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Monday , 11 December 2017
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Why Writing is Good for Your Health

Why Writing is Good for Your Health newspatrolling

A recent paper published in a journal no less prestigious than the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) by health care researcher Joshua Smyth and colleagues demonstrated that writing really is good for both your physical and mental health. Smyth’s research built on decades of work by another psychologist, James Pennebaker, who suggested that writing is beneficial because it ... Read More »

Cancellation and money return policy of Indian Railways

Cancellation and money return policy of Indian Railways

One of the most regular queries of the rail passengers have now is regarding train ticket cancellation charges and refund regulations. Indian Railways carries over two crore passengers on a daily basis. Under common circumstances no refund is granted on confirmed. With the outcome from 12.11.2015, certain conditions of Railway Passengers Rules have been amended. The purpose of the new amended ... Read More »

precautions must be taken while travelling in train

precautions need to taken while traveellling train newspatrolling

If you travel frequently with Indian Railways or even if you travel rarely in Indian trains, or if it is long train journey or  a short one you need to prepare yourself before travelling to any place by train in this article we are providing some important  tips which you will find quite useful while travelling by train and so ... Read More »

How to Choose the Best Car Loan

car loan newspatrolling

Having your own car brings with it innumerable joys. It is a matter of pride and convenience, and marks the beginning of exciting new journeys. Buying a car has become easier now, as car loan products are being offered by various banks and financial institutions. One of the major advantages of getting a car loan is that you do not have ... Read More »

Top Delhi Events to Look Forward in December

top events in delhi going to happen in december newspatrolling

Winters are here and December, the month of Christmas and joy is knocking at the door. We are all waiting for that chill in the air that brings picnics, outings, barbeques, and more. Delhi is one destination that not only offers the best events during December but also provides astimulating environment with its world-class facilities. So, if you are already ... Read More »

Traditional vs Modern Dating

traditional dating modern dating difference newspatrolling

There is an ongoing debate that in the past everything was way better than it is today. The grass was greener, the sun was brighter, the air was cleaner, you’ve heard it all before. But what people mostly like to compare the dating etiquette of the past and the present day. So, let’s check out how much modern dating differs ... Read More »

Economic Times launches Smart Mobility Summit 2017

Experience the Future of Transportation in India Globally, there’s an urgent need to reduce carbon emissions in an effort to reduce global warming that is threatening our very existence. Many nations across the globe, including India, have pledged to work together to reduce their carbon footprint in order to save the environment. The transport sector in India is currently a ... Read More »

How to Choose the Best Health Insurance Plan

health insurance plans newspatrolling

Good health is the key to living a happy and meaningful life. Taking care of your health is of paramount importance, as everything else will depend on it. For optimal health, you need to have a nutritious diet, exercise regularly, and live an active social life. However, due to the constant pulls and pressures of today’s stressful lifestyles, you could ... Read More »

Get Instant Cash Loan in Just 5 Seconds with MoneyTap

When everything is going the instant way, then why do you have to wait for several days to get your loan sanctioned? Moreover, what’s the use of getting the funds a week later when you need the funds today, this very moment? Thankfully, such problems can now be avoided with the MoneyTap App, which specializes in providing instant loans of ... Read More »

A First-of-its-kind, Immersive Time Travel Awaits You at Era Lounge Bar

The concept of time travel is nothing new and we have seen it quite often in various books and movies. Most of these time travel missions are usually carried out to fix something or to stop the bad guys. But wait! What about time travel just for finding new surroundings to experience great food and drinks? Wouldn’t that be a ... Read More »

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