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Thursday , 22 August 2019
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Tips to keep in mind while cleaning party wear/expensive clothes

clothes washing

When it comes to laundry there are so many things that most people are unaware of. And this lack of knowledge leads to damage of our clothes and upholsteries like, curtains, cushions, bedsheets, etc. There are so many useful tips that one should be aware of while doing their laundry, especially the party wear / expensive clothes. Below are some ... Read More »

Understanding Aged Care Jobs – What to Know Before You Start

elder happiness

The generation before us had many career paths available, but that is nothing compared to of the options and pathways that present themselves in 2019. If you are thinking about joining the many thousand Australian individuals who are passionate about care and health, then you may find a future in aged care to be your calling. But before you accelerate ... Read More »

Best ways to reduce the technological carbon footprint

carbon footprint

Driving to work, using computers/laptop has become a part of our daily routine. But, did you know, they also contribute to carbon footprint? The term carbon footprint refers to the production of carbon dioxide and other toxic materials in the air. Every individual person is responsible for the production of such green house gases. These gases trap heat in the ... Read More »

Ancient Super Volcanoes That Could Be The Key To Future Energy


You’re probably using the chemistry of Lithium every time you fire up your iPad, Prius or bicycle headlamp. Our world depends on stored battery electricity, whether it’s for headlamps or cars. And more lithium will be needed to make the batteries that help power the world. A study published by Standford University reveals how to help make our countries lithium ... Read More »

A Quintessential Guide On Chateau Holidays In France

room interior

If your fantasy is to go through a night or an end of the week in the sentimental setting of an eminent palace settled in a little corner of Southern France, you should realize that it is conceivable even without a great deal of cash !  Indeed everybody can change their fantasy into the real world. You will find in ... Read More »

Top Places That Might Soon Vanish Due to Rising Sea Level

travel sea boat

Global Warming has caused the most pressing issue that is the rapidly rising sea levels, which are threatening the future of at least 52 countries with a population of 62 million. Though climate change poses a major threat to the entire planet but listed below are some places that could soon completely disappear due to global climate change. Maldives: Located ... Read More »

Love the Skin You’re In


World Vitiligo Day It’s important to break the stereotypes and the judgments the people pass as soon as they see a person with white patches on their skin. Addressing this problem of Vitiligo, it is a skin condition wherein the people start losing their pigment cells which results in unwanted patches on the skin. It occurs when melanocytes, the cells ... Read More »

Hindus commend free yoga sessions at Newfoundland-Labrador Lt. Governor residence


Welcoming hosting of yoga sessions during summer at Newfoundland-Labrador Government House, the official residence of provincial Lieutenant Governor in St. John’s (Canada), for the second year in a row; Hindus are urging similar sessions on the lawns of all functioning Government Houses in Canada to explore various benefits yoga offered. These weekly outdoor free yoga classes will be taught on ... Read More »

How to maintain your furniture during the Monsoon

room interior decoration

The monsoons are almost always a much wanted respite from the sultry summer heat, but they also bring with them their own set of issues. For instance, the rains and the humidity can create difficulty in maintaining the furniture health, making them look unsightly or probably even ruining them. Interior Designer Punam Kalra, Director of I’m the Centre of Applied Arts, ... Read More »

Popular Terrains for Snowboarding in the World


During the winter season, Snowboarding makes up about 30% of resort revenues. People believe snowboarding gives them a great feeling. Depending on where you go, you can adore some serene and spectacular scenery. Though there are many fascinating and beautiful resorts in the world, you must be confused about where you should be spending the time of your life. We ... Read More »

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