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Top haunted items all over the world and the associated stories

Graveyards and abandoned houses are not the only things that are invaded by supernatural beings, objects can be haunted too. The main motive behind discussing the objects that are haunted is, you must take measures as not to bring these objects into your house else tragic incidents will likely follow. Most of you must have rolled your eyes as the ... Read More »

Top 5 Weird Beautiful Airports around the World

Granades at Srinagar airport

No one can deny that in our rapidly developing world airports have become as popular as railway stations. The affordability of air travel is attracting more and more people to various airports. So it will be a pleasant experience if the airport is comfortable. We spend at least a few hours at the airport every time we fly. The airport ... Read More »

Top countries that do not have US Embassies and Why

travel country holiday

There are various reasons for the US to limit their Embassies; some of the obvious reasons include –natural disasters, security concerns, civil unrest, or war. In this article, the countries without US Embassies are listed along with their reasons. However, the countries with short-term closures of US Embassies aren’t included. Iran: The citizens of Iran looking for US Visa will ... Read More »

U.S. Tipping System: Is it necessary?

Tourists who come to the US do not understand the system of tipping waitresses and waiters in restaurants. Since most of the waiters and waitresses are paid much lower than the minimum wage, tipping is a necessary custom. The tip given to them by the visitors aren’t just extra money, it’s a part of the salary they get. For people ... Read More »

Top countries in the “red zone” for debt default

External loan or debt is the total amount a country owes to a foreign creditor. Depending on the amount of external debt a country possesses, countries can be grouped into categories. Green for safe, yellow for caution and Red for grave risk are some of the categories. Red zone or Amber zone is the area where the fiscal space has ... Read More »

Open banking: One year, and counting

open banking

13th January was the day when Open Banking came into reality for consumers of the UK. Open banking gives the full capability to the consumers by handing them the opportunity to access to all information about them smoothly. In this context, the consumers assert more control that the authority. The Revised Payment Service Directive or PSD2 that came into effect ... Read More »

Obamacare: How has it affected the U.S. economy?


After Medicare was added in the 1960s, Obamacare is the biggest social legislation carried out since then. In 2010, it was signed by the President Barack Obama which aimed to decrease the amount of unremunerated care an average US family pays by advising everyone to have health insurance or to pay a penalty as a tax. However, it has invited ... Read More »

Leonardo DiCaprio: The Hero & Activist For Global Climate Change

Leonardo DiCaprio

If you’ve been living in a forest, it still would be unacceptable if you have no idea about Leonardo DiCaprio. Being a renowned filmstar and environmentalist he showed to the world that his fame can be used to save the environment that is heading towards destruction. The movie ‘Titanic’ made girls all across the world drool over him and that ... Read More »



Whenever the supernatural event happens it leaves with high damage to life and property. It washes away from people’s livelihoods which do take many years to get normalizes. In many cases, there are catastrophes where all the belongings of communities are harshly affected. Hereby, people may have to stay for a long time at home which will have a high ... Read More »

How does the misery index work?

The Misery index is an economic indicator gifted by economist Arthur Okun to the world. The index helps in calculating how an average citizen is doing economically. The index is calculated by adding the annual inflation rate to the unemployment rate annually. Let’s take a look at how it works. John F. Kennedy came into office on January 1961 during ... Read More »

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