting a brand new puppy? You might be thinking that you need a huge house with a big fenced-in outdoor to fulfill your dream of having a dog. But the truth is, if you are living in an apartment os a smaller house, there are plenty of dog breeds that will adapt ... Read More »

What To Do In Road Accident?

car accidents

  Whether it’s an exam or battlefield, being prepared always helps. The same applies to road accidents, which are quite common on city streets and highways. So, what do you do when involved in a road accident? Should you argue or fight with the other party? Well, this is the usual response from most people. But that’s not the right ... Read More »

What Are The Best Ways For Students To Get Along With Flatmates?

If you’ve made the move to a new city – whether it be a few kilometres away or halfway across the world – you’ll likely have to find somewhere to stay while you spend your time studying and, in most cases, you’ll need to share the space with other students. Although these situations mostly work out well, there are certainly ... Read More »

Diverse religious leaders call it “morally wrong” to continue with “Washington Redskins” name

Christian-Hindu-Buddhist-Jewish-Native American religious leaders are appealing to Washington Redskins football team owner Dan Snyder and National Football League (NFL) to change the team’s name, as many considered it as a hurtful reminder of the historical maltreatment of Native Americans. Lutheran Pastor Chad R. Adamik, Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, prominent Buddhist Priest Matthew T. Fisher, well-known Jewish Rabbi ElizaBeth Webb Beyer, and American ... Read More »

4,000 Recovered COVID-19 Church Members in South Korea Declare Donation of $83 Billion Worth Plasma for Cure

The Korean authorities have garnered significant praise for their effective response to COVID- 19. However, the country’s experience has not been without controversy. A significant proportion of cases were publicly attributed to a religious congregation, Shincheonji (SCJ), and the authorities’ dealings with its members raise questions about compliance with a number of human rights. SCJ is a Christian church with ... Read More »

Over one million COVID-19 cases reported in WHO’s Eastern Mediterranean Region

Cairo, 28 June 2020 – The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed more than one million cases of COVID-19 in the 22 countries of WHO’s Eastern Mediterranean Region. As of 11:00 today, 1 025 478 cases and 23 461 deaths have been recorded from the Region, which spans from Morocco to Pakistan. While cases in Europe have been largely declining, countries ... Read More »

Need Some Color Inspiration for Your Home Interior?

The Challenge: Choosing a Color or Color Theme for Your Interior Paint As always, I thank you forreaching out to me with your home décor questions!And let me start by saying it’s exciting to hear that you’re building your first new home! Very exciting! So, now you’re faced with choosing an interior paint color scheme. You could always go with ... Read More »

Top Five Exciting Things To Explore In Jeddah

travel holiday

A bustling city in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is a commercial, industrial, cultural and tourism hub in the Arab World. Jeddah’s rich history dates back to the more than two millennia, which makes it all the more attractive for travellers. Jeddah is a well-developed city and offers travellers a range of hotels (فنادق) to choose from. Jeddah is a lot different from ... Read More »

How far does COVID-19 spread through air?

UChicago study could guide social distancing, PPE guidelines The CDC recently updated its guidance for avoiding COVID-19, saying that infection from touching surfaces is not the major way the virus spreads. The bigger risk is spending time with infected people. But although it’s clear that some virus particles move through air, how far and how widely they travel is still ... Read More »

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