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Thursday , 21 June 2018
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Fixed Deposits Are a Must fora Balanced Investment Portfolio

fixed deposit

Fixed Deposits (FD) are considered as one of the safest investment options since the returns are guaranteed. This is why most people prefer to invest in fixed deposit. FDs also help to balance the investment portfolio, which may comprise a mix of varied investment avenues such as equity, mutual funds, gold, real estate, PPF, etc. Another great thing about fixed ... Read More »

Never Bet Against the Popularity of Online Slots

Ever wondered how you can make a little money on the side while at the same time having a whole heap of fun? Well wonder no more, as online slots provide the perfect work-life balance, and don’t amount to an ill-fated get rich quick scam, sorry, scheme or pyramid selling ‘opportunity’ we’ve all heard about through friends. Online slots manage ... Read More »


religare health insurance policies

Family health insurance Policy covers all the members of the family against varied unwellness and ill health. The Family insurance Policy is additionally known as the Family Floater policy and in it, the mounted add is insured which offer a canopy for the entire family. The premium quantity of the Family insurance Policy is lower as compared to alternative insurance plans. anybody World Health Organization ages 18years to sixty five years and resides in India will value more highly to obtain a Family insurance Policy. Family insurance Policy covers up to fifteen relationships, in general, that’s to shield the entire family. One will compare&hrnbsp;and choose the simplest insurance set ... Read More »


doctor vs govenment

Doctors  or Government ! In this era of connectivity,Every person do have some piece of information but honestly only apt and accurate information can be converted into wisdom.Wisdome aspires knowledge and Knowledge is the power.this is true in the current scenario ,when Nation is repeatedly facing rapid change in the society.And perhaps parameters of the development are completely shifted and different ... Read More »

Avail SBI Cashback of Rs 2000 as you Purchase the Latest One Plus 6 via Amazon India

amazon cashback

Right after its launch, the long awaited OnePlus latest smartphonemodel, the One Plus 6 has become the hot favourite device of the Indians. OnePlus smartphones have undoubtedly captured a large segment of the smartphone market and are amongst the leaders in premium smartphone segment in India, witnessing a huge demand for every variant. Check out exciting Amazon coupons here The ... Read More »

Go Ethnic in this Summer: Kurtis are on the Top of the list

discount coupon

Gone is the time when Kurtas were considered to be something out of trend or well that time never actually came. No matter what a woman may wear, she looks the most elegant and desirable in a traditional Kurta and no matter how many Kurtas fill a woman’s wardrobe, she desires for more and more of them. Kurtas are like ... Read More »

Stranger Things: How to capitalize on Nostalgia?

strange things

*Some spoilers, so an alert is in order!* Netflix released season 2 of Stranger Things, needless to say it was much better than the last one, adding more layers to the characters and a very interesting plot line. But this article is not a review of the season or the series. I would like to focus on the mass hysteria ... Read More »

HOM launches “big size, lowest prize” 55Inch Smart LED TV

android smart tv hom tv

There’s good news for all big screen TV lovers, as HOM will be launching its 55 Inch Smart LED 4K TV on May 16. The 55 Inch Android Smart TV comes with the advanced Miracast Technology, which enhances user experience across devices. And the best part is that the HOM 55 Inch Smart LED 4K TV is being made available ... Read More »

Your Passport to Good Health & Wellness with Intelligent Ageing

intelligent ageing newspatrolling

When we look closely at the current healthcare system, it reveals a startling picture. Even as medical science is making consistent progress, health problems are on the rise. New and improved medicines and treatment approaches are being discovered every year, and yet, an increasing number of people continue to suffer from various types of diseases. The problem is more acute ... Read More »



Thalassaemia is genetic disorder associated with blood. It is caused by the lack of or errors in genes in charge for production of haemoglobin, a protein there in the red blood cells. Each red blood cell can contain between 240 and 300 million molecules of haemoglobin. The complexityof the disease depends on the mutations involved in the genes, and their ... Read More »

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