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9 ways you can live rent-free


Who does not like the idea of living rent-free anyway? Giving hundreds and thousands of your hard-earned dollars to someone isn’t easy, yet you have to live by their rules. It’s not worth the money! Aside from living with your parents, the only way to live rent-free is to buy a property for which most people aren’t ready. Thankfully, there ... Read More »

7 defence industry innovations that remind us of Skynet


Probably you are wrong if you suspect that Skynet cannot exist in the real world. Dangers of artificial intelligence have been shown in various stories and films. And it is impossible to ignore Skynet in the movie Destroyer. Once it was mentioned by Stephen Hawking that the development of full artificial intelligence would spell the end of the human race. ... Read More »

Haunted hotels in the U.S that you should definitely take a peek into

room decor haunted hotel

Halloween is around the corner and it’s setting up the mood for some scares and horror. The bravest among us might want to take an adventurous vacation to some spots that only the courageous have dared to go. To add in some hotels in your list of the scariest places, we’ve prepared a list of haunted hotels in the US ... Read More »

5 Humans With Real Superpowers

super natural power

In our childhood, we always secretly dreamt of having superpowers. We always looked up to the fictional superheroes in cartoons. But as we grew up, we realized people having extraordinary abilities only exist in the v-world. However, some recent instances have confirmed that people with super strength exist. Mentioned below are 5 such examples of people with incredible power, durability, ... Read More »


hotel de la ville

Rome, August 12019–The month of May saw Rocco Forte Hotels unveil two more magnificent hotels, Hotel de la Ville in Rome and Masseria Torre Maizza in Puglia, furtherstrengthening its position as one of the fastest-growing, family-owned, luxury hotel groups in Italy.In only two months, both have reached unparalleled success and are already being hailed as the most magnificent in the ... Read More »

Lauding Lawrenceburg school, Hindus urge all Kentucky schools to offer “World Religions”

every child success

Commending Anderson County High School (ACHS) in Lawrenceburg (Kentucky) for offering “World Religions” course, Hindus are urging all Kentucky schools to come-up with a “World Religions” class. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada today, said that opening-up the Kentucky children to major world religions and non-believers’ viewpoint would make them well-nurtured, well-balanced, and enlightened citizens of ... Read More »

5 Chemistry breakthroughs that shaped our modern world

chemitry break thorugh

Did you know the single most important reason for the explosion of the world’s population from 1.6 billion to 7 billion in 1900 is the discovery of ammonia? You didn’t know that right? Obviously yes, because the chemistry news doesn’t get the same coverage as the physics projects. Since most people do not have an idea of how chemistry contributes ... Read More »

Howard Safe & Lock Co. Comes Up With New High-End Security Locks For Houston Residents

Finding the most secure locks in the market at feasible rates becomes a problem for Houston residents. Keeping this in mind, Howard Safe & Lock Co. added high-end security locks to its stock. USA, 26th July As a major locksmith Houston service provider, Howard Safe & Lock Co. recently decided to step up their game and added new high-end lock ... Read More »

Hindu prayers for El Paso & Dayton massacre victims & the nation

Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed has urged all the Hindu temples and prayer-centers nationwide to hold special prayers for all victims, their loved ones, first responders, healthcare workers and others touched by the recent tragic loss in El Paso and Dayton. Hindus strongly condemn any and all acts of violence against innocent people. We are deeply saddened by recent tragedy ... Read More »

Indian-Australian Entrepreneur wins Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

July 31, 2019 | Melbourne, Australia Indian-Australian Entrepreneur Aamir Qutub has won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award category in the Business Excellence Awards (GBEA) in Australia. Established in 1986, and managed by the Geelong Chamber of Commerce, The Business Excellence Awards are the oldest continuously running business awards in Australia. Justin Giddings – CEO of Avalon Airport won ... Read More »

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