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Thursday , 22 August 2019
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Howard Safe & Lock Co. Comes Up With New High-End Security Locks For Houston Residents

Finding the most secure locks in the market at feasible rates becomes a problem for Houston residents. Keeping this in mind, Howard Safe & Lock Co. added high-end security locks to its stock. USA, 26th July As a major locksmith Houston service provider, Howard Safe & Lock Co. recently decided to step up their game and added new high-end lock ... Read More »

Hindu prayers for El Paso & Dayton massacre victims & the nation

Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed has urged all the Hindu temples and prayer-centers nationwide to hold special prayers for all victims, their loved ones, first responders, healthcare workers and others touched by the recent tragic loss in El Paso and Dayton. Hindus strongly condemn any and all acts of violence against innocent people. We are deeply saddened by recent tragedy ... Read More »

Indian-Australian Entrepreneur wins Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

July 31, 2019 | Melbourne, Australia Indian-Australian Entrepreneur Aamir Qutub has won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award category in the Business Excellence Awards (GBEA) in Australia. Established in 1986, and managed by the Geelong Chamber of Commerce, The Business Excellence Awards are the oldest continuously running business awards in Australia. Justin Giddings – CEO of Avalon Airport won ... Read More »

Afghanistan: A report on unending war


The U.S war in Afghanistan code name Operation enduring Freedom (2001-14) and Operation Freedom’s Sentinel (2015-present) may be what we know as the Afghanistan War but as we look back in the past, war and conflict never left the Afghan soils. Civil war The political situation began tumbling down during 1978 when Mohammed Daoud Khan overthrew King Zahir Khan in ... Read More »

5 Ancient Greek inventions that changed the world

Officially known as the Hellenic Republic, Greece is a country in the southeastern part of Europe. Well-known for being one of the most powerful countries in the European continent, it is safe to say it traces its roots back to ancient Greece. Greek civilization is popular for many discoveries and also houses to many inventions that are used even in ... Read More »

How to prevent colour bleeding from new clothes

color bleeding clothes washing

Laundry Tips : When you spend your hard earned money into buying your new clothes, it is but obvious that you think twice before washing / dry-cleaning it. But one of the most common concern with new colourful clothes is that it should not bleed. Though it does not happen most likely with good quality clothes but one can never ... Read More »

Advantages of dry cleaning that you are unaware about

dry cleaning

Most of the people consider dry cleaning as a luxury, while the truth is that it is in fact a necessity for majority of clothes. If you understand the science of dry cleaning and the washing directions of various fabrics, you would understand that dry cleaning is a must of a section of clothes. And not only for fabric, for ... Read More »

Tips to tackle emergency situations while playing on the ground

healthcare doctor

It might be a beautiful day sunny day, and a perfect day for playing out and having fun.  Doing so can help you stay fit, increase your endurance, speed, and stamina. Ta da, you will be able to stay healthy and hearty and keep various health ailments at bay. But, in the blink of an eye, this scene can change ... Read More »

Top 5 Intriguing Baby Naming Practices in India

baby names

Names are an integral part of one’s identity. At, we feel blessed in helping thousands of visitors including new and expecting parents in their decision of finding suitable names for babies. We take pride in carrying out the research for baby name trends for newborn boys and girls and break them down into multiple categories like Sanskrit Baby Names, ... Read More »

The need for population education in school curriculum


                                                  World Population Day From 1 billion in 1800, the population of the word ballooned to 7.61 billion in 2018. In fact, in 1960 the global population was 3 billion. This means that global population exploded ... Read More »

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