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Thursday , 22 August 2019
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Butterflies are now endangered: How does the future look without butterflies?


Fluttering through the blue sky, those tiny colourful butterflies might look like just another miracle of nature but they hold a value much more than we could ever understand. Lately, these aesthetically pleasing insects have been of particular interest to the scientific community given the sudden decline in their population all around the world. These insects today serve as the ... Read More »

What would happen if the sun vanishes for 24 hours?

sun vanishes

All human beings tend to enjoy the Sun. Be it playing on the beach or soaking up sunlight by the pool side during summers, everyone loves the kind of warmth Sun offers. Even when the seasons change or temperatures begin to fall, just a ray of sunlight during a cold day can warm up the heart. Moreover, studies on the ... Read More »

Photographic memory: What is it all about?

photographic memory

It is said that photographic memory, also known as eidetic memory, is a rare event which isn’t well defined at present. But in general terms, it basically refers to being able to recall minute details of something as if you had it right in front you. In fact, a few psychiatrists, linquists and neuro-scientists have defined photographic memory as the ... Read More »

How genetics play an important role in deciding your craving for food?


Do you sometimes wonder as to why you crave for foods that you aren’t at all healthy for you and are probably contributing towards obesity? Well, the answer lies in your genes. Our genes partially control the habit of our food craving. However, various researches are going on which will further empower the people and will help them to stick ... Read More »

Different outfits worn by various religions all over the world when mourning death


Every religion has their custom and culture for mourning death all over the world. While black is the color considered to be worn during the funeral, it cannot be declared as the universal color. Here are some of the different colors worn in different religions to mourn over someone’s death. Victoria in black: In the western countries black is worn ... Read More »

Tips to help you find your ‘True Love’ on Matrimonial Websites

boy and girl

 Marriage is one of the most important decisions of your life, one just cannot be careful enough while going through the searching process. And with the advent of online websites, today’s youth has been swept with a whole new plethora of choices and decisions. But with the right intent, correct guidance and a little common sense, this process can become ... Read More »

Interview with Feroz Khan

Feroz khan

How has your journey been in the Fashion Industry? Before I became a fashion photographer, I worked as a Process Head at an IT firm where I had to manage about 5000 employees in their teams as well as the retention unit. It was an administrative and management position and though I remain grateful to the grounding I got from ... Read More »

Blue Light: What is it and how is it harmful to you?

blue light

What is Blue Light? Blue light rays have the shortest wavelength and highest energy among the entire color spectrum of light. Although this light proves to be beneficiary during the daylight as they boost up attention and also are environmental friendly, blue light can possess adverse effects on our health which is the potential cause of disruptive sleep at night ... Read More »

The Weird and Wonderful Natural Phenomenon of the World

weird things nature environment

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein The ways of nature are deceptively simple. What we see and interpret may have a completely different meaning to nature. And yet, we are possibly the only species on the face of the Earth that are moved to tears watching a sunset, that gazes at the ... Read More »

Seaweed Straws: How it could replace plastic in the long run?

Seaweed Straws

Loliware is a new venture who has started to think outside the “plastic” box to replace them with seaweed straws. That sounds completely impossible, isn’t it? Well, think again! Soon you might be using straws that completely look, feel and perform the accurate functions as that of plastic but will be made out of seaweed. According certain research studies, Americans ... Read More »

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