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Thursday , 19 October 2017
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October 2017: Breezer and Only Much Louder have come together to build the ultimate platform for hip hop: Breezer Vivid Shuffle, India’s biggest hip-hop dance festival. The festival was announced by Bollywood actor and the festival’s brand ambassador, Varun Dhawan. Watch Varun Dhawan’s announcement here:  Watch the official music video featuring Varun Dhawan, Divine and Siri here : Hip-hop as a ... Read More »

Here’s what author Kevin Missal has to say about his epic novel Kalki

At the cover launch of Kalki, team was delighted to interact with the dynamic, young author Kevin Missal. Just like everyone else, we wanted to know more about Kevin and his creations including Kalki. The cover launch had already made us hugely curious and we were waiting impatiently to put up some questions directly to Kevin. Finally, the moment ... Read More »

Shine and Shimmer this Festive Season

Look Resplendent With These Top-Notch Beauty and Personal Care Products If you want to enjoy life to the fullest, you got to look radiant and energetic. Good looks and the right styling give you the confidence to interact with people in a more enjoyable and immersive manner. It also gives your personality magnetic qualities that make you the center of ... Read More »

Top 10 tourist destinations in Karnataka

Most people would know Bengaluru and that it is the primary information technology (IT) hub in the country. However, the state of Karnataka has a lot more to offer and its full potential as a top tourist destination is just starting to get realized. When planning to explore the wonders of Karnataka, it’s advisable that you start your journey from ... Read More »

This Bosch GO screwdriver is making waves; Know Why

Bosch has always been at the forefront of technology innovations in various areas such as consumer goods, mobility solutions, and industrial technology. If we talk about consumer goods, Bosch has provided a wide range of household appliances and power tools that have made life easier for millions of households. Keeping up with its legacy of providing the best and most ... Read More »

The Future of Weird Insurances… Can be Weird!

Your thumb can open accounts these days! And execute transactions. At a recent fintech event, a young start-up proudly declared – all you need to leave home with – is your thumb. They were talking about Aadhaar Enabled Payment Systems (AEPS). So, one could argue that the good ol’ thumb has significant economic value now. And what are the risks? ... Read More »

Maximizing Returns with ARQ, Angel Broking’s Pioneering Automated Investment Engine

With falling bank interest rates on savings and fixed deposits, the only place left to secure optimal returns on your savings is the stock markets. However, riding the stock markets is not easy since there is a significant amount of volatility and everything is extremely fast-paced and hugely complicated. You may choose to consult a broker, but their recommendations may ... Read More »

Country singer Jade Mya is not a transgender

Canadian country singer, Jade Mya has addressed talks about being transgender by leaking her birth certificate. With proof she was born as a hermaphrodite, Jade Mya has indeed been assigned as female at a young agebefore she even pursued a career in entertainment on a female persona.With a culture that sticks to the status quo, hermaphrodites have faced social stigma, ... Read More »

Learn from the best at ‘cyph3r’, Dubai, UAE, 19 – 23 Nov 2017

As more and more people and processes transition to the digital world, they face an ever increasing risk of cyber threats. No doubt, security systems have become more robust and advanced than earlier, but cyber criminals tend to remain one step ahead in the game. In 2014, nearly 1 billion Personally Identifiable Information (PII) records were stolen. Globally, more than ... Read More »

Essar Energy poised for growth after sale of Essar Oil completed successfully at US$ 12.9 billion

Essar Energy and Oil Bidco have successfully concluded the sale of Essar Oil Limited for US$ 12.9 billion. Essar Oil has been sold to Rosneft and Trafigura-UCP Consortium. The Essar Oil deal is significant since it is the largest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India. It is also the largest ever foreign investment by Russia. The deal includes the sale ... Read More »

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