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2020 trends

2020 is almost there and the trends of 2019 will progress into the new year. The last decade has been all about going harder and faster all day, every day. We saw the rise of high-intensity interval training, the adoption of restrictive diets and thanks to advances in technology, an explosion in access to resources previously reserved for the rich and ... Read More »

What to do when you feel low?

old man face upset

In this continually changing world when the pressure is so high, whether it is about work or simply to fit in the society, often people are undergoing depression. We believe that depression is a battle that one cannot fight on their own. But, with little help from any external source, this can be efficiently dealt with. If you are feeling ... Read More »

World War II: Know about the disease that took over the era

Wars have been fought for the expansion of glory, kingdoms, accession, invasion and political domination. One of the major fallouts of war is pestilence affecting the local civilian population. Pestilence is one of the reasons behind the decimation of civilizations and their armies. The end of World War II in 1945 witnessed the outbreak of diseases among the weakened population. ... Read More »

5 best places to go with kids in the USA

disney like castle

The USA is full of exciting and fun things to enjoy. With different cities providing different opportunities, it’s normal for people to get confused while choosing the best place to go with their kids. To help you make your kid offer unique experiences, we’ve put together a list of 5 best places to go with kids in the USA. Disney ... Read More »

What comes after death: Explained by various religions

death experience afraid fear

Be it be an animal or human being, facing death is a difficult task for anyone. Losing our near and dear ones breaks us internally. We start thinking about the mysterious aspects of life that come after death. What happens to the dead? Is there an afterlife? Or they simply go to heaven? These are some of the questions which ... Read More »

Can we change our face shape naturally?

Undoubtedly, makeup can alter the appearance of your cheekbones and jawline. However, some people don’t like spending hours to give a perfect shape to their face. At the same time, they look for ways to naturally alter the shape of their face. If you are one among them, then this guide is for you. One of the common mistakes that ... Read More »

Top 10 weird things found near a lake or a river

lakes in ladakh

Lakes are not every time considered exciting right. Wait your whole point of view regarding lakes can be changed through this article. Here we are going to discuss some of the weirdest kinds of stuff found near a lake or river. 18TH CENTURY CANNONS AT THE DETROIT RIVER The Detroit rivers obscure contains in it numerous worthy artefacts from old ... Read More »

Top 5 People Who Came Alive After Death

death experience afraid fear

People say that life after death can only be seen by someone who is dead. No one has ever seen what’s beyond death. But some contradictory reports have been found. There have been some cases of people coming alive after death. Some people have experienced life after death and then came alive. What could be more interesting than listening to ... Read More »

Top 5 Biggest Ferris Wheels in the World to have fun

The Ferris wheel or popularly known as “Pleasure Wheels,” is believed to be invented in Bulgaria during the 17th century. They are scary, fun, and even romantic and is considered to be the best way to enjoy the view of a city from above. Whether you’re looking for some adventure or simply want to admire the view from above, Ferris ... Read More »

The handy Japanese Rail Pass: Everything you need to know

Europe has its own rail pass called Eurail Pass, similarly, Japan also has its rail pass called ‘Japan Rail Pass’ or JR Pass. Though visiting another country is quite expensive, but, here, Japan took care of our travel budget by providing us with the Japan Rail Pass. Now, we’d like you to give this article a read since it deals ... Read More »

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