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“I Think Rural India Is Far More Responsible Than Urban” Dia Mirza To Harshita Dagha On Sustainable Home Care

I’ve stopped the use of plastics completely, also switched to biodegradable sanitary napkins. I try to be a responsible citizen towards the environment” Dia Mirza explains how she has made a conscious effort to ditch plastic altogether, in a span of four years. Known for her strong stance on protecting our environment and wildlife and, of course, her million-dollar smile, ... Read More »

Kaneez Surka With Harshita Dagha On Improv Comedy Battle, Sustenance Of Art And Pursuing Hobbies In Pandemic

In a world where la comédie predominantly relies on audience reactions and a reassuring ambience, how stand-up is managing to whet the audience’s appetite in a pandemic situation is of interest, for all and sundry. Comedian Kaneez Surka, who has quite shaken the world of improv with her smooth wit and piquant comebacks explains how comedy eventuates from home. “Digital ... Read More »

Comedian Atul Khatri In Conversation With Harshita Dagha On East India Comedy, Bollywood, Online Zoom Gigs And More

Amidst a world slowly spiralling down to chaos and heart-rending numbers and stats, Mumbai based comedian Atul Khatri took to his social media account to begin Only Positive News, where he aspired to share only good news. He had to extend his learnings as a comedian to be a digital performer, writer, editor – and all this, from home. His ... Read More »

Akshay Bardapurkar In An Open Conversation With Harshita Dagha About Planet Marathi, Marathi Film Industry And More

Akshay Bardapurkar’s tenacious methodology to soar and outperform customary substance thoughts in the current film scene. While the la-di-la of Bollywood look-up to his artistic greatness, Akshay’s cutting edge and top notch creations have just set a benchmark for content in Marathi and well as Indian film industry. “I feel if your plan, objective and vision is set and you ... Read More »

Rini Chandra Opens Up To Harshita Dagha On Her New Track ‘Doremon’, Nepotism, Bollywood Music Industry And More

Born in Canada, the audience’s favourite from shows like SaReGaMaPa Singing Superstar and Family Antakshari, Rini Chandra is back with her new single ‘Doremon’. You’re right if it reminds you about the adorable animated robot from the popular kids’ show. Since I’ve had so many questions about such a quirky title, we had to sit down with the singer to ... Read More »

Bharat Gaurav Designer Nivedita Saboo In A Candid Chat With Harshita Dagha On Her New Line Of Masks

The pandemic has chugged human race and its plush lifestyle smoothly into a black hole. Accepting lifestyle changes as a part of “new normal”, mankind is peddling towards reviving the economy while trying to adhere to safety norms. In such times, masks have not only become a critical weapon to fight this virus, but also an additional, intangible accessory to ... Read More »

5 dog breeds for small apartments

dog pet

Are you a dog lover and thinking of adopting a brand new puppy? You might be thinking that you need a huge house with a big fenced-in outdoor to fulfill your dream of having a dog. But the truth is, if you are living in an apartment os a smaller house, there are plenty of dog breeds that will adapt ... Read More »

Interview with Karthik Addagarla, an IIM grad turned Celebrity Landscape Photographer

This young photographer and entrepreneur offers us an insight into his experiences and learnings during his travels. Karthik Addagarla places the human encounter at the heart of his work. This young photographer lives it with an overflowing passion as evident by this interview carried out at his home in Visakhapatnam Q: What inspired you to become a photographer after scoring a ... Read More »

Interview with Iffat Khan, inspirational Speaker &Breakfree Coach

Iffat Khan is an Author, an International Speaker, a Breakfree Coach, Ted speaker and she is on a mission to impact a million people and help them break free in their life and business. Iffat is from Kolkata, India, born to humble parents.. She fought through her personal battles, being called socially awkward, weak and a failure. However, today she is ... Read More »

6 Best Hotels in Detroit, Michigan

Finding the right hotel in a bustling city like Detroit can be a real challenge. There are so many options to choose from that even regular visitors may sometimes find it difficult to pick the best one. And things could get really confusing for first time visitors. Finding the right hotel is not something that can be taken for granted, ... Read More »

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